Your Sunday Digest for August 30, 2020: The People Are No Longer Silent! [videos] ~ August 30, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture August 30, 2020

How did it suddenly get to be August 30th? I’m so glad I live in a place where summer isn’t over for another month or two. I feel like I missed it.

What we won’t miss, is the facts about the coronvirus plandemic that are now available. Let’s put it into perspective, shall we?

Click anywhere in the box below to launch in Twitter and read the facts about this engineered health crisis—the biggest political hoax on Planet Earth—or the holodeck or wherever the hell we are.

This exposes the “Trump killed 100,000 people” lie as well as the entire COVID HOAX.

— Major Patriot (@MajorPatriot) August 29, 2020

I hope you know where to go to FIND the news you want, my friends, because a lot of it won’t be coming to you. While I subscribe to almost 150 YouTube channels, I am no longer getting notifications about new videos for those subscriptions other than a few like Right Side Broadcasting.

Every channel shows I am subscribed and asked to be notified of all uploads but… crickets from Themtube. They figured out how to show the “bell” is clicked and still not get notifications. I have to physically go looking for material for the people I want to hear from.

I have a list, but some will doubtless fall through the cracks. Don’t count on getting emails from us when we publish a post, either. Some subscribers have been unsubscribed and couldn’t re-subscribe with WordPress. They’re all in on it.

Tyranny? Police state? Canada is on it!

The Canadian Common Law Court has provided historic relief for the People of Parksville, British Columbia/Qualicum Beach.

Kevin Annett explains in the video below. Keep it up, folks. If the People can do it in BC, they can do it in other places. The coronavirus plandemic could have been the worst thing that happened, or it could be the best. It’s waking people up in droves.

Best of all with this legal action—anyone who tries to enforce the tyrannical coronavirus lockdown, social distancing, or mandatory masks, are themselves criminals and subject to the laws of the Republic of Kanata (formerly Dominion of Canada). Arrest. Fines. IMPRISONMENT. The People are using the globalists’ tactics against them.

See the video notes below and share!!! Common Law – The Law of the Land – is how We, the People operate—not the globalists’ corrupt Law of the Sea. 4 minutes.

Police State measures outlawed by Common Law Peoples’ Assembly as people empowered to resist

Kevin A
11.1K subscribers
In response to the increasingly repressive COVID regulations and the threat of mandatory vaccinations, a citizens’ Common Law Assembly on Canada’s west coast has passed a Bylaw that outlaws and nullifies all COVID restrictions, masking, distancing, medical testing and vaccinations. Anyone forcing these measures on the people of Parksville and Qualicum Beach can now face fines and imprisonment in a local Common Law Court. See and and contact for a copy of the Bylaw. Posted August 25, 2020.

President Trump has “activated” the Kew Army, as evidenced by this photo from the coronavirus protest in Ottawa, Canada yesterday. The Q Army knows no borders. The Q Army is unified and does not recognize race, colour, creed, sex, religion, or political affiliation. The People are One, and have one purpose; personal sovereignty for every man, woman and child.

President Trump gave every citizen in the world permission to get up off their knees and demand their God-given rights which we were all born with.

Tyranny protest at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada August 29th.

It wasn’t only an “anti-mask” demonstration, folks.

A huge protest took place yesterday in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, because the People are sick of the tyranny and corruption, and what does the country’s official national news source publish? Might it have anything to do with the fact that the Trudeau government paid millions to the CBC as a “subsidy”?

Global rally against COVID-19 safety measures comes to Parliament Hill

Online misinformation about pandemic safety measures thriving, experts say

The “experts” suggest social media is to blame for the spread of misinformation about the plandemic. Actually, it’s the “experts” who are spreading the lies about a contagion no one needs to worry about. What is of great concern is the true agenda of the tyrants under the cover of this scamdemic.

Earlier this week, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam acknowledged that online platforms were also contributing to mistrust surrounding a COVID-19 vaccine.

“I am also concerned about the first pandemic in the age of the internet and social media. This is an area of significant work because we have an overload of information through which many Canadians can’t sort out what is credible and what is not,” she said.

