Headlines and Updates for August 18, 2020: Rallying the Troops—The Plan Unfolds [videos] ~ August 18, 2020

This is great. The simple truth. Polite, but spunky.

Durham must question Obama, Biden, Clinton, Rice, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, etc….before a GRAND JURY! https://t.co/oR5XPho2wh

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) August 17, 2020

The degree of spying by China through infiltration is astounding.

Former CIA Officer Arrested, Charged With Spying for China

The Internet censorship increased dramatically in the past week. The last notification I received about a new X22 Report video from Dave was August 12, despite my subscription being current and the notification bell activated. Dave is one of our best analysts so we expect it. Since we’re a small blog, it’s unlikely they’ll bother with us much.

Here’s his update from yesterday. If you missed Sunday’s it’s here. He explains why it has taken so long to get to the stage where indictments are revealed. The Patriots were laying the legal/justice foundation to handle all the criminals who will be taken down. They’re starting with the small fry and working their way up to the big fish.

Another Piece For The Storm, Welcome Home Snowden, Watch The USPS – Episode 2252b

Yes, the wheels of justice DO turn slowly, because we are doing it lawfully; to the letter of the law, under the Constitution of the United States of America. It could be done another way; faster, more in-your-face, but that would require the military openly stepping in and that’s not what the patriots want.

That would have been perceived as a military takeover (coup d’état), would instill fear, generate violence, and would be very messy. If you think the outrageous actions of the deep state are bad, it would have been much worse than what we are now seeing on the streets of America.

Be patient, knowing that all the heavy lifting has been done. What’s left now is basically a positive “psyop” to teach sleepers about what has happened, why, how, and who the perpetrators are. Kew has spelled it out a number of times. The People are under a trance and must be brought out of it gradually and SHOWN the reality so they can no longer deny it.

It took ten years to achieve this victory in Canada for an unabashed show of force by the New World Order at the G20 Summit in 2010. What—you missed it? Can’t say I’m surprised. I doubt the CBC framed it accurately.

We shared this years ago and you can watch Dan Dick’s documentary chronicling this shocking political event that left my jaw on the floor. Dan’s YT channel was axed a month ago but he has a new home.

Ten years ago this happened, people, and still Canadians sleep. The enemy brought a ton of outside police in to do this to the People of Toronto, and Ontario. Can you say “agents provocateurs”? I was really angry when I learned of this exercize and I wasn’t even there.

The whole thing was planned; that much is evident. This is the cabal’s army. To the credit of a few law enforcement officers, we heard that some officers broke down over the way they were instructed to treat innocent civilians and when it came right down to it, couldn’t follow through.

That’s why the globalists have these “tests”; to see how everyone will respond. They want to learn what percentage of the police will be good little commies and sell out their brothers, and what percentage of the public will go along without fighting back. Did they expect class action lawsuits? Probably. Money is no object to the globalists.

Peaceful, obedient Canadians did go to the detention facilities but they got their revenge. Ten years after. Kudos, Canada. You pushed back and let them know you’re not going to take it. Some of the protestors understood what was happening and why, but some probably did not.

In his update on the lawsuit, Dan shares the trailer for his feature documentary Into the Fire, which you can watch here in full. It’s riveting.

Ladies and gentlemen Toronto is under police state lockdown. You are free to do as you are told.

VICTORY! $16.5M Settlement Reached In Class-Action Lawsuit Over MASS ARRESTS During 2010 G20 Summit

Sometimes we need interpretation of what is unfolding and why. It’s easy to get bogged down in distractions. It helps to remember to “follow the money”.

Let’s be clear about what’s happening:

Nancy Pelosi fabricated a crisis so she can make a money grab to funnel billions of dollars to the Postal Service because she needs it to pull off her No-ID Universal Mail-In Voting scheme this fall.

That’s what this is all about. pic.twitter.com/dMC76f3Who

— Steve Scalise (@SteveScalise) August 17, 2020

Along with the many other successes and an election campaign to run, the President is tireless in his pursuit of global harmony. After negotiating a peace deal with Israel and the United Arab Emirates last week, the vibe is spreading.

President Trump is smoothing and fostering relations with many nations that we never anticipated a few years ago. Earth shall have peace.

Taiwan’s President Praises Relationship With United States Under Trump

The Great Awakening is exploding exponentially and the signs are everywhere… from “watch the water” and the MAGA boat parades happening even mid-week now, to more subtle markers. They’re there.

I’m currently driving through Kansas and even the gas stations have Trump hats. He’s everywhere.

— Krista 🇺🇸⚡️🇺🇸 (@KristaMHilton) August 16, 2020

Humanity is rising and we’re going to Make Earth Great Again. I miss Trump rallies, but the Patriots are having fun at the dimms’ expense.

I actually feel sorry for these things we’re watching in action. Biden’s campaign videos… They’re pathetic creatures.

And another Prophetic sign with another Biden boat sunk! …- https://t.co/HZiUOUiCbW

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) August 16, 2020

The push continues to apprise the world of the rampant satanic sex cults running everything. I think there are examples every day now.

Rose McGowan accuses Oscar-winning director Alexander Payne of raping her when she was just 15 in ‘bomb of truth’ post on Instagram

Any way the opposition can make life difficult, slow us down, silence us or make us hard to find, they will use it. I came upon this update below from American Intelligence Media/AIM4Truth/The CAT Report this morning and when I headed over to our satellite ship, The Captain’s Blog, I could feel Betsy’s frustration.

Let’s hope Betsy gets her workaround figured out quickly.

That’s all, folks!

WordPress has changed its formatting and its features are extremely bulky and cumbersome for posting daily Cat Reports.

So we are signing off ‘daily meows’ for awhile until we can learn the new process or see what new adventure we will be on next…because there is always something for AIM cats. For every obstacle or set back, there are seeds to an equal or greater benefit.

WP sucks. They just took blogging back ten years in the user-friendly interface. They have completely changed the WordPress Editor and complicated it to the point that you just want to throw up your hands in disgust because it appears the learning curve will be steep.

I have a post ready to publish there but it will take me longer to feel my way around the overly detailed “blocks” of tools no average blogger is going to be interested in using. It wouldn’t let me upload my featured image. They said we could use the old editor but I saw no way to access it so I may have to consult with Number One if I can’t figure it out.

Fortunately, since Starship Earth is on our own URL, we aren’t subject to every little WP whim and the editor is the same so far and our bridge very responsive. Dodged a bullet there. Shields up!

In an effort to buoy the spirits, I’m hoping this is tongue-in-cheek. I found it hysterically funny:

In Colorado Springs, Colorado they’re instituting costly “wastewater surveillance” to locate clusters of COVID-infected people from sewage. They can’t be serious. Spying on our toilet water? I don’t believe this is real news.

COVID is a hoax and the deep state goal might be to round up those they say are infected to remove them if they’re dissidents/awake and they fear them.


This is their other long game. There’s a 4-minute video at the link below explaining. It won’t happen, though.



Gotta run, folks. More good stuff coming later.  ~ BP

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  1. Neil Vidican says:

    How much LONGER?!

    I am so tired of those us who ARR ready for the good stuff having to suffer for the ‘benefit’ of the dumb masses, sheeple, monkeys.

    Enough gradual….drip….drip….drip.



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