The Late Edition for July 22, 2020: New CuteTeam +Faith & Trust Mandatory; Masks… Not so Much [videos] ~ July 22, 2020

See today’s new Q drops here.

Big Brother is no longer watching you. He’s gagged you, too. Next… wrist restraints? Disarmament? Dissidents to FEMA camps?

Twitter Permanently Banned Accounts Tweeting Or Connected To ‘Q.’ Backlash Grows.

Do doubters still believe QAnon is a LARP? Do they really think that in a war for an entire planet and her people that the enemy would spend one minute or one cent going after some goofball in his mother’s basement?

Too bad, so sad. They cannot silence all of us—and it’s too late anyway.

Are the White Hats using psychology on the deep state? We know for a fact that whatever Trump says, the demonrats say and do the opposite and attack him for it.

So… if we continue that line of thinking and Trump wears a mask, tells us the [fake] pandemic is going to get worse and then comes out and asks all Americans to wear a mask if they can’t meet social distancing guidelines, will the loonatic left stay true to form and tell everyone masks do nothing and to “just stop it”?

Just asking.

CDC Study Based on 14 Clinical Trials Shows Face Masks do Not Work!

Nearly everyone tests positive so why bother? We’ve all been in contact with the coronavirus, almost no one is sick, and almost no one died except for the seniors put directly in harm’s way by sending positive cases to their long term care facilities and nursing homes. Wearing a mask does not help the situation at all. It serves only the globalists.

Lt. Sarah Tonen made this video about masking and unmasking and refers us to several good videos. See the links at her channel on YouTube.

Mask On. Mask Off. Mask On, Mask Off…….Mask Troller!

Del Bigtree shows us some of the organized efforts to control the group think or hive mind on vaccines. This is great news, folks, because it shows that our efforts to get the public to research and question the vaccine narrative have been very successful.

They have had to go on the defensive to raise more money and figure out ways and venues to counter our efforts and take control of the narrative; to sway the indoctrinated; to herd the sheep. They’re pouring vast resources into this fight because THEY NEED TO VACCINATE EVERY ONE OF US to achieve their objectives and control the world. Smart people are no longer buying what they’re selling. The research speaks for itself.

There’s more on vaccine crimes below.


Here’s another example of President Trump doing what the left has been screaming for; a COVID vaccine. Like the ventilators… we just had to have them but when he waved his magic wand and pulled a rabbit out of a hat, no one wanted them. No one needed respirators and we shipped them to other countries.

I wouldn’t touch a vaccine Pfizer made. We don’t need no stinking vaccine. We are HUMAN.

Trump Admin Secures Massive Order of Coronavirus Vaccines

We understand that latest move above from POTUS is part of the White Hats’ war strategies because we have more proof than we need to show us that vaccines can kill.

Why do people continue to murder their babies? Do we need to spell it out? It’s another eugenics program.

The satanic global El-ites know a baby’s fragile and immature immune system cannot tolerate vaccines well—so they have steadily increased the schedule so that by the time an infant is only a few months old, the toxic load on their body is so great they may die, develop autism, or any other number of life-altering conditions.

The medical field also knows there is no scientific data to prove that vaccines prevent disease. They don’t need those. Due to the merciless indoctrination of doctors and the global reach of the media, they can brainwash the world. Add to that the fact that ignorant people are used to shame anti-vaxxers and you have a recipe for genocide.

First mistake… vaccines. Second mistake… Tylenol. Both poison.

Learn more at Wake Up Kiwi who report…

We wanted to update our readers on a story we recently published, titled Indiana Baby Dies In His Sleep Days After Receiving 6 Vaccine Doses.

Autopsy results have revealed baby Michael Whitesell’s liver and vascular systems were congested when he passed away. The coroner ruled one year-old Michael’s death as Sudden Unexplained Infant Death, due to natural causes, and the specific vaccines were not listed on the autopsy report.

At the age of one, on October 19, 2015, Michael Whitesell was taken in for the routine 12-month well baby check-up, where he was injected with the MMR, varicella, hepatitis A, and flu vaccines.

This was six vaccine doses given to him, in four injections. He let out a scream his parents had never heard before.

Three days later, he had a fever and was given Tylenol. He went to bed that night and died in his sleep, sometime the following morning. After he was found, his father Thomas performed CPR on him, until EMS showed up and took over.

Once investigators showed up, they tried to revive Michael, but it was accepted he was already gone and resuscitation efforts ceased.

Related: Anti-vaxers are winning the war on social media. What’s the CDC going to do about it?

First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have a Higher Rate of Sickness, 470% Increase in Autism

Anywhere you look, it’s a “zombie nation”, folks. Those who have been running the planet are monsters. Why don’t people revolt? The answers are interesting—and just basic psychology. Some use it on their pets but don’t see it’s been inflicted on them. We’re smarter than that—and the world is finally waking up and those of us who see the reality for what it is, no longer care what sleepers think of us. We can’t make them wake up but we can save ourselves… and in the process… the rest will be saved.

