The People’s Justice for All [videos] ~ August 28, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture August 28, 2020

There is justice in this world. Some. More is needed to see that Law and Order prevail, unwaveringly. No one is above the law.

Department of Justice Requesting Data From Governors of States that Issued COVID-19 Orders that May Have Resulted in Deaths of Elderly Nursing Home Residents

— Dr. Zev Zelenko (@zev_dr) August 27, 2020

Perhaps some woke people are about to exact justice on their own schedule. The wheels of justice grind so slowly. Off with their heads!

Protesters assembled outside of @JeffBezos‘s DC home have constructed a guillotine.

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) August 27, 2020

If we put a few on pikes around Washington and various legislative buildings across the world, the globalists would get the message. We’re coming for you, and there’s no place to hide.

The more you psychos sic your dogs on us and burn our cities the faster the rest will wake up and there will be armies of woke people surrounding your mansions, seething with anger and ready to string you up. That’s the message it would send.

What’s the point in having our prisons full of these useless, blood-sucking “aristocrats” necessitating the taxpayers having to keep them alive? What if we could start fresh without them on the planet at all? Clean slate.

I’ve also often wondered how sports would go away. We were told that the sports and entertainment industries would all but vanish. How would that come about? It seems to be happening. Everyone is forced to choose a side.

Outrageously paid athletes are showing themselves to be the enemy of the People. They are no longer serving the globalists to manipulate Humanity. The People see them for who they really are; the devil’s disciples.

The video below is an exciting example of the informed patriots pushing back against the establishment in a corrupt court. A friend sent this. Make sure you watch at least part of it. It’s outstanding. Watch Kirk Pendergrass shame these law enforcement officers/court goons—only one of which had the integrity to shake his hand, admit he would like to learn more about the law, and have a civil conversation with Kirk.

The others will have to choose where their allegiance lies. This is what we’re up against, my friends. It’s not a quick fix. Perhaps we will have a use for some of those “re-education camps”.

Through the hubbub you will hear what Peggy Hall has stated: that a Governor has no right to arbitrarily “change laws”. Laws are laws. They stand, no matter what. Codes and statutes are not laws and are no more binding than a few words on paper. The cabal has sent their lackeys to intimidate the People into submission. They throw a few in jail to send a message and they believe we’re all going to stay on our knees, bowing and scraping to the imposters. That would be incorrect.

The People, the Press here are not out of order—the court is out of order—and they either operate according to the Constitution or the People will arrest them for impersonating court officials. No quarter.

We can see how people use masks to hide behind. They remove our Humanity. Criminals wear masks—not healthy, honest Americans.  We were told the war would come to all our doorsteps; that we will be forced to choose a side. The war just arrived on the doorstep of these court officials.

Interesting to see near the end where Kirk pointed out the police carrying in bags of zip ties, etc. to make arrests. It already came close to a courtroom brawl. What’s next?

Kirk Pendergrass, who has been operating from Field McConnell’s YT channel since Field’s “arrest”,  is stirring up trouble for the Idaho legislature and giving them a few things to think about:

The Constitution is being taught right here…

By the way, that little charade last year with Field McConnell, Kirk, Timothy Holmseth, etc. revolving around Field’s arrest just may have been about spiriting Field away to safety because he has valuable information and may be called upon as a witness in the cabal trials. Just a thought. Nothing is what it seems. Kirk is also a former Marine and I believe he is a patriot who unflinchingly demonstrated what we should all be saying to those who abuse and ignore the law.

If you would like to listen to President Trump’s acceptance speech it’s below—no cutaways—from Right Side Broadcasting.

He confirms this will be the most important election in the history of America and tells what really happened when he took over in the White House. In addition to stating what he will accomplish in “four more years”, he reviewed just some of the countless important initiatives he already achieved. The President also honoured some of those who worked alongside he and his administration to make the remarkable progress possible despite the opposition from the old guard.

We’re going to “crush the virus”—the “virus” being the lunatic left/globalist dark cabal/New World Order, and “save America’s soul”. He shot a few well-deserved arrows at Joe Biden and got a few laughs, as well. It was a good speech.

President Trump’s Full RNC Acceptance Speech 8/27/20

Worth repeating: how badly do the NWO want to rig the election? It’s obvious, isn’t it? They will do ANYTHING.

From earlier in August…

Feds Seize 19,888 Fake State Driver Licenses (Made in China) in Chicago O’Hare Airport – ALL Registered to Vote — ALL Democrat

Number One shared a great video at his blog recently discussing things that we never would have discussed before we began investigating “conspiracy theories”. Listen to the information from James Rink at the link below.

HISTORY LESSON: Titles of Nobility Amendment, War of 1812, President Lincoln, Martial Law, Civil War

President Trump and his administration may have a new outlet for REAL news this fall.

Former Fox News Host Teaming Up With Trump Ally

We see another development in the ever-evolving coronavirus hoax. It’s no longer a global emergency, folks. Let’s not treat it like one. We need to get back to normal and put this lie where it belongs; behind us. This should be a given. Why test people who aren’t sick? Many showed a false positive. Just stop it.

Asymptomatic People No Longer Require CCP Virus Test: New CDC Guidance

CDC Removes 14-Day Quarantine Recommendation for Overseas, Out-of-State Travelers

Jon Rappaport illustrates the absurdity of the Kung Flu psyop. It’s excellent reading.

COVID: Save the Planet, Save the Virus

They calling them on the carpet for the outright disinformation and smear campaigns.

FDA in Hot Seat by Senators’ Demands on HCQ and HHS Pulling Rank on Tests

President Trump will be speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire in about an hour. There are reportedly 5,000 people outside the venue just wanting a glimpse as they show support for their President. You can watch live on RSBN; the closest thing to a rally we’re going to see right now.

Justice isn’t just for us.

This is going to be interesting. Why don’t they just arrest de Blasio for the crimes here’s committed against the people, it would be a whole lot easier. …-

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) August 28, 2020

Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Campaign Event in Manchester-Londonderry, NH 8/28/20

Signing off now.  ~ BP

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