Full Moon Blessing ~ August 5, 2020

Augusts Full Moon is the “eye of the storm” phase where all will feel calm and settled following the past few intense months.
It is also a time where we can finally take a breather, rest and reset, before cosmic energy heightens again from September through to the end of the year.

Although this Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, celestial energy will be affecting all zodiac signs, however, those with Aquarius in their chart will feel the impact more than others.

Aquarius’ energy can be rather detached when it comes to heavy emotions, feelings, and connections, so this means we will be taking a much needed break from any recent overwhelming or turbulent experiences.

This allows us to realign and recognise where we have been holding too tight to unfulfilling relationships, the material world and unhealthy societal structures.

The overall vibration of the Aquarius moon is freedom, so we will be wanting to liberate ourselves from anything constricting and limiting.

In particular our attachments to whatever or whoever causes drama, chaos, unrest or friction will be illuminated.

Aquarius is all about emotional intelligence and prompts us to seriously consider how and why we think and feel, about dynamics.

It also forces us to take a closer look at what we choose to be involved in, and to question the company we keep. Therefore, now is the time to pay close attention to the reasons we cling to old habits or connections we know no longer serve our soul, and to find the strength to distance and disconnect.

Aquarius is known as the social butterfly, and likes to talk, spread information and generally be the life and soul of the party.

Due to social restrictions currently in place across the world, this energy is not able to develop as it normally would during an Aquarius Full Moon, therefore, it is highly possible we will see news or possibly even gossip being contorted and misconstrued as it rapidly travels across social media over these next few days.

It is recommended that we don’t believe everything we read or hear at the moment, as the underlying motives and agendas behind the information may not carry the best intentions.

While Aquarius is known for disconnection, it is usually only with anything it doesn’t vibrate on the same frequency with. Despite being known for being emotionally reserved it is an extremely social energy, especially with regard to anything that feels nourishing and resonant.

This brings in a desire to reach out to the people we connect with on a deeper level, or if we don’t have those types of friendships in our lives, we may notice a strong longing to find our tribe.

The New Moon in Leo a couple of weeks ago was the intro to this Full Moon, as Leo’s fearless & fiery love energy sent shockwaves through our hearts and stirred emotions we thought had long died out.

Now, with the Sun in luminous, loving Leo shining on the cool, calm and collected Aquarius Moon, lunar energy again triggers a battle between the heart and the head.

Whatever has been weighing on our mind for the past couple of weeks will now begin to manifest into our reality and we may once again feel the rekindling of flames we believed had long burned out – which includes passion for others, along with a deeper love and acceptance for ourselves.

It will particularly focus our attention on aspects of our lives that have left us feeling disempowered and where our energy has drained through prioritizing other people’s needs and desires before our own.

Be prepared for a huge internal shift with these clashing and contrasting energies, as Leo’s powerful and forceful nature causes Aquarius’ logic to go out the window and for the heart to totally crack open.

We will see our relationships or connections from an entirely different perspective and our raw, suppressed emotions will want to spill out.

This means we will be far more vulnerable and truthful about what we feel for certain people, so we may either give or receive love declarations, as we finally find the courage to communicate or be open to how we really feel.

Aquarius is the thinker of the zodiac, it encourages us to perceive with clarity and to open our minds to new possibilities and opportunities.

It is the awakener, and will compel us to transform the way we have been viewing our surrounding environment, with emphasis on how we treat one another.

It also pulls us out of our comfort zone and will make us feel like falling in love with life once again, and to see there are infinite ways to alter the shape of the world and to entirely change how we are experiencing it.

This is the sign and time of rebellion and revolution, and it helps us see how it is imperative we look beyond restrictions and oppressions.

It allows us to recognise that together we can rise up and recreate new fairer systems and structures, to take the place of the old, outdated dismantled ones.

It supports our independence, as well as helping us recognise who we are in the world, so that we realign with what we know to be our truth, rather than what the media or other influences try to condition us to believe.

We will come out of this lunar energy with far more clarity, awareness and with renewed belief in ourselves, as well as having reaffirmed our beliefs about what we know to be true in the world – without biased outside interferences altering our truths.

Surreal and unexpected scenarios often arise during the Aquarius Full Moon, so be prepared for absolutely anything to happen, from a surprise meeting to revolutionary news that could shake and change everything as we currently know it.

Uranus goes retrograde on August 11th, and as it is now in its shadow period and is the ruler of Aquarius, it will also have a major impact on us during this Full Moon.

This means we should be ready for a sudden change of fate, disruptions to occur, and to not rely too heavily on anything remaining the same over the coming weeks.

Although Uranus is known for being the bearer of break-ups, as well as breakdowns, it is also the planet of miraculous breakthroughs.

Given the constantly challenging energies we have navigated over the past few months and how much we have already learned and transformed, there is a high possibility that many of us will sail through Uranus’ retrograde experiencing much-welcomed breakthrough after breakthrough.

This Full Aquarius Moon is timely placed right before Uranus’ retrograde, as it encourages us to do some long overdue internal work to clear out stagnant beliefs, and release tensions and painful memories that keep us trapped and suffering.
This allows us to be ten steps ahead of the upcoming retrograde and to be fully prepared to welcome, rather than fear, it’s arrival.

Aquarius carries a futuristic vibration, so this incredibly powerful energy will help us not only realize who we are in the world, it also offers a rare glimpse into the future, giving us clarity and insight so we can choose the manifestations that will work best, what our paths will offer us, our ultimate soul purpose and who we want journeying alongside us on the way.

Over this next week expect timelines to suddenly shift, as the intentions we have been setting miraculously start manifesting, our passions ignite and a life filled with love, magic and abundance begins to be created, as our innermost dreams rapidly become a reality.

Aquarius is the “Water Bearer” so to remain grounded and absorb as much of this lunar energy as possible, be sure to drink plenty of water, take a salt bath if possible, and if nearby, take a walk near a river, lake or the ocean.

~Alex Myles

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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