Headlines and Updates for July 28, 2020: Manifesting a Crisis Out of Thin Air [videos] ~ July 27, 2020

This post is mostly about the fake COVID plandemic because it’s important. The disinformation and fear campaigns pushed by the legacy media are shutting down People and the Nation. There is no need if we are informed and stand up for ourselves.

Have you seen any video yet from any of America’s Frontline Doctors from Monday? They are putting the whole scamdemic into perspective—as a political hoax. (hijacked, we believe, in a good way by the White Hats, but that’s another story).

The doctors who met in Washington yesterday are telling us we are victims of junk science from the NIH, WHO, etc. and their goons like Anthony Fauci, a globalist puppet.

Look at them; they are unified. They are all wearing the same white coats with their logo. Together they are strong. They are professional and they are credible. They are staking their careers on this.

They have cast their fears about being targeted aside because they know people are dying as a result of the fake pandemic being politicized and the truth is almost impossible to find, as well as cures being suspended.

STUNNING! Twitter Suspends Donald Trump Jr. After He Posts Viral Video on Successful HCQ Treatment for COVID-19

Doctor James Todaro even set up medicineuncensored.com to provide FACTS about hydroxychloroquine.

A marvelous cure, used safely for multiple conditions for 65 years, Hydroxychloroquine is being withheld from doctors and patients basically because President Trump recommended it and used it, and it’s super INexpensive so Big Pharma doesn’t get their usual obscene profit from this drug.

A key message from the group is that we must dispel the “spider web of fear” that is preventing Americans from living their lives due to the misinformation and suppression of the cures.

The dark magicians running the planet know how to use Humans to manifest what they want and we are usually completely unaware we’re being manipulated. They are controlling the masses by controlling the flow of information and skewing the facts to suit their agenda.

The doctors also tell us what we can do to make a course correction and steer this listing ship to safer waters.

People had better start researching for themselves and STOP believing the “authority figures” in the shadow government agencies like the WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH. The stories are polar opposite, depending on who you listen to. Follow the money.

The enemy says we must have vaccines, while those doctors being honest tell us it’s no big deal, not a severe disease, and that no one needs to die. Where lies the truth?

Listen to Dr. Stella Immanuel of Houston, TX read the riot act about COVID and the cures for the whole SCAMdemic. It’s great to see physicians honouring their Hippocratic oath.

She says she has diabetics come to her office believing COVID-19 is a death sentence, but she treats them with Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc and out of over 350 patients, has lost none.

She reminds me of Ricky Gervais: “Shut up. I don’t care.” She is not afraid of anyone coming out and threatening her and reporting her to her boss because she’s telling the truth and healing people. She’s utterly passionate about this.

AND… she challenges Chris Cuomo to get a urinalysis because she believes he must be taking HCQ as a prophylaxis. LOL. She dares him!

Brave Frontline COVID Doctor Calls Out Fake News, Challenges CNN’s Chris Cuomo to Take a Urine Test to Prove He Isn’t Taking Hydroxychloroquine (VIDEO) https://t.co/Auln62QZdR via @gatewaypundit

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) July 27, 2020

Here’s another.

America’s Frontline Doctors summit on #COVID19 is live now!

I’m proud to be one of many American physicians to speak out about lockdowns and the widespread misinformation on the lethality and treatment of COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine.

Watch it here:https://t.co/Goap6n1SM8

— James Todaro, MD (@JamesTodaroMD) July 27, 2020

There’s no reason to keep the children out of school.

“There is not a single documented case anywhere in the world of a child passing the virus on to an adult”


ALL DAY LIVESTREAM: https://t.co/SYv6L4NBsr#whitecoatsummit pic.twitter.com/W4inmCUPru

— Essential Fleccas 🇺🇸 (@fleccas) July 27, 2020

Here’s the Frontline Doctors Session 2 from yesterday. Please share. We’re told videos are removed on social media as fast as patriots put them up.

Ben Swann has another investigation below to air regarding people who were never tested being notified they tested positive for coronavirus, and whether this might have anything to do with the predicted “second wave”.

