Space… the Final Frontier In Our Sights [videos] ~ July 30, 2020

We came upon an article in the last last week or so that has gone largely unacknowledged due to the volume of drama unfolding on our planet at the moment.

Here is that article that we shared once again.

Douglas Ducote felt it important to bring it to the attention of his subscribers, and rightfully so, because many have waited for this news for a very long time. Now that it has come, it’s pretty much fallen through the cracks—and I believe that is by design.

Because it is such big and important news, they don’t want to throw the Earthlings into a tailspin. Things are sideways enough without a big hoopla so it appears they are letting the off-world galactic presence headlines slide quietly by where interested parties can zoom in on them if they choose.

When Kew says, “the world is about to change”, it’s an understatement. Once this truth is out there and assimilated by the majority, we can never un-know it. We can only go forward.

No Longer in Shadows…UFO Pentagon Admission, We Are Not Alone

That revelation by the Pentagon in no way indicates the sole volume of information available to the public on the subject. On the contrary.

For those who were looking, insiders and experiencers from all walks of life have been sharing their version of the truth and the evidence for decades.

In 2013 the Citizens Disclosure Hearing at the Washington Press Club brought several days of testimony to a mock congressional panel and it was riveting. Military, researchers, pilots, and civilians brought us their stories and it was exciting at the time because the lid had been kept on everything for so long it was a relief to hear the real experiences.

This video below is how it began. It is, in a sense, an early example of the People taking control and forcing the issue, similar to what we are doing now because we are so dissatisfied and alarmed at the way the government is handling things. We know the truth and if they won’t tell it, we will, was the attitude. The Hearings were a marvelous success in my opinion but of course, the media dropped the ball and it just wasn’t the right time.

The grip of the cabal had to be relaxed a lot more before we could get to “the Space Force”, and Donald Trump is to be credited with pushing that forward.

This next video goes into some of the ancient information remaining and the interpretation of it. It’s interesting to ponder, that’s for sure.

Before too long we hope to have an “official” vetted version of our history. Personally, I don’t believe we were created from primates in a gene splicing experiment. We’ll see, but in the interim you can explore The Fifth Kind channel if you like. I disagree with the video title. There’s nothing scary about it, but perhaps it is to some.

In the very near future the world will learn that we are not who we believe, and history is very different from what we were told. It’s not all positive, but we will learn from it and move forward.

As Doug Ducote mentions above, most of the sightings we see are Earth-based craft, but occasionally there are off-world ships sighted.

Our star families have been keeping an eye on us and protecting us for a long time. Once the draco psychopaths are dealt with and the threat is removed, we will be told the truth and will be on our way to the stars. No more “prison planet”.  ~ BP

WHY ARE WE HERE? A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story | Full Documentary

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