Maureen Moss ~August 28, 2020

A lot Has Changed.

I feel as though I AM just beginning to surface, for a minute, post Lions Gate and in and amongst the day upon day integrations and realizations of no longer being as I was, yet irrevocably linked.

When we passed through the Lions Gate, my knowing is that a portal of retrieval for our Divine Selves to come through and at long last have It’s Being in our God Bodies on Earth occurred.

Our ability to liberate our potential and align with our Soul was also greatly enhanced and we were blessed by many, not only by the Sirians and glorious Royal Lions, now Solar Lions… though many others in the Higher Realms and directly from the Diamond Heart Center.

It has been a daily adjustment… fascination… and a ‘watching from the balcony’ sort of feeling. I find myself witnessing cellular packets of Light and Code igniting and knowing without a doubt my DNA has changed.

There are moments when I ‘look’ inside that I can see lines of energy almost like traffic, getting into their right lanes. I am grateful now that my Emails and FB are not my first go to in the morning or last in the evening and I have zero desire to read or know what positions are being taken and explanations being given regarding anything going on out there.

In my Truth now it is all irrelevant. Everything is coded to bring us into a continuum of abiding in a pure undivided Sovereign God Source State. I appreciate also that I am perfectly comfortable claiming my relationship to the Shakti, Shiva aspects of myself… unified now.

And, that I don’t hold myself apart from All that has been created throughout the Ages… light or dark… having always been an aspect of All That Is.

There has been a merge between all things, all dimensions, all people, all Kingdoms, all Hearts that I had not felt before including that which ‘seemed lesser or greater.’ It’s a bit overwhelming at times to know life ‘at this age’ is starting over without a pause (so to speak,) and it’s pretty awesome to know that every one of US has such unique new pieces to add to this all encompassing Divine New Human and New Earth.

We all know of course things are going to get heated and dicey in the months ahead out there…as well… there will be further hills and valleys, truths and distortions to make our way through ‘in here.’

Simultaneously we are each opening Chapter 1 of our New True Book of Life penned by Our Soulful Selves revolving in endless circles of God Consciousness.

For this I Am excited. Indeed Alot has changed and will change further, finally… and all the while… if we listen to our Higher Self, hold our frequencies, balance and energy fields stable (more than less,) and sustain Love and compassion…

WE the awakened shall build bridges to worlds upon worlds of Existence that we are very much a part of already. And the collaborations between Us All will boggle the mind until it accepts…

We Are All One. It feels really good to have reconnected out here.

I Love You All So Very Much,


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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