  •  I hope you’re not falling for the BS, folks. Read the disinformation article here if you wish, designed to misinform, divert, and cover up what’s really happening. The People know the truth about the scamdemic and they’re not afraid. When you see signs that say, “I have an immune system” you know they get it.

The Ottawa Citizen did a better job.

Parliament Hill protestors denounce “tyranny,” demand end to COVID-19 restrictions

There was also a protest in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Saturday.

The People’s Party of Canada is alive, and swell(ing) under Maxime Bernier—the only national leadership on site on Parliament Hill yesterday.

Governments must stop treating us like children and treat us like RESPONSIBLE adults instead.

There is only ONE federal party standing up for your rights and freedoms: @peoplespca!#COVID19#PPC

— Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) August 29, 2020

A little rain doesn’t deter the Kew army in Ottawa.

Crowd is huge !!

— Lisa Proust (@lisa_proust) August 29, 2020

Billy Joyce covers the huge Ottawa freedom demonstration with multiple feeds he pulled together from patriots. We’ve heard 6K – 10K estimated in attendance. This is fabulous. And what was the CBC media showing the People? A tiny BLM protest in Toronto with around 100 people out of nearly 3 million in the GTA. Get serious.

Those rights we were all born with… use ’em or lose ’em, folks. Stand up and defend your rights or the globalist satanic regime will rip them from you. Let your voices be heard! Now is the time—regardless of where you live.

Billy is going to do an English-speaking video later with various captures from the protest and translations for a full overview of the event. The audio is difficult to make out in this due to the method of capturing various live streams. If it was on television we wouldn’t have to resort to this.

One outspoken teacher pointed out that they’ve already killed our parents with this scamdemic, and now they’re going after our children, threatening to take them away at school if they’re tested positive and whisked off to a “quarantine” facility without parents’ knowledge or consent.

Others speak of the mandatory vaccine, and point out that there’s no detoxing from this one.

Just a phenomenal event. Go Canada!!! Slaves no more!

Thousands gather at #FreedomRally in Ottawa : #CBC SILENT !

If you watched all of that above, towards the end you saw Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaking at the protest in Berlin on Saturday. He did this talk in the video below the day before, I believe. He is a force to be reckoned with. His voice does improve after a couple of minutes.

If you want to watch him at the Berlin protest on stage, the video is here, thanks to the crew. 12 minutes.

In this discussion Bobby goes into some historical developments that got us to today, and then goes into the purpose of the pandemic and the objectives it achieves for the psychopathic global “elite”. He warns of a number of things you may not have been aware of that they have deployed to trace, track, and control us. Surveillance. They have not abandoned their long range plan, folks. The New World Order continues to march down the streets of every city on the planet. We must resist and bring them to heel.

He tells us that people in power lie, and abuse the power they have. We are allowing them to do so. I hope you will listen to this. It is very similar to the address he made a the protest. Quite the revelations here, my friends with respect to the NWO agenda.

Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 Aug 2020

What happens next in Germany? Will the People obey? Will the police side with the tyrants? They’re out there again today. Not complying.


The shift is happening in America. The democrat party is withering away and will soon disappear.


6 democrat Minnesota mayors have all endorsed @realDonaldTrump for President.

“They’ve gone so far left I can’t support the Democratic ticket this year.”

— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) August 28, 2020

Another boat parade for President Trump. Not a nice day—but who cares? This is a hoot for boating enthusiasts who love their President and see the potential for a revitalized America.

MASSIVE Trump Boat Parade on Lake Thurmond in South Carolina ⛵️

— Abigail Marone (@abigailmarone) August 29, 2020

I have a question: How many of these demonic entities are there… exactly? Is it just me? It seems like there are more and more of them being activated and deployed.

De Blasio’s New York: Two More Police Officers Brutally Beaten After Writing Parking Ticket for Blocking Fire Hydrant

“We About to Go Get that MotherF***er! – It’s Time for Revolution!” – VIDEO – BLM Threatens to Rip President Trump from White House

Gradually, the People are doing what needs to be done.

