We are NOW and HERE ~ July 26, 2020

Editor’s Note: I welcome you to read this beautiful comment made by a reader of the website Prime Disclosure. This comment reveals the truth of the moment, today on July 26, as we enter into a New and Divine state of BEing on our home world, Mother Earth/ Planet Gaia/Archangel Tara.

Please read this message, understand you exist “beyond Divinity” through recognizing your own Magnificent Heart, know the state of Quantum LOVE you truly exist within, and then feel and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Dear Beloved Beings of Divine Love and Light in Spiritual, and Etheric and Physical realms, we are NOW and HERE in Great Reunion with our Beloved Source of all that is, our Beloved Father and Mother God or Divine Creator of Cosmos and Multi Universe and our Universe, and We are all connected with Gamma Divine rays of Divine Love and Light, with giving the last opportunity to our fallen Brothers and Sisters in darkness to accept fist Divine Light, and later Divine Love and join with us to final Spiritual Journey, Ascension with our Beloved Mother Earth. This message is short, but giving our right direction to opened Lyon’s Gate to Sirius, as our first destination, but We All must past through Gate with Truth and opened Hearth chacra, and Divine Love and Light, because two Royal Lyons are Guardians of this gate, one Lyon from Past, to sense our True past and honest, by being cleared of all our dark past elements, particularly after Day out, and another with future time, for co-creation of our future time, based of moment of now, and on our open Heart chacra, for establishing of our Cosmic Human Societies with Unconditional Love and Light, with Peace, Divine Love and light, and Harmony and respecting each other, with Abundance equally for everyone, and Happiness and Joy for everyone, and raising our frequency by sharing Divine Love and Light with everyone, and We All Light Warriors and Light Workers, and Me, Avatars self and with 144000 Wight Brotherhood/ Sisterhood, as a Crystos Sophia Heart Crystal centre, together with all Souls with all Kingdom and Elements, amplified by Souls from Dolphins and Wales, and Feline races, and all Crystals / Andara, and Emerald and Rose Crystals and other transmiting energy of Love /, to pass first through Lyon’s Gate, living open for others, who gravitate with Divine Light, to Divine Love, and all beings, playing negative roles for long time, but now transferring to Light and being in bubble of 5D membranes, surrounded with their counterparts from higher dimensions to accelerate their maturation by sending them Love frequency over connected same DNA chains/, and they reach 5D inside bubble, membrane will be dissolve, and They will rejoin soon, with expecting to 21st of December to All We pass this Gate, going toward Sagittarius A, before the last destination of Great Central Sun, Alcyone of Pleiedian Constellation. During passing Lyon’s Gate and connecting with Sirius A, we will be honour to get connection with our beloved Lion’s People and Royal An Ra and Amon Ra, and get new right Divine Blue Light / Knowledge again / and new Divine technology, that will change our life and societies completely. I am asking for more Divine Love and Light, as just a pushing energies to raise our triple fold Divine Energies from our connected Heart chacra among selves and with our Divine Star family and All Company of Heaven with all beloved Archangels with Archangel Mikael as leader, and all Angelic realm, with Ascended Masters, and Masters, and beloved Elochim and beloved Central Races and many others, with our Beloved Divine Feminine beings with Lady Magdalena and Mary and Isis and many others, and with our Inner divine Beings, Agharta with many other breakaway civilization who rejoin with us. The time to enter this Lyons Gate, as long awaiting event, and being prevented by negative one many times, is starting NOW and HERE on 26th of July, as New Planetary Year, and together with this frequency of our beloved Mother Earth, goddess Gaia, who patiently waiting for Us for long period to do our chosen final step to back to our Beloved Father/ Mother God. We chose our Divine Sacred Heart to be guide, while ego mind would be in service to our Divine Love and light.
All my Love to all Universe, and multiverse, and Cosmos, and my Love and Healing energy to our beloved Mother Earth, and beloved Father Sun Sol.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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