Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic ~ August 23, 2020

Beloved Families of Divine Love and Light, as above in Spiritual world as all Company of Heaven to bellow in our physical world, that we raised enough in frequency of Light of Love of our heart to heart network of all Inhabitants / Humanity with Souls from all Kingdom and Elements / with beloved Mother Earth and Father Sun to make finally great reunion of Divine heavenly world with our physical worlds, though opened Lyon’s Gate, with cleansing from all remnants of negative energies from our past life times, written in our past lifetime bank memory of DNA in artificial space time sequences, and being replaced with Love and Light energies, upcoming from Great Central Sun / our Supreme Creator – Father Mother God of our Cosmos /, with new Light codes, and Blue prints of our true 5th dimensional and higher Angelic beings and more Divine Love to Love network connection, because our true heart with inner God/ Goddess selves is only true guide to 5D of Aquarius Golden age of eternal Peace, and Divine Love and Light / knowledge /, and Abundance for all equally, and respecting each other, with harmony and Happiness and Joy.

We released all our remnants of negative energies from all pockets of DNA, and from all four bodies, particularly as shadow energies from our Ego mind, being closed now and govern by our Hearts, and these released energies has been transmuted to the light during dark soul night, after Lyon’s Gate. We are closing completely 3 D portal energies NOW and HERE, so any remnants of dark energies in any form, that was not transmute to the Light, or not to go to 3d version of Earth, will be dissolved by Light completely NOW and HERE completely, and starting to be more brighter and spreading more Love and Light, with more heart to heart connection with our beloved Star Families in Galactic Federation of Light, and Ashtar command, and all beloved Company of Heaven with beloved Angelic and Archangelic realm, with our Archangel Michael as leader, and beloved Ascended Masters and Masters to our Source, with beloved Mothers as doing important part in creations, above, and our Inner Earth family, bellow, with all Humankind and all Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, as On, with our beloved Divine Source, Divine Father / Mother God.

We are absorbing huge Divine energies of Love and Light, with new Light codes, every day, trough massive Sun Flare and protuberance, that they never be harmful what scientist “worries” / tried to spread fear /, even finding some earth magnetic flux anomaly at South America, that showing the raise of magnetic Love energies over electric energies of Ego mind, as result of removing the remnants of negative Draco- reptilians from underground tunnels and bases, so the last are gone, or transmute to the Light. This worldwide “ Corona” virus is programmed by Quantum Ai Computer, being under dark control, to stop our Ascension by creating Fear and Panic / but we are on good way to break this cycle by our Unconditional Love and Compassion that will overriding any fear, they created/, and also to, at and of 3D frequencies, close all financial- economic products of 3 D frequencies, and this is done by “ Corona” virus, that also was primary design to kill most of population / but virus had been changed to less virulent by our Pleiedian and other positive raced families /, so presenting Bill Gates / as product by negative media, and social media / with making new sort of viruses and anti virus vaccine is just also programmed to spread fears by empty worlds, because We have already raised frequencies to base hologram / entry level to true and real world of 5D/, so anything bad can not happen, We are in bubbles of 5D hologram, and unaffected by any germ caused disease, but those they created this fear will be gone soon, from our world. This Economic-Financial design slavery program by negative one is part of 3D design, and trying to close down by program of Quantum Ai computer by Corona virus “ Pandemic” with obligation of wearing masks resembling on mass of people doing work as zombie with less communication, as one trend to “ Not to speak” while We will slave You by 5G communication program by implanting our brain with nano implants through vaccination will be failed again, because WE ARE AWAKEN ENOUGH, AND RAISED OUR FREQUENCY ENOUGH, and being in Holograph of 5D frequency, so everything will work for Love and Good for All, even 5G energies will spread Love energies, and implants are un useless completely.

All we will give Forgiveness and Compassion and Love to all of our past live times, for all of our negative energies and negative deed, we have done, out of what we write our scenario before of our reincarnation, but under mind control program of darkness / though creation of many wars and suffering and trauma / to clear and transmute to the Light, and clearing completely of our karma. Also, we are giving Forgiveness and Compassion and Love to all of our “ Enemies’, who were of Light and Love, before falling to Darkness, who is still plying dark role, to be awaken soon and rejoin, after finishing game to another 3D Earth.