Togo, West Africa Bans Glyphosate

In the Netherlands/Holland they are addressing the pedophilia.

Government considering law after Jehovah’s Witness community rejected calls for action to tackle under-reporting of abuse

Also in the fight to save the children, David Daleiden, the journalist who exposed the selling of aborted baby body parts by Planned Parenthood has a very costly lawsuit to navigate. Despite the fact that it’s the not-for-profit Thomas More Society handling his defense, the corrupt system is demanding huge sums of money to process the case. The fees demanded by the court must be paid to continue David’s defense. If you feel guided to do so, they are asking for an emergency injection of cash immediately— THIS WEEK—to proceed with what must be done to protect this man who risked everything to expose Planned Parenthood’s predatory activities.

We’re not all able to engage in combat, but I remind you that if you cannot fight the battles yourself, please support those who are boots on the ground in the trenches. The People have to stick together—and together we are powerful.

Learn more and donate at this link.

U.S. Marshals Recover Nearly 40 Missing Children In Special “Operation Not Forgotten”

Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call is tonight. Here are the particulars for calling in. I suggest that you record this information somewhere you can access it in case we are unable to relay it to you for any reason. Scott’s calls will continue, regardless. His email notifications are sometimes interfered with, particularly by Gmail, so, plan for the worst and anticipate the best.

Our conference call line is:Dial-in number (US): (712) 770-4598 Access code: 767664#

International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: scottm6975
Join the online meeting:

Replay Number: 712-770-5402 Access code:  767664# / followed by # again

I couldn’t resist. The silence is deafening, yet simultaneously speaks volumes. So clever.

This is an absolutely brilliant meme from damonimani. You’ll enjoy it!

— Mad Liberals (@mad_liberals) August 29, 2020

It’s only going to get more chaotic and more dangerous my friends. Are you ready? Are you really ready?

They are openly planning siege of White House.

Before 9/17, inner, secondary & outer perimeters must be established to protect WH.

Shut down all movement into & out of DC. Require strict ID for critical officials & tell rest to stay home.


Protect The People’s House.

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) August 30, 2020

I’m going to strongly recommend you listen to what Scott Kesterson has to say in the following video with respect to what is coming and what we need to do to prepare and weather the storm.

He says between now and November we have a lot of work to do, and this and the following episodes will enable us to do a better job of coming out of the war for America and Humanity on the winning side.

He makes a vital point when he says that fear removes our ability to reason and plan ahead. It’s critical that we are prepared, remain calm, and stick to the plan.

This is serious, but as he says, it’s something to be proud of that we are here to do this and defeat the evil infestation. He is an Afghanistan vet and a pastor and I believe that’s a perfect combination for a warrior and leader for this time when great faith must be packed into the old kit bag.

EP121 – Count By County, Part 1, Introduction

4Chan Users Appear to Have Identified Portland Rioter Who Shot and Killed Trump Supporter

Regardless of what nation we live in, the US presidential election IS THE most important election—possibly in history. Politics has always been dirty because the control freaks running the world manipulated everything. We have had a voting machine programmer come forward in years gone by and show us how he was instructed to make machines spit out one particular candidate name when the voter chose another. Make no mistake, election fraud is and has been rampant, folks.

Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots

Time to lighten up.

The boat parade… Biden style.

rare footage

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) August 29, 2020

This twisted, lying POS will see the People’s justice.

The Durham Investigation is discovering a mountain of evidence to implicate high level officials from the Obama Administration regarding their treasonous acts.

The heat is on so much that Hillary started drinking a new brand of wine ~ Gallo

𝐖𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐫 (@TomWick15) August 29, 2020

Interesting capture from Yellow Rose for Texas from the NASA cam. Whatever that is, it’s massive. And what’s that at the bottom left of the sun?

— Oldsoul (@YellowRoseTx51) August 30, 2020

That’s enough for now. So much news to parse and pick from. Thanks for the shares.

Prepare for battle, my friends. It’s coming, and many more will be forced to choose a side.

The creatures who have schemed to enslave us and destroy our civilization think they’re special. We have a special place for them.

Try to enjoy the revolution.  ~ BP

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