WAYSHOWERS ~ August 23, 2020

Editor’s Note: ONE…we are all ONE. Quantum LOVE is all there is. When this reality is recognized…then a shift of consciousness occurs where the matters of space/time become meaningless.

How is this noble fact realized in our “world” of today? This is where the Laws of the Universe come into play, including the Law of Attraction calling for knowledge of Vibrations and how they affect our lives here on Earth.

Please read this article, know yourself (to thine own self be true), and then imagine, feel, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


And then it is KNOWN. It becomes.

The Shift of Consciousness within. It shall happen one by one by one. A shift, a merge occurs into the ONENESS. The ONE that always was, is and can only ever BE that. It always was of ITSelf.

Some of us will have been given experiences before, a short experience either during our awakening journey or during our human life, as a precursor. To allow us to have a temporary EXPERIENCE within the body and our consciousness state, what WOULD occur at a ‘future’ timeline in our ‘ascending’ path here this lifetime. We were given a foretaste of what would occur to us.

It is here. The Shift in Consciousness. It doesn’t announce itself ahead of happening. It just happens, without fanfare. To ‘you’. Where separation is no more. Where all is seen, felt, heard, experienced as THE ONE and so THE ONEness. Because every single BREATH we breathe, is then experienced as God’s breath known. Every single IN and OUT breath.

There never was SEPARATION. It was ALWAYS ONE. Separation was an experience of a consciousness state. When that is removed, nothing is experienced as separate. All is seen, felt, heard, KNOWN as ONE cohesive presence.

There IS NO space in-between. It is all ONE. Space and separation WAS the illusion. For an experience for Source.

We breathed as forgetfulness here. Unaware at first of the shear and utter sacredness of the ‘humanised’ breath. We learnt within, the sacredness of breath, linked this to our heart space. We practiced, via our ‘own’ WILL, the power of breath and heart cohesion. We knew these were the KEYS. We allowed it’s expansion over years of our shear WILL, unabating TRUST and experiencial inner KNOWING. Not a belief system, an inner KNOWING system we trusted in. Knowing the day would come, when our consciousness would leap. And we would KNOW, become ONE again as the ONLY ONE, through this humanised body experience.

And as we do this, together, one by one by one, it is JUST the beginning. And will occur to the people, one by one by one. For there is ONLY ONE. And when each experience this at the perfect hour for each diamond lighted facet, EVERY BREATH the ‘human’ takes, changes everything:

* Each and every breath becomes God’s breath KNOWN.
* The Human Breathing’ experience FADES, God breathing it’s own energy becomes the permanent experience.
* The dominant human mind FADES out, no longer the dominant programme that held the lower consciousness in the human experience.
* Consciousness IS and BECOMES the only DOMINANT experience.
* Human FADES out, as the human body is understood as a vessel for CONSCIOUSNESS to experience with.
* Space, distance between ‘this and that’ FADES, as Source energy is inter-linking and underlying all things. It always did. We just couldn’t perceive it at lower consciousness state. We perceived as all things separated.
* THIS and THAT, becomes ONE almighty PRESENCE seen, felt, heard, touched, KNOWN. But not as the human body. Consciousnes is not IN the human body. It is everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Yet we each can utilise a unique and indivual physical vessel. God’s vessel.

And so it begins. The SHIFT of the Ages.

Never give up. Allow your journey to unfold at exactly the most NATURAL and perfect timing that you have already designed to occur. You ARE already ONE. And always WILL BE. It can not, not be so. For all is, was and can only ever BE…ONE.

“One Love”, not a human phrase. It is the truth…remembered.
In joy, in our collective dance, in wonderment, I Love You.

One Love

Amanda Lorence
21 August 2020
Artist: Cosmic Collage by Lori Menna

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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