Headlines and Updates for July 10, 2020: The Many Faces of This Biblical War [videos] ~ July 10, 2020

It seems like nearly everything that brings us joy and positive experiences is cancelled. Even mother nature is cancelling our culture.

The Trump rally in New Hampshire was an outdoor event to accommodate the fake pandemic and has been postponed due to predicted bad weather. I often wonder, however, if the White Hats do things like this to draw out the enemy so they can parry the blows and proceed later unimpeded after the threats/obstacles have been removed.

I’m going to lead today’s post with this outstanding, eloquent video from Scott Kesterson of BardsFM channel. He says the [PAIN] QAnon predicted was not only for the cabal, but, as I also pointed out fairly recently, pain for us, on many levels.

It involves the pain of the insanity of having to watch this “movie” when we are awake and don’t need this degree of education to move us to action; the pain of losing friends and family because they refuse to recognize the truth; the pain of watching the torture and senseless murder of innocent people globally; and the pain of seeing the relentless attacks by the psychopaths on Donald Trump, his family, and those who speak the truth. It’s like arrows to the heart.

Pastor Scott speaks of war, pain, QAnon, strategy, philosophy, liberty, the COVID psyop, masks, fake news, and where we are in this process. There is a great deal of wisdom in this short video.

EP99 – 6 of 8, Shermans Philosophy of War, [PAIN] = Peace

And the pain of tyranny continues, and as Dan Bongino said in his podcast yesterday, if you think this war isn’t coming to your door, folks, think again.

Gov. Beshear: Kentucky to Mandate Masks in Public Amid COVID-19 ‘Explosion’

Dan shared the now familiar prose about not speaking up for others and fighting for what is right. Most subscribers are familiar, but new folks are searching for the truth and we aim to assist them so there is material for both and a lot of repetition in our posts.

For many years, those who saw the situation for what it is, fought for those who did not. I’ve been at it for eight years.

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist
Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist
Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist
Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew
Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

In other words, it’s time to speak up, folks. It’s time to get up off our knees and fight the tyranny. The apathy has to stop. We can’t pass the buck and leave the heavy lifting for others; we have to fight our own battles and some folks have to lead the charge of the Light brigade. Others will follow.

The evidence of the awakening and taking responsibility for what is happening is all over social media. Men at the “protests” tackled ANTIFA terrorists and held them for police to handcuff and take away. People went to hearings and spoke out vehemently about the COVID tyranny and the whole operation being mishandled, misrepresented, and spoke angrily about the blatant manipulation of the truth.

Many are heckling politicians and public figures about masks and refusing to wear them. Folks in Los Angeles told Gov. Newsom to take a flying F when they held their July 4th celebrations and plastered the city with serious fireworks displays from end to end despite threats of massive fines.

We saw a video on social media of one young woman who publicly refused to wear a mask and dared them to fine her as she said she would simply refuse to pay it.

Trump fans at the Tulsa, OK rally ignored the idiotic social distancing rules for the most part and didn’t wear masks, and the Trump campaign members went through the Tulsa arena before it opened, removing the signs from every other seat placed there by the lunatic left telling attendees not to sit there in an effort to reduce the number of fans in attendance.

“All’s fair in love and war”, as the saying goes, and the New World Order will stop at nothing to win. Fighting dirty? You ain’t seen nothing yet. The gloves are off.

More and more doctors are coming forward and telling us in their experience, that none of what the CDC/WHO/NIH, etc. are telling us makes any sense, that the “disease” is not and cannot be what they said, and that there are cures and no one needs to die of COVID. They are telling us we’re being given advice that is the opposite of what they should be giving.

JUST SAY ‘NO’. We’re not doing this. They have no right to strip everyone of their freedoms over a stupid “virus”. We’ve never done it before—why now? Because it’s an election year and the dark cabal MUST get rid of Trump or they are finished on this planet. They will never recover their former domination and psychopathic reign.

This is war, and we all have to choose a side because it’s us or them. It’s not word play, drama, sensationalism or click bait, and it’s not a game.

The ones who have been ruling the world did it through deception. The deception is so thick now one would have to be blind not to see it. It’s so overt, so in-your-face, so lawless, and so outrageous it screams tyranny.

It’s time for all of Humanity to arm themselves with whatever weapons they wield most proficiently and fight for their lives. Launch a law suit. Make a video. Get on social media and call out the liars. Share scientific facts and illustrate the reality. Talk to friends and family.

Get creative. Refuse to comply with directives that steal your rights. Stop watching television.

Support President Trump and the Republican party financially if you can. Volunteer to assist in their campaigns.

Boycott companies that support leftist initiatives. Join in organized events supporting Humanity, liberation, or President Trump like the boat parades in Michigan, Florida, and South Carolina.

Technical challenges continue to slow us down but our webmaster extraordinaire got it sorted. That’s why Number One is Number One. I wasn’t able to get off of the WordPress backup advertising page to do a new post since yesterday afternoon. Now that’s aggressive advertising. Turns out the fix was a cache/cookies clearout. An easy fix, but who thinks of that? Not this techno-weenie.

Fortunately we just got that resolved this morning because everyone’s talking about the confirmation from Robert Kennedy in a live interview that JFK Jr. is alive. See for yourself. Yes, we have known this for some time, but for others it will be their first confirmation. The question is, when will JJ’s emergence take place?

