Headlines and Updates for Q’sDay July 14, 2020: Storm the Bastille! [videos] ~ July 14, 2020

We are witnessing the execution of ‘The Plan’, as well as a few deep state traitors whose treachery knew no bounds. Countless heads are gonna roll and the revolution will be televised, as they say. It’s in plain sight, for those with the eyes to see and ears to hear.

Which reminds me… who else like guillotines? What a coincidence—it’s Primary Day in Maine, today. The synchronicities are astounding.

Interesting logo above for Portland, Maine Democratic senate candidate Bre Kidman. (any relation to the pervert in Oz and his celebrity daughter?) She’s going up against Republican Susan Collins.

It was lovely to connect with so many crew members, even if due to a less than ideal situation but it sounds like most have resolved their issues and can now read our news and commentary unimpeded—and see the comments.

Number One did a little tweaking of the code (without my asking), some of you used his “CNTL + Refresh” remedy and fixed your problem, and others rebooted your iPads. It was interesting to hear all your experiences and I hope this is fixed. It certainly seems like some petulent deep state snarks are peeing in our cocktails.

I don’t trust WordPress either, as I have said. I can’t search my image files by the letter “Q” as I used to do. I have to use the other terms I used to name an image to get them to come up in a search, or scroll through ALL my images to locate the Q-related ones. Like this one…

Another hit piece! This one is attacking Canadian Patriots. PANIC! Nothing can stop what’s coming!!💥

“QAnon’s Madness Is Turning Canadians Into Potential Assassins.
The sprawling conspiracy theory has mutated across borders.” https://t.co/ScXqStXUc7

✨LadyQanuck 🇨🇦✨ (@LadyQanuck) July 14, 2020

I recommend Twitterers follow Lady Qanuck, above. Her feed is amazing.

Thank you Scott and Moreah for this one:

There is full-scale war underway between opposing forces in the upper power levels of the US. America’s enemies who occupy mayoral seats are attacking the public by allowing weaponized violent criminals to run rampant. Trump is on the good side and ready to defend us. #INSURGENCY https://t.co/Nct8ZvV8hK

— Define Projection (@SheepKnowMore) July 14, 2020

I’m overwhelmed with the amount of information coming out from many sources and can hardly decide what to share first, so the flow will probably be off, but here goes…

We have another Ricky Gervais here. It just takes one to open the gate.

Everyone needs to watch this and share far and wide! I have no doubt this will be deleted very soon! @Tinaforte7 @raqvenanon @Qanon76 @Inevitable_ET @stormypatriot21 @SheepKnowMore @KarluskaP @sarahpye18 pic.twitter.com/KstXakFOhL

— QAnon UK 🇬🇧🇺🇸 (@QanonAaron) July 14, 2020

I missed this earlier. We shall know them by the company they keep. I think someone important said that once upon a time, but don’t quote me.

Journalist Exposes Ghislaine Maxwell’s Ties To The UN

Jeffrey Epstein (L) and Tony Rodham (R)

Here’s a flashback, as we have heard that Epstein didn’t kill himself. We also heard he’s in Greenland under protective custody. We suspect the image provided of the man wheeled out on the gurney and quite dead, was actually Hillary Clinton’s youngest brother, Tony Rodham, who knew too much about the Haiti scandal among other things and looks surprisingly similar to Jeffrey Epstein. The media reported his death on June 8, 2018.

Guard claims Jeffrey Epstein was wheeled out of prison, alive

Do people still think that this virus came from someone eating a bat kebab in a market?

— Dr. David Samadi (@drdavidsamadi) July 14, 2020

This scamdemic has gone too far. Our massive grocery store has a sign on the surface cleaners shelf saying due to high demand, they are limiting the purchase of certain cleaners to one per customer. The shelves are empty except for a line of bottles—one of each kind—and using social distancing so they basically have no stock. What the hell does that have to do with toilet bowl cleaner—of which there was none? Zero. Zilch. These bastards need to be strung up. Off with their heads! I guess I’ll be making a trip to the dollar store, or Ace Hardware.

Here’s another update you probably won’t hear about on the 6 o’clock news. We continue to get good news on treating and eliminating the Coronavirus threat. No big whoop. No fear. No second wave.

If this works, it could mean the end of the common cold—as that’s what the coronavirus is. If it’s a virus at all.

Groundbreaking: Scientists create an air filter that kills the coronavirus

This might be a re-post, but important to know and not a long article from Robert Kennedy Jr. with respect to the proposed Covid vaccine that few will ever take if they know what’s good for them. All we can do is put the word out and hope people will choose wisely and refuse it.

