Headlines and Updates for July 25, 2020: Deepening Perspectives [videos] ~ July 25, 2020

The nice thing about having a preponderance of “woke” people is the freedom to explore rabbit holes and look more deeply at the reality. Holding hands can be a drain on the resources and constant review means the forward journey is slower.

Thankfully the CuteTeam woke up a lot of people and provided an education and the impetus to explore more—which many have. I could use 40 more hours in every day just to stay current, never mind do the exploration I would like, but that’s probably unrealistic so we plod along as the days and weeks race by.

Nothing is what it seems on the surface and I forgot to include this decode from Gene on the Wayfair scandal. Gene always has interesting perspectives on the issues. I must have missed something as I have no idea who “Lou” is. If you haven’t had time to look closely at the Wayfair online child trafficking, this is a good, solid foundation.

Wayfair Deep Dive into the Rabbit Hole. Lou Decode with Gene. B2T Show Jul 22, 2020 (IS)

Some things never change; the deep state continues to publish absurd lies to cover up their crimes, and they continue to find new ways to attack the CuteTeam.

How many people have to signal their affiliation with the CuteTeam before we accept it is what they claim: Military Intelligence working with the public to foster The Great Awakening? What will it take?

President Trump, Don Jr., General Flynn, Dan Scavino Jr., zero delta proofs, numerous military group photos… how many ways can the movement be edified and still people doubt? Of course they’re going to attack the cue movement—just as they attack President Trump, his family, AG Barr, Brett Kavanaugh, and those who stand for America and justice. Expect it, then ignore it. They use the same tactics all the time; they bluster; they lie, they intimidate and bully. They’re stupid and they’re wasting their time.

Don’t expect to understand what the Patriots are doing. The Plan is far too complex for anyone not part of it. Do you think they would lay it all out for you? If you think logically, you can understand that if YOU understood the strategies, the enemy would, as well. It’s just common sense.

The ones in charge of this extermination of evil are well schooled in the way the secret societies operate; their secret handshakes, numerology and symbolism. We know they use it against them and mock them when they get the chance. Stealthy communication is part of the warfare.

Team 17 came forward specifically to inform the public awake enough to pay attention that there IS a plan; and that we need to take part as much as possible in protecting America, supporting the President and his administration, countering the lies and sharing the truth to educate others, and trusting that despite how things will look sometimes, the Patriots are in control.

It goes far higher than most of us can imagine. It’s a spiritual war between good and evil, and most of us are ill-equipped to do battle in those realms but it IS happening. We have ample proof of that because the impossible has already been done.

If you think that nothing has happened unless you can see it, taste it, touch it, or hear about it on tel-lie-vision, then then you’re not truly awake. That is not logical to expect that during a war. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

In the last couple of X22 Reports I believe Dave is onto a new movement that is taking shape and will no doubt grow in the coming weeks approaching the election.

It is looking like every day in America will be “flag day”. Every home is encouraged to fly Old Glory, take photos of the flags on their street, and publish them on Twitter and other social media. Every day. Apartment balconies could do it, too. Look what happened with all the boat rallies for Trump.

This is a great way for the silent majority to “speak”; quietly but firmly, yet it would be perceived as a roar. It would show without a doubt just how vast the Patriot movement is and might sway a few lefters, to boot.

It’s exciting to see the ways the American people are standing up to the control freaks without pulling a trigger. Who would have thought?

“If you build it, they will come.” Help to build the movement and watch others follow. Good stuff, Dave. I can see this creating a groundswell of  patriotism in America that will make the demonrats’ skin crawl.

It could enable law enforcement to arrest a few more demons who might try to burn flags or cause more damage where the Patriots fly their colours.

Message Received, Flags Out, Treason, Sedition Arrests Coming Soon – Episode 2232b

Ha! A little history lesson. You may guess where this is going. Touché, Louie! The patriots are undoing what the dimms did. Bye-bye dimms.

Congressman Proposes Banning Democrat Party Over Its History Of Racism

Psssst! Can you keep a secret? We have a decode from a true secret ‘secret society’. Read carefully. The video reveals the many ways secret societies have embedded information over the centuries to keep it safe and easily passed down through the ages.

Not all secret societies had ill intent, but probably all were infiltrated at some point by the dark. Infiltration is, obviously, still a war tactic used by both sides; good and evil, and their symbolism and codes are still used today; by both sides. Because secrecy is mandatory at all costs.

The original research/footage is from Aaron and Melissa Dykes, of Truthstream Media.

The Secret Society you’ve never heard of (Oculist Conspiracy)

The whole world is fake, darling; an extension of Hollywood, and the control freaks who orchestrate everything that happens never rest. When reality doesn’t meet their approval, they employ the tenet, “Fake it till you make it.” They know from experience that most of the world believes what their eyes AND THE MEDIA tell them.

What has the World Health Organization been up to? You can guess. They spread disease—both real and imagined.

Pay attention to the language. “Pandemic preparedness”. They prepared past pandemics for Humanity. It’s what they do. An article from Forbes magazine digs in. Consider this in light of the COVID-19 scamdemic. It is a conspiracy theory? Is it really?


The mind-controlled bots are out again in Washington for another demon-stration. They will never stop attacking President Trump and his administration. Good vs. Evil.

Demonstration against Trump’s policies and Federal Police deployment hits Washington, DC

How’s your stamina? Ready for more taboo information? Your common sense will tell you that at least some of this is true. Time will tell how much.

When we see these “things” on television we can be reasonably sure it’s not the real McCoy.


Reality is coming into sharper focus every day, is it not?

Ciao for now.  ~ BP

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