Some of you will have seen this as I shared it yesterday afternoon on our satellite ship, The Captain’s Blog. It’s in the first few minutes of the video.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Comms! SCOTUS Dirt!

In divine timing, American Prophet just published another video in the series this morning which also references JFK Jr. and the clip above, very briefly.

Many videos on this channel involve JFK Jr., President Trump, their relationship, secret societies, and point out details most of us miss when perusing the headlines, videos, social media posts and Q drops.

This one, like the rest, is like a Derringer; short barreled and loaded, with a close range target, so small it’s easy to miss, but deadly. Don’t miss it.

The Storm Is Upon Us Season 2 | Episode 1

Imagine my surprise when after writing the above, I did a search on derringer to make sure I wasn’t saying something stupid (because I know nothing about guns) and found this. A popular topic lately, it seems. Synchronicity? I just write what comes out of my fingers. I don’t know where it comes from. I’ve learned to trust the inspiration most of the time but when I’m out of my league I tend to fact check.

What’s this about?

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon has been found dead in the north of the South Korean capital, according to police. A major search was launched earlier Thursday after Park disappeared, with his cell phone turned off.https://t.co/eU5xQNFT4R

— TheSpeaker2018 (@TheSpeaker2018) July 9, 2020

It is indeed a “hot summer” and we’ll just keep putting it out there for those who need convincing; who need the blinders removed.

Americans never believed war would come to their shores, but it has, and they all need to get out of denial and see it for what it is. Canadians are in the same boat, it’s just in the more subtle stages at this point. Some feel the American Presidential election will affect Canada more than America. We’ll see. Will Canada see the level of unrest we’re getting south of the 49th?

Utah Governor Declares State of Emergency Over Violent Demonstrations

It’s growing more insane by the day, and we can tell it is getting to many of us. Whether it’s Fox News hosts or our alt news analysts, we can hear the intensity in their voice, the passion is showing, the volume is rising, the frustration is evident, the language is getting stronger, the subject matter more contentious, the blame more pointed, and it’s like a pressure cooker just waiting to blow.

I find myself using stronger language in my posts but I edit out most of it. It’s too easy to type expletives and it doesn’t do any good. Many content creators on YouTube have been censored to the point they don’t bother pulling their punches and editing their language because they’ve been completely demonetized. They may as well tell it like it is.

How much more can we take? The media and politicians are driving us utterly mad.

Anyone who doesn’t believe this is a controlled situation might be one of the 4 – 6% QAnon said would simply not wake up. Ever.

War now in active state

I also enjoyed this update from Gerald Celente which gave me a few laughs. The bald truth sometimes strikes the funnybone and entertainment is important these days as a foil for the crushing intensity of everything else.

If you prefer, you can listen to the podcast here.

Trends Journal: It’s All Bullshit – The Numbers Don’t Add Up!

What do you know? Masked dimms caught the Kung Flu anyway!

California Democrat Catches Covid-19 Through “mask to mask” Transmission


Mainstream media makes wild claims that Covid-19 causes BRAIN DAMAGE & STROKES, but there’s little evidence so far

I recommend a trip to Sean’s news page at the SGT Report for a blue streak of important headlines and videos. I wish I could take them all in.

Here’s one. They’re messing with Texas; not recommended.


LT at And We Know has a new upload this morning, as well.

7.10.20: Brilliant repel of [DS] attack on POTUS/Americans by Press Secretary

I believe Dave at the X22 Report sees things exactly as they are. It’s rare I see it differently and I trust Dave to bring us an accurate snapshot of what is unfolding as well as fairly accurate predictions of what will probably unfold as a result. He often fills me in on details I didn’t have time to discover when I do my eagle’s view of the Big Picture.

Door Opened, [DS] Tricked & Trapped, Operation Legend Active – Episode 2220b

Billy Joyce in Nova Scotia Canada brought the following update just now so I haven’t listened but he’s always right on the money.

I only know 3 people in Canada who understand what’s going on. Most are so brainwashed by the media—which—if you can believe it is even worse than the US media—they are under a spell. They see and hear the opposite of the truth or hear nothing at all about what is actually unfolding.

They don’t know the truth about what President Trump is doing; they believe he’s the enemy. It’s appalling and makes me very angry. How can people be so stupid? So apathetic? Do you not want to find out why your country is being destroyed? Why it’s illegal to say anything about Muslims? Why mass shootings and fires occur? Why there are mass graves of indigenous children? I’d better stop there. What’s the point? Trudy’s going down—and I hope it’s soon.

#JustinTrudeau headed for #Prison for MANY crimes? #BLM is funding #JoeBiden & dividing the West

Crimes? We’ve only just begun to inform the public about the crimes committed.

Rep. Perry pushes for further probe of deadly nursing home orders

We will continue to get news of the Human Trafficking aspect of the global infestation of predators and the status on that front of the war.

Prince Andrew ‘must cooperate’ over Epstein after Ghislaine Maxwell charged – BBC Newsnight

Do you have time for some good news? Not that we didn’t know, but it’s nice to hear some believable reports now and then.

POLLS ARE WRONG! Pundit Says Trump Has A 91% Reelection Chance

I think that’s good coverage for now. Happy Friday, all!  ~ BP

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