New Docs: NIH Owns Half of Moderna Vaccine

Farrakhan is actually right: Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are trying to “depopulate the Earth” with coronavirus vaccines

This is a really good interview about the psychological effects of “incarceration” or lockdowns and isolation on Humans with respect to the Coronavirus. These measures are crimes against Humanity.

This video is from Sean’s website, The SGT Report. Thank you, Sean. I enjoyed it immensely.

Why the red shoes? If you don’t know… Human leather. It’s easy to see who’s in the club. As QAnon said, “Symbolism will be their downfall.”

That’s Tony Podesta, (John’s brother) front and centre in the image below. You might recall his law firm shut down shortly after Pizzagate became public and he hasn’t been seen for some time. Just sayin’.

If people think Wayfair is bad, just wait until they find out the significance of this picture. pic.twitter.com/UY0unkrXAJ

— Relentless Truth ⭐⭐⭐ (@lebronsonroids) July 13, 2020

Pizzagate: The Podesta ‘pizza’ emails

The Wayfair scandal is blowing up, as we knew it would. It’s way bigger than most suspect.  They’re all connected to this astoundingly intricate, multi-layered web which has enabled them to run the world.

Awake yet Canada? Note the date. And voted back in anyway… pic.twitter.com/Lg6escYJhx

— Bitter🍁Qnadian💫 (@BitterQnadian) July 13, 2020

Way more on Wayfair… this is unbelievable. More “code” from the stars. They think they’re so clever. Love the “red cross” shirt. Offering enriched blood transfusions, Howie? Are you a dealer?

You guys!!!! pic.twitter.com/Qhhyd8U4CW

— RanchWoman85 (@ranch_woman85) July 13, 2020

Ellen (Allen) DeGenerate is in hot water, for sure. No wonder (s)he’s under house arrest, flaunting his ankle monitor and whining about how unfair the world is. Another trained dog with White Hat handlers, we believe.

Ellen questioned for Wayfair partnership amid ‘conspiracy theory’https://t.co/iUp4KqAqAv

✨LadyQanuck 🇨🇦✨ (@LadyQanuck) July 14, 2020

The web exposed… #Wayfairgate, indeed.

WOAH!! Great thread! 👇🏼👇🏼 https://t.co/CZ7r7FzwNL

✨LadyQanuck 🇨🇦✨ (@LadyQanuck) July 14, 2020

This look inside the world of pedogate is an interesting one. Apparently Geraldo Rivera thinks the authorities are being mean to G’len Maxwell by putting her in isolation. Oh, it’s torture for a child trafficker and pedophile but okay for the rest of us for four months plus, eh?

I guess Geraldo forgot that when you’re a criminal, you forfeit all your rights. Geraldo must have a handler. Interesting video.

Queens for the Day

Is this a legitimate article? Doesn’t look good for Maxime Bernier from 12 years ago. Perhaps he’s flipped now that the White Hats have stepped in and made it easier to play for our team. We know it’s difficult to go up against the cabal, esp. if you have a family.

Canada Pledges $555 Million in Aid to Haiti

Speaking of Haiti—and it will come up again… and again…

You may have heard that John Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, died yesterday—of breast cancer. We’ll see about that.

💥 Woah!! 👀
Kelly Preston was involved with Haiti!

Haiti will take down so many!! Has anyone found any reports from 2 years ago of her ‘cancer diagnosis’? Do we have ANY reports of this diagnosis before yesterday? 🧐 https://t.co/P1KoUhDfJR

✨LadyQanuck 🇨🇦✨ (@LadyQanuck) July 14, 2020

Brad Johnson’s July update is a good one, and not too long. So many great Canadian patriots.

Earth Intelligence Report – July 2020

Here’s a miscellaneous bit from Scott Mowry on Sunday’s Miracles Intel Call who said that JFK Jr. has been part of the Trump administration for some time—perhaps from the beginning, so he’s “read in” on everything that’s going on and some day… some way… he will reveal himself. I don’t think it will be long, as we hear POTUS has a number of “Trump cards” to play. Of that I have no doubt. Election time is KEY.

Thursday July 16 is the anniversary, as we mentioned, of Junior’s faked death in the Atlantic Ocean so we’ll see what kind of news and clues that triggers in the Qmunity.

Something to watch… as POTUS made a big (negative) deal about Sessions the other day. Pure optics. I believe it was a signal. How can you look at that face and think he’s a bad guy?

Less than 24 hours until Election Day. 🇺🇸 #TrustSessions #TeamSessions #StandWithSessions pic.twitter.com/YKOh8M7t2n

— Jeff Sessions (@jeffsessions) July 13, 2020

Posts are getting too long and too late these days so that is the end for now.

Thank you again to the crew for all the brilliant shares and support—and for supporting each other through these annoying technical challenges. It helps to talk about it.  ;0)  ~ BP

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