By Amanda Lorence

At the TOR, for 22 Weeks of Anchoring, I periodically spoke of the significance of the weeks/months leading up to September Equinox 2020.

I explained many times that our individual thoughts, emotions, words and actions would accrue week by week as energy, and CREATE for each of us an individual HARVEST POINT, that STARTS on EQUINOX, 22 September 2020.

I emphasise STARTS (so will unfold from that date onwards).REMAINING WEEKS BEFORE 22nd SEPT 2020:Through the years, those in Service to All, try to point you INWARD, to help you SELF REALISE your OWN path, gifts, trajectory, Service, power (of ONE).

Those that still operate from Personality Ego, will tell you what to do, how to speak, what to say, will want to fix you WITHOUT your prior consent, tell you your own path based on their perception which is theirs and not ‘your diamond facet of the Divine’, which ultimately and subtly disempowers you from strengthening your unique INNER connection to the DIVINE, that every human being has WITHIN them, if they choose to seek it.I have tried over these years to point people to they’re WITHIN, via their heart centre; the KEY frequency being ‘LOVE FREQUENCY’, knowing fully what it is like to be disempowered.

Regardless of any desire to gently assist you, I KNOW categorically, these next few weeks are about EACH’S ‘SELF’. To focus on SELF. At this TIMELINE of these few weeks before EQUINOX, I know for any person to try and assist another on a personal one to one basis, even if so very well intentioned, would be at higher level, an INTERFERENCE with another’s chosen DIVINE TRAJECTORY.

The HIGHEST action we can each take is to simply allow all peoples their chosen divine paths unfolding, leading to their own HARVEST, they have chosen for themselves at SOUL LEVEL. To honour everyone. Because even the most well intentioned desires to help another, is AT THIS PARTICULAR TIMELINE JUNCTURE, IS interfering with THEIR CHOSEN path.

The only job to hand, IS YOU, until after EQUINOX.What matters, is YOUR OWN BALANCED perspective. Not that of another PERSPECTIVE within your Self Created HOLOGRAM. This is how you empower more. FROM WITHIN YOU. Each person becoming increasingly reliant only on data that unfolds WITHIN them. We end up playing together, honouring each other, from WITHIN each SELF. The higher frequency data you bring IN to YOU, by YOU, from OUTSIDE of your holographic reality.

There are many frequency LEVELS of what we call ‘TRUTHS’ (until the level we reach where we KNOW there is no truth, there JUST IS PRESENCE). So what level is the highest accuracy of truth for you? Here are some pointers to help you through these weeks before Equinox;1] Are your seeing/feeling from human PERSONALITY within this REALITY or observing from OUTSIDE of it?2]

Are your emotions in a balanced state, or are you viewing from extreme emotions?3] Emotions affect our thoughts. So are your thoughts neutral or polarised?4] If any thought is polarised, it is still within the polarity field.5] Are you the OBSERVER of your thoughts and your Self Created Reality?

Observer is neutral. Non Polarised. All just IS.6] Is there a subtle fear that is underlying any thought, any emotion, any word, any action?7]

Is there a subtle BELIEF SYSTEM that underlies a thought, emotion, word, action?8]

Are you serving your own human PERSONALITY or in Service to the DIVINE WHOLE?

These questions will help people see more clearly if they choose to, in these weeks ahead, which for some will be intense. And if it gets intense, becoming the OBSERVER brings peace, joy, balance as you are then outside of the polarity field. Outside of suffering. Outside of any fears and belief systems.

Outside of control. And always your power to choose in each moment as you go. There is no right or wrong choice, but thinking makes it so. There will be MORE and further GREAT DIVISION; we can be in it, or outside of it. Where all choices are just choices. Everything is so much more SIMPLE, the higher we go.The DIVINE BREATH through the Heart Centre is the way; the highest answer always being a particular energetic frequency we call ‘LOVE’. Which is Source energy at varying degrees embodied.No matter how it looks, there is ALWAYS a higher answer available at your Higher Frequency Consciousness levels. Yet even there, the HIGHEST answer will be Love based frequency, and non demanding of you.Please just take what resonates, and discard the rest.With love,Amanda Lorence30 August 2020 *******

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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