The Late Edition for July 27, 2020: The Control Freaks Always Gamed the System [videos] ~ July 27, 2020

I know, I know… it’s still Monday but I couldn’t wait to bring you the news!

ABC reports the new CDC guidelines, which change with the winds… and the report contains the usual baloney about using medications to reduce fever, which is not the best way to treat an illness. We get a fever for a reason. Ending it prematurely is a poor choice. Wait until the fever breaks naturally is what I’ve heard is the standard of care from those who seriously take their oath to “do no harm”.

The CDC has released new guidelines, saying people with mild to moderate COVID-19 illness only need to complete 10 days of home isolation, and do not need to be retested before returning to work, according a release from the Alabama Department of Public Health.

The release says the latest scientific data shows that most people are not infectious 10 days after symptoms begin.

CDC revises guidelines; 10 days of isolation now needed

I trust gas station sushi more than the CDC.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) July 27, 2020

I can’t take those case quotes on the map seriously. Arizona at 100K+?  I don’t know anyone who’s sick, has been sick, or who knows anyone who’s been sick. Maybe they are arrest numbers, I don’t know.

Jon Rappaport expounds on the psychological operation called COVID-19 in his fact-based style we keep coming back to, time and again.

Dispatches from the War: COVID trauma-based mind control


Finally more doctors are stepping into the fray.

Watch Live: Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel ‘Massive’ COVID-19 ‘Disinformation Campaign’

An interesting comment popped up in the Kevin Shipp anti-que thread on Twitter. Another traitor? Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge?

Honestly, even the Q posts at qmap are extremely questionable. I havent seen weaker display since that 2 week layoff of drops. It’s been really amusing watching all the Q “worshippers” ignore this elephant in the room..kinda like the MSM does now with ignoring Obamagate

— Tyler Durden (@TylerR0626) July 27, 2020

Who knows what games are played to set up the chess pieces and who is “one of us” until their handler tells them to break from formation? Some of these pawns have been lurking around the chess board for a long time just waiting for their moment in the sun. Too bad they’ll go down in flames. It’s KewGlobal now, and nothing can stop what is coming.

Zero Hedge Permanently Suspended From Twitter for ‘Harassment’

Wait until well after your meal before reading this one. Apparently the Witch cast a spell over little Tony Fauci. Eeewww. See it for yourself. “The Emails”, you know.

Seriously, though… she is a witch, or a warlock or a sorcerer of some kind. Gene decodes, I believe, revealed that. That’s why they’re all protecting her. She’s a top dog in the demon realm.

Fauci Love Letters to Hillary Clinton Surface…

You might recall when strange Tweets about a dead dog named Wolf surfaced on Twitter. I seriously doubt that dog’s name was “Wolf” and we suspected that was code for some kind of op. These people are predictable and used the dead dog code several times before.

Was this the secret op? As if those protestors lived in Wolf’s ‘hood. They never do. They’re always imported. They have to put them up in hotels, feed them, train them, and give them their salary in cash so it can’t be traced to Soros or anyone else. They’re referred to as “left-wing protestors” rather than what they really are: a battalion of the NWO army.

A group of left-wing protesters marched to the private home of Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf on Sunday in Alexandria, Virginia, to demonstrate against the use of federal law enforcement in Portland, Oregon.

WATCH: Leftists Target DHS Secretary Chad Wolf’s Private Home

It just gets better and better. What’s a few hundred thousand among countrymen?

There’s no excuse for this. Hopefully before long NO ONE will believe ANYTHING they claim about the pesky coronavirus.

I did hear something that got me thinking, however. My other half was speaking with a Navajo fellow last week who said the young people of the tribe were going to the city, to bars, etc. and bringing the virus back to the rest. He said quite a number had died. It made me wonder again if the virus might have been loaded to target certain genes. We know the global psychopaths have targeted the indigenous people many times before. We heard the Inuit people of Alaska were also hard hit, but don’t know how accurate those reports were.

“Accidentally”. Just a little bitty mistake.

‘I Have NOT Been Tested’: 600,000 Accidentally Told They’ve Had COVID-19

Say it ain’t so. Would they dare cook the books on abortions?

No but a friend told me they were tagging babies at planned parenthood with covid death certificates.

— Michael Stilinovich (@MichaelStilino1) July 27, 2020

Good Dog did a test stream from YT and updated us on the material he shared Sat. night that caused his video to be terminated and what they plan to do about it. He said they reuploaded the 5:41:09 material to Vimeo which is buffering for me right now and he will be back in 2 hrs. at 7 pm EDT on this channel to do this next bit to cover important information. That new show #196 has just started on YouTube and is streaming well—even for me on my iPad.

The “Supplies & Chains” production concerns Human Trafficking and he often tackles the most difficult aspects of our reality. This is a continuation and he says he has many hours yet of material to share with us in future shows.

If you’re not familiar with Good Dog, he is a top notch “teacher” with usually unique information and a gentle style that’s easy to listen to. Yes, easy listening, but I warn you, his sessions are long so you might want to grab a meal unless you’re mobile.

Cautionary Note: if you get anything in the mail from China it’s probably best to throw it in the trash without handling it, and wash your hands. DO NOT plant these seeds.

Heads Up! People Are Receiving Mysterious Packages of Seeds In The Mail from China

This next video is excellent and may break through to the sleepy ones. We have been warned that if we ignore history lessons, they will repeat. Tell me this isn’t right out of the Illuminati playbook. The message is directed at America but of course applies to Canada and other countries, as well, and details exactly what is unfolding right now.

This Yugoslavian Woman Issues A Warning She Wants All Americans To Hear.

Thanks to the crew for the shares. We learn more every day about our world and how to fix it. We also see just how many are unified and standing strong for us across the planet.  ~ BP

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