Headlines and Updates for August 8, 2020: The Auspicious Lion’s Gate On the Eights [videos] ~ August 8, 2020

Coincidence? It’s 88 days until the Presidential election.

Today… 8/8… or ∞/∞—it’s your lucky day, according to traditional astrology. Make it count.

If you’re not already feeling the powerful roar of Leo season 2020 in your life, trust that you will soon — because on Aug. 8, the blazing Sun in Leo will link up with the bright star Sirius and create a cosmic alignment known as the “lion’s gate portal.” Because of energy of this alignment (and the charmed numerology of the double 8s), Aug. 8 (or 8/8) is a supercharged day for manifesting abundance and dreaming big. It’s set to be one of the luckiest days of 2020, and understanding the significance of this date can help you take advantage of its magic.

Learn more about the astrology and numerology at this link.

Because it is such an important time, we expect dark rituals. Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior told us this week…

“Most of us have noticed the Cabal is attacking the 188 degree Ley line again, with further explosions in United Arab Emirate (UAE) and Paris, only a day after the explosion in Beruit … during this crucial 8/8 Lion’s Gateway period that began with the full moon on Monday.

Judging by these events, they may try another event this Sat – 8/8 – right on the Lion’s Gate galactic portal that opens up.

New intel update just released by FM144 has confirmed the importance of the Lion’s Gate galactic portal.

There’s certainly plenty of speculation that the White Hats have something in the works, and the Cabal are trying to drop the timelines by attacking the 188 degree Ley Line to prevent it.


This Saturday’s 144K Mass Meditation will be about 30 mins & extremely helpful in actualizing the full higher octave possibilities of the Lion’s Gate 8/8 galactic portal…

… and not to mention countering dark rituals on this date by the dark ones, who will attempt to skew & subvert the incoming portal energies, to create the lowest possible timeline octave.”

Wow… what are we looking at on the LASCO camera? A fascinating share from Yellow Rose for Texas.

Night Operations. Are you ready? We are…

The Germans held another anti-lockdown march in Stuttgart on Saturday, and there is a massive protest demanding the Israeli government step down for the vicious attack on Beirut this week. We’re still left wondering why Kew told us the patriots are leaving Israel for last. Does this  have anything to do with it?

LIVE: New round of protests take place in front of Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem

And look! Québec, too!

What’s up? Support required. Riots and chaos in the Belgian City #Blankenberge earlier today…

Morning Patriots. These next 5 days are really important. Please PRAY for POTUS, his family and all of the military and white hats in harms way. Godspeed!

Did you catch it? Listen to these decodes.

Mad As Hell=Take No More [POTUS Safe]

Almost five months after lockdowns began, we’re still asking the question… and still learning why nothing makes sense.

The testing procedure skews the numbers. See the Tweet below.

Does anyone actually have anyone in their life with the Covid-19 Virus?Carlton Gore@Corky_GoreKnow several people that had it and nothing crazy but taught me why the numbers are off. Most that have it need to get tested again and get a negative result so they are not spreading it. If they test too early and are still positive this counts as a new positive.6:44 AM · Aug 8, 2020

And a doctor told us the reason some hospitals claim to be overloaded is because they laid off so much staff months ago, AND, they allotted a specific number of beds for COVID patients and many are in use so when they say they are at capacity for beds, they aren’t referring to all the beds in the hospital—just those.

Hospitals in general are not full, it’s not a pandemic, and we should all go back to living a normal life. Even people in large families aren’t spreading it to other family members without distancing, people are telling us.

And that’s why they’re protesting in Germany so much, as well as other places in Europe. It’s absurd to call this a pandemic. It’s simply nothing of the kind but the New World Order has objectives to meet and a global health crisis fits the bill.

The Pavlovian scientists will now command the population to accept another toxic vaccine—far more advanced than any other. They have the marketing campaign all ready to go, to shame us, ridicule us, scare us, threaten us—all the tactics they’ve used in the past to get the sheep to comply and compel others to do likewise.

So now they can tell Americans it’s “patriotic” to do anything and they’ll bust the doors down to comply? I don’t think so.

CONFIRMED: Doctor Arguing for Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations in USA Today is Bankrolled by Big Pharma

The globalist have been controlling disease for a very long time and you might need a chill pill after watching the following in-depth examination of just how far they have gone and how deeply duped we are.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the governing bodies responsible for directing disease research and the dispensation of pharmaceuticals have committed crimes against Humanity and they’re still at it—using the same dog-eared playbook from days gone by.

The medical establishment loves to glorify their hatchetmen and turn them into heroes but we are now seeing these criminals exposed to the public for who they are, and the COVID hoax will ensure we are never fooled again. There’s nothing glorious about notoriety in infamy as a mass murderer.

Here’s the introduction of the video featured by Brasscheck TV.




A deadly new virus is discovered…there’s no treatment or cure…it’s highly contagious…everyone is a potential victim…the world is at risk from asymptomatic super spreaders…new clusters of cases reported daily…

Everyone must get tested even though the tests are unreliable…positive antibody tests are called “infections” and “cases” even when the patient has no symptoms…every politician gets involved…media hysteria in high gear…activists demand salvation from government and Big Pharma…

Billions of dollars are authorized for fast track drug and vaccine research…simple, effective remedies are rejected while expensive, dangerous ones are pushed……presumptive diagnoses…exaggerated death statistics…falsified death certificates…

Covid 2020?


AIDS in the 1980s.

Every single fraud technique being used today to “sell” CoVid hysteria was invented in the 1980s and 1990s by Tony Fauci to sell the AIDS fraud.

Are you surprised to hear AIDS called a fraud? You won’t be after you see this film.

This is the first and only film to put Fauci where he belongs: squarely in the middle of the AIDS fraud story.

Share widely.

Demolishing the AIDS fraud is one of the keys to undermining the CoVid Con and it will save millions of lives here in the US, in Africa and around the world.

Click here to watch the video, which is 1.5 hours long.

Twitter is off the rails, deleting followers of Uncle Rob and Josh, who, along with Rob is rustling up voters in the gay/LGBTQ community for Trump.

There’s that “deer in the headlights mind-controlled look” again.

24 JULY 2012 MUGSHOT OF 24 YEAR OLD James Holmes suspect in Batman Theater Massacre in Aurora, Colorado

24 JULY 2012 MUGSHOT OF 24 YEAR OLD James Holmes suspect in Batman Theater Massacre in Aurora, Colorado

Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook school massacre shooter in “Sandy Hoax” where no one died—not one child, December 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut

Is this guy a procurer for the El-ites? Is that why he got such a light sentence?

No Prison sentence only community service for man who admitted having indecent images of children

It’s right in our faces.

Eyes to the skies! James Gilliland brought us a quick glimpse of the activity overhead in July at ECETI Ranch in just over a minute.

UFOs – EETI July 2020 – 7.30.20

That Dan Scavino is a rascal.

Closing for now, folks, and wishing everyone an excellent weekend. Thanks for all you do.  ~ BP

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