The Calling of the Blue Rose. ~ July 17, 2020

Editor’s Note: Each reader is encouraged to feel the resonance I feel from the Christed heart energies stemming from the Venusian influence of Solar Lord Melchizedek. Mary Magalene energies are also at play through the Blue Rose Order designed to align the hearts of humanity.

Today on the 17th, (a “Q” day), let us all open our hearts to the influence of Unconditional Quantum Love through our Magnificent Hearts, and then align with All in…

Quantum Joy!


The Solar Lord Melchizedek is one who oversees the Christed pattern of light -as the advancement pattern. He has called forth an exemplary band of advanced beings to aid him in this work, Avatars as you would know them, ascended in full. He has begun new work upon the earthly plain, that the Christ structure of light may be fully emblazoned on the hearts of mankind. He would establish the temple structure within you and new cycles of breath that establish new settings in the light body. As this temple is established within you the process of ascension is fully realized in the physical form.

In eons past extensions of the work of The Melchizedek Order have been placed throughout the earth, temples that would resurrect the light body of old. One such extension would be the The Magdalene Order-The Order of the Blue Rose. It was established to aid in this advancement of mankind through the opening and attenuation of the heart energies.

Melchizedek Speaks on The Order of the Blue Rose:

The blue rose is symbolic of the advanced knowledge of the heart energies. The Order of the Blue Rose is one such subset of the Melchizedek teachings that aids in th (a “Q”e awakening of mankind through the teachings of the heart. The Magdalene Order is an ancient passage of the feminine counterpart of the Christ structure and aligns with the teachings of the Christed structure. I rekindled that flame, long past known in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis when I began the new institutions on earth in the days that followed the floods of Atlantis. I placed upon the heart of mankind a Blue Rose Order, led by the Magdalene lineage. It was a secretive society known only to the few who would receive these teachings of the heart and were worthy to carry the light of redemption. A Rose organization as such that claims its origins from the planet Venus, the land of the blue ray light and heart opening ways.

Melchizedek and Venus:

The blue rose grew strong upon the plains of Venus, though over time those of a diminished capacity who sought not the ways of truth chose a path of darkness that infiltrated and caused the demise of the Venusian planet. I was a leader among men at this place and space time. Many temples to the Venusian Queen of Heaven, the Aphrodite one, were established here. The temples there glowed with an indigo blue colour, they aligned those who sought entrance to the higher realms and advanced knowledge and wisdom.
I came through this Venusian star-gate and landed on the earthly plains to aid rigour and strength to the subhuman forms who were in their infancy in the eons of time past. I extended my hands to each and established centers of learning here that the knowledge and wisdom imparted in the temples from which I had come may be shared once again with this newly formed society of mankind. These centers were open to all who would seek the advanced forms of light, they contained within them much knowledge, transferred through thought forms and the opening of the third eye. The indigo blue light ran strong in these temples. I began new work on the earth that the consciousness of mankind may awaken in full to the Christed form and gain full knowledge of their true and divine form.

Earth, The Blue Rose, and The Magdalene Order

The Order of the Blue Rose was established here, in these centers, led by The Aphrodite One, Demeter as she was known on the earth in the days that followed. The Magdalenes, shining lights they were, heart centered in their teachings, they carried the lineage of light, The Magdalene structure of light, that would advance mankind in the Christed structure. Open in their hearts, they sang and danced in a unified form. They sang to the mountain tops and to the rivers, they opened the hearts of this advancing civilization and brought forth great change within the energetic forms of light. Healers each, they placed their hands on the third eye of all who would stray from the thought form of Oneness. Inner vision was strong within them, they knew of the setting of the sun and the days that were to come, they prepared for the deluge that would engulf the land of Lemuria and retreated to the mountains in the time of the deluge. From here they travelled to the new lands, what was to become Atlantis, and it was here that they established new temples of light and held tight to the teachings of The Blue Rose, of the Venusian lineage. It was a priestly order, strong in the techniques of healing, subservient to no man, they sought the council of the Most High and spoke firmly yet gently to each would seek counsel.

The pyramid temples held strong and powerful light which emanated from the crystal core embedded within the temple structure. Lapis Lazuli was contained within the temples as well, as it contained a high emanation of light which integrated the energetic form of all seekers entering the temple structure. The High Priestesses who entered the temple emanated a glowing light of indigo blue, signifying the Magdalene structural template within them. I held each close to my heart as it was to these ones that I would turn when the days of darkness entered the Atlantean temples. Heart centered in their ways they protected the inner temple structures and carried the crystals to the high mountain tops once again and awaited my instructions that the light of heaven may shine once again upon them.

It is a strong lineage, heart centered, bearing the gifts of healing, prophesy, song, and dance. They have knowledge in the use of crystals and stones, I have imparted much knowledge through the lineage of the Magdalenes. From age to age there is one such one who holds the title of this Magdalene structure, emanating an indigo blue colour, and silencing the mind of each that she seeks. She establishes a new heart center as she calls to the heart of each who is of this bloodline.

I am Melchizedek and I call you now to remember this Divine lineage from whence you came. Embark on the journey of light once again, minister to the people, awaken them to their truth. Your temples dwell within you now, you must journey to the heart of mankind in your day to day lives, in your journeys to foreign lands. The heart of the Venusian teachings remains within your blood, it is the bloodline of the Ancients, passed from the times of Egypt, through the Solomon Temple, to the Essenes and across the plains to the lands of the Druids, to the Buddhist temple of Quan Yin, and to the high mountain tops of the Indian lands of Lakshmi.

The lineage of the Blue Rose was embedded in the hearts of many in the times of Avalon and entered the land of France through the teachings of the companion to Yeshua, The Magdalene or as she is known to some, Mary Magdalene.


The Order of Melchizedek is an overseeing body to aid in this work, to aid in the protection of this lineage of light. We have established centers throughout the earthly plains, and it is through the leadership of each of you that these Venusian teachings may be established once again.

~ Channeled by Mary Tobin.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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