“It’s easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled.” No one likes to learn they’ve been suckered, but the time for pride is long past. We were all suckered; some just realized it earlier than others. Learning the truth was more important to us than playing the fool—or the victim.

At some point in the near future we understand there are 80 hours of looped educational material prepared to state the reality about what has transpired on our planet. It will be available on television and the Internet, and at the right time, a big, fat red pill will be dispensed to every Human with access to technology. It will be in all languages, and Humanity will finally hear the truth.

I can’t wait to stop living a lie; to have meaningful conversations without couching the truth in apologies and watered down opinions so as not to offend the ignorant. I will not miss that vacant stare or the sheer lack of response. Silence. Change the subject. How can they be so blind? How can they not want to know the truth when so many of us need to know.

China has been suppressing revolt in their People for some time. Remember the massive shipment of “Human hair” that CBP recently intercepted? I believe we know where that came from. Take a look at this video with hundreds of people, heads shaved, bound and blindfolded, are herded into a holding facility by the military or authorities of some kind, then walked through a gate toward what appear to be waiting buses. Without knowing their destination or what will become of them we can irrefutably state that this is inHuman treatment and must stop. Trump and the White Hats are going to do that. The atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party are unforgivable and they are not to be trusted. They are monsters.

新疆 : 新讲 Xinjiang : a New Explanation

I hope you took a good look, because that very scenario would have followed in America. The Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations were intent on selling America to the CCP. The FEMA camps were built, the rogue armies prepared, and disarming the American people was attempted.

Thankfully, it failed. The only thing that stopped the Chinese and the globalist El-ite from repeating those strategies on American soil, and eventually in Canada, was the blocking of Hillary Clinton from being elected President.

Chew on that for a while, and then tell us you don’t want Donald Trump to be re-elected because you think he’s arrogant, or rude, or abrasive.

Aren’t intelligent people tired of electing smooth talkers who say exactly what the People want to hear, and then do the opposite? Have they learned nothing? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity—yet it persists.

Donald Trump told the truth for a long time, well before he began his campaign for POTUS. He told it far more bluntly in the campaign speech below. It is chilling in its honesty. He told us what happened, how it happened, and what the enemy’s long range plan was.

Then he told us what the “movement” he was going to lead would do to return the power to the People. He didn’t exactly do what he promised; he FAR EXCEEDED his promises. He under-promised, and over-delivered. He gave us full transparency. He put his life and the safety of his family on the line.

If you don’t vote for President Trump and his team members in the 2020 election, you must have a death wish. Listen to The Plan that would not only set America free, but the entire world. That is what we are witnessing now, and Donald Trump is so hated by those who thought they had the world by the tail and would have complete dominion over all Humans—and our ultimate demise.

They thought they had it all sewn up. They were so certain their usual election stealing would land Hillary Clinton in the White House they got careless and lazy. They never thought she would lose, as QAnon has told us many times—but fate had a different idea, and that was the beginning of the end for the dark cabal; the deep state psychopaths who had already purchased hundreds of thousands of grave liners and ammunition with taxpayer money to deal with the dissidents and anyone who could not be salvaged in the “re-education camps”.


Plastic Pelosi steps in it again. Is it just me, or are her eyebrows getting closer and closer to her hairline and her chin? She seems to be dissolving into a mere caricature of herself.

I’ve said many times that the real virus is the sub-humans who have been running this planet and preying on our race. She’s not that clever.

And now, after hammering Trump for not wearing a mask—he is! What the hell are they going to say now? If he does whatever they want… what then? They’re left with no options. Backed into a corner. Nowhere to go.

Pelosi: the green new deal

Pelosi calls coronavirus the ‘Trump virus’

The Wednesday night Miracles Intel Call with Scott Mowry will be on schedule tonight. Here are the ways to listen to the live call or the archive call after the fact.

Our conference call line is:
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Online meeting ID: scottm69756
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For those on the fence about face masks… if you want the current scenario to be your “new normal” (see—they already planted those words in our subconcious many times) wear the mask and it will crystallize that reality in your own mind.

These sorcerers know how to cast a spell and get Humans to conjure up the reality they want to create. Humans have no idea what they’re doing—they just do as they’re told and believe the lies.

How about the words, “I can’t breathe!” Sound familiar? And now look. People all over the world are being forced to wear masks and can’t breathe properly. They’re oxygen-deprived.

Does a “designer mask” or a cute little unit coordinated to your outfit lessen the power of the spell? No.

It’s THEIR ritual to control us, folks. Why are you helping them? It’s time to pick a side. Us or them? Take a stand and do not waver.

Q has stressed “unity”. The more of us are refusing to comply, the stronger we are. Solidarity.

Check out the dystopian world blossoming down under as described in the article below. Americans—rejoice. It’s time to break the spell.

Mask Wearing is Ritualistic Submission

Here’s the news round up from LT at And We Know.

7.22.20: “Free thought” under attack. Indictments unsealed. PANIC!

In closing, some facts about the Clintons, Human trafficking, and the hidden world of the globalist New World Order; the predators running the world.

Signing off now. Thanks to the crew for the shares.  ~ BP

The Clinton Child Trafficking and Pedophile Network

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