Quantum Toy Box: What Do YOU Notice…What Do YOU See… ~ August 19, 2020

These days with all the changes all the expansion, all the perceived chaos, turmoil, reveals, tricks, and triumphs… I just want to dive into my multidimensional quantum toy box and discover all my fantastical toys and super powers that are calling me forth to come play with them.

The “be responsible…” linear part of me, “Smarmy’s prized chider n chief, lol, says, “What. You have things to do get your head out of that quantum toy box…”

The beauty of it is I can be response-able in spectacular ways AND play in my quantum toy box. I can get all sorts of linear “have-to’s” done and do them in fantastical fashion. And best of all I can carry out tasks and missions of what I agreed to do and in a much more efficient, enlightened, and all encompassing way because I’ve got my fantastical multidimensional chops on from connecting with what I notice and what I see and basking in the reflections I call forth to me.

Are YOU ready to play? Oh’ the places we will go and the adventures and love absolute we will feel and transmit out to all.

I Love You.

Come join the conversation

You are the expert for you.

Only YOU can make the choice to move from fear to knowing.

The time has come to connect with you and tell you The whole Story so that you release fear, embrace Love to walk through the gates that have opened into a New Virbational Earth. Nothing will stop this unfolding.

You can find the IUV website here https://i-uv.com

You can find information and videos to help you navigate in waking up to what’s really going on under the Quantum Playground right hand navigation menu or you can click directly on link below.


Direct link to the Quantum Playground on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/BZRiger

Direct link to IUV twitter https://twitter.com/IUVPORTAL @IUVPORTAL

Would you like to come play in conversation…have a question or something you would like to share with me. Send an email to me, at bz@i-uv.com

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