Know Your Rights; Know the Law and Ditch the Mask [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture   August 4, 2020

It’s growing…

In Australia the tyranny is out of control. They are creating the situation. Over seven deaths that probably weren’t even from COVID? Unbelievable.

Daniel Andrews declares a STATE OF DISASTER and introduces an 8pm curfew for Melbourne from TONIGHT after 671 new Covid-19 cases with seven deaths – as panic buying begins across the state

Here in Arizona where it’s 112 F they’re saying we’re up to 141 deaths in our county. The virus can’t even live in this extreme environment. It’s all BS.

I finally got a chance to listen to updates from Peggy Hall of The Healthy Americanmovement concerning our rights as citizens with respect to the globalists’ tyrannical mask mandates for this scamdemic.

As we advised earlier, you can find more information at the website The Healthy She has very encouraging support material and advice to provide hope and incentive for change.

What a great idea for retailers to provide separate shopping hours for the healthy people not wearing masks.

This is very important information for us to ensure we take back control and our freedoms. We need to take the time to listen to this and end the apathy. The current situation requires action and knowledge even to make the small inroads we can as an individual.

Peggy points out that many government officials are ignorant of the law and just bluster through it, trying to ram Executive Orders and mandates down our throats when they haven’t a legal leg to stand on when we challenge them. Many have backed down due to patriot challenges.

The cabal has done this for decades. They walk in like they own the place, tell us what to do, and far too many people are in “obey” mode. They use their goons and their intimidation tactics and people just go along without looking for the facts.

As I have said many times, the People must direct their elected officials and tell them what they want. We sign their paycheques and they must do what we direct or they will get voted out and will no longer have a job. Peggy says we must notify them IN WRITING of the fraud so if it goes to court, they can’t say they didn’t know.

She put this out a few days ago after her mask-related experience with Southwest Airlines.

PEGGY HALL explains how she dealt with Southwest Airlines’ refusal to allow her to board a flight because she didn’t wear a mask [VIDEOS]

Some of you may already have heard of my experience being denied boarding on the Southwest flight to Sacramento…When I booked my tickets on Southwest, I was assured I would not have to wear a mask because the requirement would not go into effect for a couple of days.APPALLING!!! Lawsuits are on their way.I explain exactly that happened in a series of short videos here:Part 1: Click to Watch (3 min) 2: Click to Watch (1 min) 3: Click to Watch (2:45) 4: Click to Watch (4:19 – in the car on the way home… why do some people comply?!) 5: this is the summary with some good news! (21 min)

Today Peggy did this one for Dustin Nemos which explains the law, in an easily understood way. It’s very encouraging to hear this and if we get informed, we can fight back against the lawlessness the deep state is trying to enforce. Too many government officials are breaking the laws because they don’t know the laws. You might want to take notes. She is in California, so individuals need to look into the laws in their respective counties.

Peggy believes this is all going toward the demonic global agenda to vaccinate everyone and control us that way so those who refuse vaccinations will be descriminated against. Same old, same old.

Peggy Hall & How One California County Overturned Mask Mandates

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1 thought on “Know Your Rights; Know the Law and Ditch the Mask [videos]”

  1.  Shaun says:I am in Melbourne (AU) and even though people don’t like wearing the masks, they are complying with everything since they believe it’s ‘the right thing to do’, and attack anyone who suggests it’s not justified. All this for a death rate that is lower than the average flu & pneumonia rate and much less than the big 2017 flu season.
    See ‘Doctor certified deaths by week of occurrence, 2015-2019’ is a hardware store like Home Depot, and non trade people cannot go into the huge stores, they have to order online, then wait in the car park for the item to be put into their boot.
    Just ridiculous!Reply

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