New Earth Template – Massive Transformation and SHIFT right NOW ~ August 20, 2020

Judith Kusel

Every soul is unique and thus has its very own Soul Name and Soul Attributes which reflect the Divine Source. Indeed, you can say that every soul embodies the Divine, and reflects Divine Attributes back to the Divine, by expressing and creating and experiences these attributes. As such then the Divine Source experiences and expresses itself through the soul and the soul AS ONE with the DIVINE expresses this through the SOUL SELF, the I AM.

During this time of immense changes, it is good to remember that your own soul, will experience every moment, differently from anyone else. There may be similarities, yet your create your own experiences, via every thought you think, every feeling you have and every action you take.

Once you truly understand just how powerful you are, as Soul Level, and become AS ONE with the Divine Source, you literally now can live in a much higher dimensional state, if you so choose and start to co-create within that much higher dimensional energy field.

Now understand that this will bring about certain changes within you, and you will simply start thinking, feeling, acting differently, because your whole energy fields have changed and you are tuning into a much higher frequency band.

If you then suddenly start tuning into the 3D and the all the fear-based energy and all the false information and whatever else there is, your own energy fields will get jarred. You will literally feel yourself out of alignment and then wonder what is going wrong.
I was made aware of this yesterday and then was told that we as Lightworkers, will get affected by the mass fear and mass hysteria, in some way. We may not even realize this – but when you even read something or hear something, or interact with someone from that lower vibration, you need to be aware that your own energy fields now are disturbed in some way, and you immediately need to clear your own energy fields.
This can happen when shopping, as you are not aware of what is going on around you, but your energetic sensors will detect this and alarm bells will start ringing. Or you may just see a video clip, or hear something. Note that some of these are geared and deliberately created to jam your own energy fields. Thus be diligent in what you read, what you watch and what you are listening to. You may not consciously be aware of this.

It could well be that you suddenly have old things coming up, or old memory banks or old buttons being pressed. Thank these for coming up now, and immediately forgive, release, and let go. Remember, we now have the opportunity to release everything, and indeed EVERYTHING, which is still there in Old Adam and Old Eve within us. We need to be totally emptied, in order to be totally filled.

Thank the old for all it taught you.

Be careful what you think or wish for, for it will manifest into form almost immediately now.

Remember what you fear – you attract.

Let go of fear in all forms and expressions and ask the even subconscious fears surface, so that they can be released as well.

Remember that in truth there is only Love.

Let that heart center open even more, and undrstand that all is huge learning curve, and of course, your will sometimes fall back, but the trick is to always get up and get going again, growing wiser and more filled with Divine Love, Light and Power.
The good news is that when you are fully anchored in the Divine, and you truly are willing to walk the highest paths, you will start getting more and more adept at handling this, and you will be able to immediately adjust your frequency levels and your energy fields again.

More than this, you will just get on with the higher frequency levels, no matter what is seemingly going on around you and whatever craziness the old world conjures up. You will start becoming immune and will just walk your walk in the higher dimensional state with the deepest knowing that you are growing every more and ever higher into the highest truth of your own soul and into the Highest Mastery, as this is a totally new Life, a New Way of Life in a much higher dimension and frequency as your new body is now forming and shaping, and so is your higher soul SELF, now creating a much higher YOU!

What an experience!

Imagine that, we all have waited for thousands, indeed millons of years for this to happen and here it is at last!


Embrace life and life more abundantly and with it come Unity and Oneness and new Vibrant life.

Indeed this is most Powerful Opening for all SOULS to grow with leaps and bounds and truly step into their Highest Soul Self, their true genius and their Highest Potential, indeed their Greatness!

Judith Kusel

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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