Headlines and Updates for August 21, 2020: The Nightmare Continues [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture   August 21, 2020

There are some despicable people out there, and they aren’t all Illuminati bloodline families. Here’s an example of why we can’t even trust a US Airforce war vet. Too many fund raising campaigns have been bogus. It’s one thing to be generous; it’s even better to be discerning.

Triple amputee Brian Kolfage and his wife Ashley are a real piece of work. How do they sleep at night?

And Steve Bannon? What about his “New Federal State of China” business? Is that crap, too?

The New Federal State of China is a self-declared government in exile of China created by Guo Wengui and Stephen Bannon. The state was announced in June 2020 by aircraft flying banners over US cities including New York.  Source: Wikipedia

The luxury lifestyle of triple-amputee Iraq vet and his TikTok star wife who ‘bought boats, an SUV, jewelry and plastic surgery with $350,000 that was stolen from We Build The Wall donations’

Either these freaks are still in place, meeting to control the world and steal more money, or someone is doing a great job of making it look that way. They are the ones who have been in charge for ever, and they have the gall to suggest that we, Humanity, are destroying the planet. They have never done what We, the People wanted. They overrode our wishes with their puppets hidden in the bureaucratic structure.

They have controlled the energy, technologies, transportation, and every aspect of our lives. If the Earth is in danger, it’s their fault—not ours. We do not support giving any funds to hoaxes like “climate change” or any of their other marketing terms like global warming, global cooling, etc.

Once we get rid of these evil controllers and have access to clean energies and space age technologies, our planet and Humanity will thrive. The globalists are the enemy; it’s their systems that don’t work—and that’s why they have to go.

Perhaps because the People can see they jacked around with coronavirus statistics and created a fake pandemic, they will be more open to accepting that they also created the climate hoax. Lock them up!

Club Of Rome: Planetary Emergency Plan Declared

Scott Kesterson speaks of the Matrix, the Election, and the time of standing and fighting for a new world in another outstanding 25 minute commentary. He suggests that on November 3 a bigger fight will begin. Are we up for it? Are we going to choose a new way, or to go along with the old system?https://lockerdome.com/lad/9983089980152422?pubid=ld-6490-6798&pubo=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.starshipearththebigpicture.com&rid=&width=580

EP113 – Red Lines and Plumb Lines

That’s as far as I got when I learned that my mother passed, and that was on top of my mother-in-law passing at 21:30 this morning. My husband’s in Calgary and I’m here and this was totally unexpected so I’m trying to keep it together and take care of business from 2,000 miles away when I can’t go there and do what needs to be done. You just can’t make this shit up.

I will return at some point when I’m ready.  ~ BP

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  1.  elga13 says:beautiful Lady,,i send oceans of Love and comfort to your heart
    and soul,, Angels of peace embrace you,to soften your pain,,,,
    you are soooo loved,,Reply
  2.  carolineofCanada says:So sorry for the loss of your mother and mother in law both at once…such a tough time with the borders still closed. Sending many blessings of deep peace for your family at this time.Reply
  3.  heatherruth says:WOW! Sincere condolences, times are really coming up to hit us in the face but a double whammy like that. Know that you are loved and people are caring about you right nowReply

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