Cosmic Light Arrives from Far Across the Galaxy ~ July 15, 2020

Editor’s Note: These are the moments we are ALL in that call for each to look deeply within themselves. Do you know “who you are?” You are far more than your job, or your family designation (father, mother, etc.)

NOW is the moment for you to realize YOU are a fractal portion of Source/God/Prime Creator/All That Is! As your normal lifestyle disappears…what is left? YOU are left to discover Who You Are as an aspect of Life.

Please read this message, stop and consider YOU, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


A further messenger of Cosmic Light arrives from far across the galaxy. The name given to this space traveller is Neowise meaning “New Wisdom” and displays its physical form as a Comet Being releasing Light Key Codes in long fiery tail streams behind it, energised by Solar Rays assisting it to deliver its Cosmic Payload into the path of the Earth’s orbit.

The last few months have created some of the greatest challenges in turn bringing some of the strongest feelings of energetic changes to date in particular during the month of Soulstice. For those experiencing deep inner changes, it may feel like being ‘stripped of joy’ emphasized by feelings of depression and emptiness which would have been prevalent as a result. This would have highlighted the requirement to look very closely at what it is that establishes your identity, both to you and to those around you.

Look at ‘YOU’ – is the message being given.
Acceptance of your current state may prove difficult because it means recognising that you have little control of the changes taking place across your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Self. The Singularity portal previously mentioned in writings is bringing about displacement as different parts of your being are fluctuating at different frequencies. You may experience these fluctuations as – are you coming or going, what to do next, leave it, finish it, don’t bother, let it go, procrastinate, day dream, concentrate, tiredness, frustration at big things, annoyance at little things, other people – yes, other people – no, friendly then solitary, organised then getting lost in your Self.

This is the process of the Divine Self establishing deep within your Heart Centre, emerging and overshadowing the previous patterns and habits of behaviour held in place for so long by the Ego self. Time to move over Little ONE and let Source direct.

You will still be YOU but a greater version of YOU. It is not about understanding what is happening or even predicting what is to come. It is ALL about acceptance and letting go what is being released from you by YOU.

You might not like giving up control, you might be too stubborn to believe you need to change, you might try with all your might to hold it ALL together at a time when everything is coming apart, to go it alone because you are strong and don’t need anyone else to help you get to where it is you are going. Spiritual Vanity may prevent you for asking for help from others.

You know you best after All – but understand this Little ONE, YOU knows you better.

Believe that YOU can, let your Self do the rest.

With Love and Blessings, Paul Dobree-Carey 
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