Headlines and Updates for QsDay the 17th of July, 2020: Making Sense of the Nonsensical [videos] ~ July 17, 2020

No preamble. Tons of important news is circling the Earth.

Resist! Fight! Fight! Fight! Be a part of the Resistance and take action whenever possible.

You’re going to have to pick a side. There’s no avoiding the fights ahead.

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) July 16, 2020

Which reminded me of this:


D’s Want to Flood the USA with Illegal Immigrants to Gain Political Power

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 23 Dec 2019 – 9:28:05 AM https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/22/study-immigration-redistribute-26-congressional-seats-blue-states-2020-election/
Important to read and understand.
Why do [D]s want to flood the US w/ illegal immigrants?
This is not another [4] year election.
Our democracy is at stake.
Do not mistake this backchannel [tool] as a means to be complacent.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Your voice and your vote matters.

Q said we’re ready. Do you feel ready? If not, ground and centre, because the next few weeks will be a white water ride. If you’ve never done a white water float trip, just remember to hold on tight, and if you get throwed, point your feet downstream. That Flathead River made my mouth go dry but it was exhilarating!

Oh-oh… another dog died. That’s cabal code. Red alert!

O hell no! https://t.co/MLFZYcgVdS

— Karli Q ⭐⭐⭐ (@KarluskaP) July 17, 2020

We’re watching…

Eyes on the next 8 weeks! #TheMoreYouKnow pic.twitter.com/dMH856PJLS

— Karli Q ⭐⭐⭐ (@KarluskaP) July 16, 2020

Is the above related to this? The technologies in use by the “elite” are going to be available to the public soon. For decades they have let us suffer while they enjoyed the healing “miracles”.

Here’s a red pill popper for those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. The legacy media has misrepresented the Commander-in-Chief for four years and it’s time the People got to know the real Donald Trump beneath the Presidential Seal—you know, the one who donates his entire presidential salary to charities.

The military chose Donald Trump to take America back for many reasons and we hear he has performed above and beyond all expectations—with no end in sight. Four more years!

I keep looking at POTUS in the symbolic black mask and he looks mean—as in formidable. Don’t mess with the Trumpinator. We understand that mask may have been to let us know it’s the time foretold when there would be a blackout. Q has gone dark for over two weeks now and we’re expecting that to end any day, but who knows?

The Plan is unfolding quickly and the movement is not only giving America back—it’s the world. The power is coming back to the People in every nation as we witness the fall of the cabal.

Trump Does The Unthinkable By Liz Crokin

This is really pathetic at this point and cannot be taken seriously. This is [PAIN]. She’s already dead, for godsake. How stupid do they think we are? Fox gave us the heads up last year. The cat’s out of the bag.

The chances of surviving liver cancer if she’s had distant cancer umpteen times before as they claim, are tiny; around 2% some claim. This is the end. Period. Get a new justice in the Supreme Court now and establish term limits. This is no place for Whistler’s mother.

Ginsburg says she’s undergoing chemotherapy due to liver cancer

This is rich. Could it be any more obvious? The Beeb tries to debunk the Wayfair child trafficking exposé—and while they’re at it—they try to attack QAnon—and us. Irregular warfare at its finest.

They always make it worse for themselves with the lies. They can’t stuff the genie back in the bottle and they’re desperate to cover it up. Their commentary is completely illogical and not credible; just as with the Goya Foods attacks, which backfired. There wasn’t much Goya stock left on the shelf when I was at the grocery store the other day and I helped empty it further.

These talking heads exemplify why we despise the media so much. Lock them up!

BBC report on QAnon Wayfair “Conspiracy Theory”

More corruption and democrat prison sentences. The level of corruption on this planet is astonishing.

For a second when he said Alison Lundergan I thought he said Alice and Wonderland—and the Clintons are mentioned here as well.435

FBI Yellow Brick Road

Q!UW.yye1fxo 22 Dec 2017 – 9:44:18 AM ‘Yellow Brick Road’.
F-I speech – history.
Wizards & Warlocks.
Alice & Wonderland.


Here’s the next boogey man.

Experts Claim ‘Unknown Pneumonia’ ‘More Deadly Than Coronavirus’ Sweeping Through Asia

Fortunately, Kazakhstan is having none of it.

Kazakhstan rejects Chinese warning over pneumonia outbreak

And now this…  Be afraid, patriots. Be very afraid.

Fauci Says COVID-19 Has Potential to Be As Serious As 1918 Flu Pandemic

And here’s another aspect of the brilliant plandemic to further the New World Order agenda.


About that fire on the USN Bonhomme Richard on Sunday in San Diego… there were apparently more fires on more ships this week. Coincidence? “Watch the water” Q said.

I found it an interesting situation on Sunday, didn’t feel it was accidental, and there may be more to it. Some are suggesting DEWs. (Directed Energy Weapons) They’re quick and dirty, right—and judging from the shocking destruction of homes, cars, etc. in California, DEW fires are extremely difficult to extinguish before they dustify everything.

Wonder how they are dewing it.https://t.co/oDmcBbo6B3

— Vincent Kennedy (@VincentCrypt46) July 15, 2020

There is also a nuclear plant nearby in Iran, and there have been several suspicious events in that country of late. I heard Israel blamed for some of it but that’s typical. Up to seven ships in Iran. Coincidence?

Three ships on fire at Iranian port

Someone’s in deep dew-dew. We’ve seen these weapons in use before.

Here’s a long and enlightening thread. Click in the box to launch in Twitter and see all the comments.

It looks like the previously owned #BlackForest is being raided.
This is were many human hunting parties have taken place.

👀👀👀👀 https://t.co/iRZSl329Xw

— Qanonymous➰ (@TrustThePlan_) July 16, 2020

This would have been perfect for yesterday but it’s valid information indicating that there was a plan to eliminate JFK Jr. as Hillary Clinton’s unbeatable opponent for the senate back in 1999.

It also shows that great care and planning went into foiling that plan that had been discovered. It was a conspiracy, but this isn’t theory; it’s fact. And he’ll be back, jack. Timing is everything.

July 16th 1999

Dave’s X22 Report from yesterday explains so much. Great dot connecting and intuitive insights.

It Has Begun, People Are Demanding Change, Do You See What’s Happening – Episode 2226b

LT at And We Know shares his own brand of spectacular news and visuals to music.

7.17.20: The TRUE identity of the [D] PARTY is coming to the LIGHT! ARRESTS are happening!

Thanks to the crew for all the shares and info. So many rabbit holes, so little time.

It’s regrettable that some are still having issues reading the text here but at least they can watch the videos if they can’t figure out a way around it.

Onward!  ~ BP

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