Headlines and Updates for August 27, 2020: Demons on Parade [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture August 27, 2020

I do hope you’re taking seriously the cautionary alerts from various online personalities including Kew about what we can expect immediately following election day in the US. The situation on this planet—or wherever we are—is serious, and when they say the Patriots are in control, I’ll say it again… the Patriots are “managing” reality. They are mitigating the damage the New World Order’s minions are doing.

It doesn’t mean they are controlling every single aspect of what is unfolding. It means that because of the Looking Glass technology, they know what will happen generally, that the means to bring about an extinction level event has been removed, they have counter measures in place, and we are moving through this process to liberate Humanity as quickly as possible while protecting as many as possible and waking up as many as possible.

Control largely comes from the MAP—the Earth Alliance’s Military Action Plan. It’s meticulous. It addresses every single aspect of what needs to be done on every level—and when. Politically, geographically, militarily, legally, in the Human domain, on multiple planes of existence. All of it.

Some suggest the positive military controls the weather. Do they? It’s not looking that way, but you decide.

You can’t liberate an entire civilization under predatory control without collateral damage or without hardship. Most people don’t see the enemy. They don’t know they’re mind-controlled slaves. They don’t know what to fight against, how, or why.

As Kew has said, “this is not a game.”  The CuteTeam is here to guide us, to alert us to what is coming so we can prepare to some degree, and to arm us with information so we have a clearer understanding of what is unfolding—particularly behind the scenes.

Armed with that information we can formulate our own plans of attack, protect ourselves and our families, and research for a greater understanding of this entire mess while the militaries deal with attacks of any kind the dark attempts to wage on us. There will be casualties until this is over—but not on the scale the psychopaths were about to inflict on Humanity.

What’s released in the news is largely to wake up the world still under a trance, but also to give us clues. Much of it is worthy of much eye-rolling on our part. Who can even watch the DNC convention? Not I. I just want to flush them.

(They) would love to get a
“Trumps Katrina”

Won’t play out for (them)

If needed our response will be Swift and Powerful https://t.co/qtsInslHCm

— stormypatriotjoe (@stormypatriot21) August 26, 2020

When Kew said August is traditionally very hot, we had no idea how prophetic that would be. Our mountain was on fire Tuesday night in several places. It began on Thursday and it was a little too close for comfort by now.

At 2 am it was still 90 F outside, but thankfully the wind dropped and the fires died down a little. There’s ash on the patio furniture and in the bird baths and the air bombers continue to fly overhead in their circuits.

Firefighters say they have never seen a year for fires like this one. There’s a lot of lightning and almost no rain. Fires just keep popping up in record numbers.

I took pictures but like everything else I’m dealing with this week, there are endless roadblocks and obstacles and little cooperation so I can’t get them to load here.

Dutchsinse has been telling us about earth changes and seismic activity and accurately predicting quakes for many years and he has correlated earthquakes to many of the recent fires. Coincidence?

While some fires, such as the ones in our area, have been linked to lightning—and there has been a lot of it—some fires are erupting on the earth under a clear, blue sky.

Qmap.pub was down for awhile yesterday. At 4 pm Pacific I checked in and got a page saying it doesn’t exist. They were talking about it on Twitter and I came across a Tweet that said don’t panic, down for a bit, back shortly. And it is.

I hope people are understanding just how important and prevalent the satanists “symbolism” is in our lives, and how their spells and sorcery affect us every day without our knowing. They are predators in every sense of the word.


Praying Medic talked about it here.

Qanon August 26, 2020 – The Great Deceivers

Dave had Jim Willie on his X22 Spotlight the other day and they discussed our plight and the effects on the financial situation. Gold to $10K an ounce? Wow. That’s in the beginning. It’s gets more into the Rothschilds following that, the good vs. evil, etc. Frank discussion. Jim also presents a grim coronavirus plot theory, and others. Could be true. I believe the Patriots would be aware and would address as much as possible. He also goes into the science around the coronavirus hoax Almost 90 min.

The US Was Infiltrated From Within, This Is A Battle Between Good & Evil: Jim Willie

Innerstand the plan, Stan. The Globalist psychopaths’ agenda to destroy America, and the world… for their pleasure and benefit.