It gets better. At least one person was also told she had to prove to the clinic that called her that she wasn’t covid positive. Are the alarm bells going off yet?

The scam is ever more apparent, isn’t it? We’re going to have to step up the opposition, folks.

The control freaks are attempting to create a health crisis/pandemic out of thin air—just as they do money—but using the media to publish fake statistics and getting their local minions to push lockdowns, social distancing, closures, and mask mandates. The “contact tracing” is a little scary and will get worse if we do nothing. Wake the sheeple up.

I believe if we, the independent media, do a good job of educating the public, we can prevent that “second wave” the control freaks so desperately want to manifest by whatever means possible.

We can stop the dangerous quarantines, isolation, depression, crime, domestic abuse, and other fallout from preventing people from living their lives in a healthy way. This hoax has had equally as severe an impact on the population of our planet as it has on economies.

People need to know that the cures are available if we speak up. President Trump can’t fix this on his own.

Social media is key. Please use it effectively. The People have to stand up and stop this corruption, fraud, and tyranny. Ben Swann is a credible source but Facebook “fact checkers” trashed his reports to keep the lid on this fake pandemic.

Investigation: C0VlD Positive Results for People Who Were Never Given Tests?

It’s clear why the CuteTeam told us “You are the news now.” It’s even getting difficult to find truth on Fox so social media is a valuable vehicle and that is why the censorship is astronomical.

Project Veritas tells us Facebook is under the gun for shadow banning and other political censorship and Zuckerberg is going to have to testify. (lie) Psychopaths rarely tell the truth other than by projection.

Zuckerberg to Testify Before Congress After Rep. Gaetz Sends Criminal Referral to AG Barr Citing PV

Back to the coronavirus education, please see the following article and the videos within it to avoid censorship. If the video above from Dr. Stella Immanuel disappears, you can see it here. They call her a warrior. Amazing delivery.

Other doctors also speak their truth about this engineered health crisis.

This video was pulled by all social media – for telling the truth about Hydroxycholoquine.

Dr. Dan Erickson is still talking as well after jumping on the fake news early on and speaking out to tell us the truth. See his video at the link below and read or listen to the article.

Watch–Doctor Dispels Coronavirus Fears: ‘99.8 Percent of People Get Through this with Little to No Progressive or Significant Disease’

The information war. It never stops. And neither does President Trump ever stop making America a better, safer place to live.

….be able to produce what I have. So when you see those nasty ads from Big Pharma remember, the only reason they are going all out is the massive PRICE REDUCTIONS you are getting – not good for them. Plus, I was only President in 51 years that got a Prescription D reduction!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 28, 2020

If people won’t fight against the Orwellian pandemic mandates for themselves, will they do it for their children?

Watch–Child Psychiatrist Says Coronavirus Fears ‘Not Based on Reality: This Is Child Abuse’

To understand what is unfolding, we might need another “decode” with Rick. It has seemed that the “virus” POTUS talks about refers to the infestation of the cabal; the predators. They are the virus that infected our planet and must be eradicated.

Scott Mowry’s sources tell us that the US Military has taken control of the medical system in America and is responsible for overseeing a safe, effective vaccine against COVID-19 and its distribution. We don’t have details yet, but we have confirmation that a vaccine produced in America will not be the typical Bill Gates toxin-laced, nanobot laden killer vaccine. It will not be mandatory, either.

Perhaps this decode will resonate with you. The decode begins after the 9 minute mark.

Trump Decode. Virus = Cabal, Vaccine = Military. Bible Study Rom 7. B2T Show Jul 25, 2020 (IS)

The virus running rampant on our planet has been isolated and is being addressed. They had the goods on Epstein long ago.

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had a naked photo of his ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell on the wall of his Palm Beach mansion, along with a collection of massage tables, police raid video from 2005 reveals


It is time to bring the perpetrators to Justice.

NEVER AGAIN.#SaveTheChildren@realDonaldTrump https://t.co/VmFKwe0AAG

— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) July 28, 2020

And that is the end for now. Information is power. Use it wisely.  ~ BP

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