Financial system has been replaced by Quantum financial system, that has been in hands of our positive star families, and GESARA program will be in implementing soon, with starting with Universe / St. Germain funds / basic income for everyone in Germany, enough for basic life, with clearing off all debts to central bank system / because that not exist anymore and anywhere in our planet, working as virtual as quantum financial system / as mortgages and credit cards, with implementing new technologies: Free energies / as small black box, transformation universe divine energies to our electric – temporarily, until being in our Crystal cities– already build up in underground with new device working on our light of love energies, and Multiplicators – creating any object created by our mind or new organic computer system, by using universe energy , and Crystal chamber with healing any disease or replacing any organ or limb, and anti gravity transport system with new tourism to visit other planets with meeting with other star beings / and many other new technology, what was before future / seeing in many sci – fi movies, like Star treck / being reality in close – by future, with First Contact with our Beloved Star Families.

Many do not know, that one of the first contact, not including Bill Mayer, from Switzerland with Pleiedians, / who after must sad that everything was hoax /, was in secret mission of Apollo 20 / not shore about year, but about 1987 / when this American cosmonaut, together with Russian found Cigarette shaped huge Mother Ship at Dark side on Moon filling space of one huge creator with some unfinished buildings and one temple. / Yes, they always work together, under certain of “ Cold “ War, even they have secret mission to Mars / but Nazi always being first on Moon and Mars, working with negative Reptilian side, through Greys connection, and made Antarctic underground base to, leading secret negative hidden wars against other Space worlds, mostly using Star Gate machine / One was in underground in US force, and another in Antarctic, but this is another story/, and Elong Musk is white shade and repetition of dark side to make populating Mars with chosen humans, in already existing buildings / remnants of previously American human sentiments who being tortured and killed may of Mars origin marsians, smaller humanoid beings who hold flag with message: “ Go home Yankees “.

In this huge cigarette shaped Mother ship, that is wide as Eiffel towel, was found beauty human like female, left with some traditional ancient ceremonial way of funeral, with some sticks around eyes and mouth, with braided long hair, called “ Mona Lisa’, who inspired artist from Switzerland / not that one who make hoax with saying that He was who made this video, trying to do work for dark side, because original videos recorded with oldest 18 mm cameras has disappeared from You tube/ for amazing music of Emerson, Like, Palmer “ Brain Salad Surgery” / you should listen this music and everything will be cleared about controlling mass of Human population with Ai as the last of controlling chain /. Why I am writing of this, because I saw the same cigarette shape Mothership recently on Google, as unidentified called “Oumuamua” on 11/ 2017 by Hobson telescope, entering to our Solar system on strange way of surfing, by tumbling way, in changeable way of rotation, probably caused by positive and negative frequencies, means that this Mother ship has different charging of energies, rotating on level of 20 km/ s, and making huge ellipsoid line of journey, and out of our Solar system and back again certain millions of years, marking some important event, as our Ascension and Ascension of our Solar belt. What is interesting / Just answer to Scientests, that is artificial object called Mother ships, and regarding that was composed by the same as Oort cloud / mass of icy stone formation surrounding our Solar belt and probably this formation has remnants of destruction of several huge planets / our Solar system actually has original Blue prints of 12 Planets, and the last was twin flame of our Sun / it has been binary Solar system / until being destructed by dark controllers to block and controlling any entry to our Solar system.

Niburu, the Jupiter size of planet, was remnant of our Sun’s Twin Flame, was turned to be Star war station, and backing every 3600 years, by playing destructive star war station, but not always, if We raised our conscious over dark side at certain time of evolution, Niburu will feel by his/her rotation / it has also poz and neg side / can feel difference of magnetic flux of our planet, and our awakening on 2012 had changed everything and destruction of Earth Inhabitants had been avoided, so we have continue our journey. So upcoming of this interstellar Mother ship of Oort cloud origin with sense of our Sun’s Twin Flames, just celebrating and marking our successful ascension and victory over darkness in 2017m being confirm.

We have been in rapid Ascension way with multiple ascension symptoms, as to raise spirally up, and passing core of Central Sun, and turning point of not coming back to 4D, with taking strongly Divine trace of Love and Light, connecting stronger to Divine Love and Light heart to heart network, safety and nobody can not change our direction to deep of 5 D, and our official First contact with our Beloved Star Families, coming closer and closer, and they are with their new and amazing technology to offer us, as a even and true member of Galactic Federation of Light is NOW and HERE. The old paradigm of slavery program of lower frequency has gone through “ Corona virus pandemic program “ temporarily through quantum financial system and transformation to money free Galactic Human societies with upgrading to more advanced technology of 5 dimensional frequency of Divine Love and Light.

All my Love to all Cosmos, and love and light to our Mother Earth / Goddess Gaia, and Father Sun Sol.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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