Maureen Moss ~ August 21, 2020

The Love Goddess Rules. Get Ready…Here We Go!

When I read this I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t post this
from Star Sister Astrology.

It’s a great/helpful forecast on our current Vision Quest.

No matter where you are, or what your life looks like from the surface, the most important thing happening to you in this Now moment is this: you’re about to set off on a vision quest, the most important of your life.

Saturday, Uranus — your pipeline to quantum, lightning-like awakening and the ruler of the Grand Mutation of reality that’s now just over four months away — stationed retrograde in Taurus for the third time since entering the ancient sign of our fertile, abundant, and ever-transforming Earth in May 2018.

Our Cosmic Awakener isn’t even halfway through his seven-year journey through Taurus. It’s the sign of Venus… and in the chart for Uranus’ 2020 retrograde the Love Goddess not only rules, she’s at the top of the chart, tightly conjoined with the old, wise moon, who will open the gates to the mysterious potency of her dark moon creation fields almost as soon as Uranus changes direction.

The near-simultaneous timing of these events is a signal: Not only will the Leo New Moon be suffused with the high-frequency quantum lightning of Uranus, so will the 5 1/2-month vision quest of the most liberated and awakened frequencies in the solar system – and in your being.

The reworking and re-framing that’s about to begin has a single purpose — to free the deep, fertile ground of your life.

Every step of this vision quest is rooted in your body, your senses and your ancient and ever-new connection with the Earth. Every step will be guided by the Mother of the Universe within us all — and by your ability to value Her fathomless creative intelligence, within and around you.

The sheer number of planetary conjunctions occurring, as Uranus stations tell us that this vision quest begins in a field of extraordinary power. Some of those conjunctions — like that of Black Moon Lilith, Mars, and Eris… and also of Pholus, Quaoar, and Horus (all Rx) — are triple forces of energetic power.

Everything in the chart of Uranus Rx station speaks to the power of the 5 1/2 months ahead, and the breakthroughs that are possible. Uranus himself is conjunct the Vertex, often called “the Destiny Point” of a chart.

The implications of this Now moment, are staggering. Here are some ways to maximize your ability to ride this energy like the consummate cosmic surfer you are:

💙 Every core body in the chart except the Sun and Mars is in either an earth or a water sign. Supporting your fire and air will be vitally important. You’re going to need them to avoid getting stuck in quicksand as the world around you morphs, sometimes into nightmarish apparitions. It’s air and fire that will help you see the bigger picture and keep the energy moving.

💙 Move your body, every day. Feel your fiery emotions and let them move through you. Feed your precious fire with breath-work and sky gazing, and with deep conversation and experiences that let you see from other perspectives.

💙 Ground your body daily into the greater body of the Earth — a vast transformative mystery of water (with oceans that contain oceans far greater than those on the surface), fire (exceeding the heat even of our Sun’s core), and crystalline minerals. She can help you uplevel your life — and your physical body –into an even more powerful engine of transformation… because in the months ahead, transformation is what’s going down.

💙 Feel your feelings and honor them as invaluable data. Let them move through you. Immerse yourself in the sacred waters around you as well as within you. This will let you use these times to nurture the precious vital newness that you are already gestating. That newness within you is the future of life. Everything depends on it. What you’re called to be is nothing less than the mother of the New Reality

Star Sister Astrology✨

Love, Blessings and Grace to All,

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