Grenell explains the [DS] plan.. https://t.co/pIPJ9WCzQi

— X22 Report (@X22Report) August 27, 2020

If you don’t believe there are demons at work in our world, watch this. Not only will you see a demon in action, you will see the results of decades of mind control and programming manifesting as “the bystander effect”. People stand by and do nothing when a man is attacking a woman and might kill her at any second. Feet from where they are sitting… nothing. Apathy. Mesmerized. Where is the outrage? Are people so brain dead they will watch a man beat a woman for several minutes and do absolutely nothing?

WHERE ARE THE MEN? WHERE IS MANAGEMENT? One guy could have dropped this animal with one punch and protected this woman from severe damage and trauma. But nothing.

What the hell is wrong with people? You do this in front of me, you might get the first one in but that will be your last. Quit filming and defend the helpless. You are just as guilty as if you threw a punch or landed a kick. https://t.co/3P0ExzDhml

— GhoSTorM (@GhoSTorM143) August 27, 2020

The enemy controls the media. Why does anyone believe anything they say?

BREAKING: Minnesota Democrats tried to cover up medical examiner memo showing George Floyd died of drug overdose, not murderhttps://t.co/9gDaMLBvY5

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) August 27, 2020

How about this enemy? Did you see this one? This is the New World Order/Globalist agenda, folks. In your face.

Tip of the iceberg…. https://t.co/XbGYou8fYY

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) August 27, 2020

Teacher Complains That Virtual Classrooms Will Allow Parents to Witness Brainwashing

If the powers who have been running the world are kind, benevolent creatures, why are the German people marching and telling the world that Angela Merkel is a murderer?

Peggy Hall at The Healthy American is still working to dissolve the COVID-related tyrannical grip on the population. This excerpt below is from an email she just sent out.

When you know the law, know your rights, and stand up for yourself, it benefits everyone. Stop complying! They have no right to tell us what to do. They’re lying, cheating, stealing, murdering bullies. Stop doing what they tell you. The “laws” that bind us are already in place. New ones these corrupt creatures concoct do not supercede our personal rights or the Constitution.

Peggy makes some excellent points. I’m so sick of people in Canada telling me they hear the “pandemic” was particularly bad where we are. It doesn’t exist! No one is sick! We’re not sick. We don’t know anyone who’s sick. We don’t know anyone who knows anyone who’s sick. It’s a hoax! Humans are still here because we are equipped to handle viruses, bacteria, and anything else they try to bombard us with. This is not about a virus—it’s about control!

“Hello my patriot pal!!

You do NOT have to comply with wearing a mask, having your temperature taken, being tested or getting a vaccine.

There are several laws that protect your rights, including:

(1) You are sovereign over your own body and can choose what medical interventions you want to participate in

(2) You must have informed consent to participate in any medical EXPERIMENT or TRIAL (as mask wearing, or being tested — because they have not been approved by the FDA and therefore experiments.)

(3) Under the PATIENTS BILL OF RIGHTS you can deny one offered intervention while still being able to receive other treatments.

(4) Your right to privacy is guaranteed by the 4th Amendment of the Constitution

(5) No government order or school or work policy can require you to cause harm to yourself as masks, testing and vaccines do.


There is no health emergency or pandemic by any stretch of the imagination. If there was one, it ended months ago.

An emergency by definition is “sudden, unexpected, immediate…” or “grave peril to life or property…”

How in the world can an emergency last for months on end?

It cannot.

We are in the recovery and mitigation phases, as evidenced by the governor’s own declarations of “re-opening” and “roadmaps” and “phases” and so forth.

Therefore all orders, rules or ordinances made under the “authority” of an emergency declaration are null and void.

Furthermore, even if such an emergency existed, NO EMERGENCY CAN SUSPEND YOUR RIGHTS. PERIOD!!!

Many lawsuits are in the courts exactly on these claims, and at least three have been declared to support that statement.

The strange thing is, the governors continue to break the law — in fact, they FLAUNT the law — because so many people would rather comply than defy.



The reason these tyrants are getting away with this oppression is because far too many people are simply complying instead of defying.

I’ve researched and published over 100 videos educating you on your rights, the law, and the remedies.

Here are some of my latest videos that I recommend you study carefully, so you can learn and apply it to your own situation — and to be inspired to do your own research in your state.

We have some impressive footage of what appears to be a large craft over Prescott, Arizona up in the high desert recently. I can say there have certainly been some interesting cloud formations. The smoke from the fires has dulled it considerably, though, where I am. The sky is mostly grey and white every day now.

The text and an image are here, for those who don’t do video, along with a French translation, as Eric is in France.

A Mysterious Elongated Cloud Appears in Sky, Prescott (4K)

Signing off for now.  ~  BP

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