The Q’sDay Rundown: “Hot” Summer & What That Will Mean [videos] ~ July 7, 2020

It’s summer, it’s hot in many places, and mandatory face masks are making it even worse. Tempers are flaring, Human rights abuse is at an all-time high and people across the world have been pushed to their limits.

Violent confrontations are breaking out as Humanity and Christians are under attack from groups claiming to be watchdogs for black lives and guarding against fascism. The only problem is, the public is realizing they are the opposite of what they claim.

Nothing is what it seems, and as the totalitarian New World Order pushes their agenda, it’s having an undesirable effect. Intelligent people are seeing their ploys for what they are.

The media isn’t even trying to disguise their own propaganda and directives to destroy conservatives and facilitate control of governments worldwide.

It’s a volatile situation involving clashes with police and now the National Guard in America has been activated. More military may be forthcoming in the coming days to quell the heat leading up to the presidential election in America.

Humans, while they may not all realize it, are fighting for their very lives. Fighting tyranny, fighting for their minds, for god-given rights and freedoms, and their health.

Battles are fought in social media, the television, in the streets, everywhere we look. Evil is under fire and concerned patriots are hot under the collar.

Twitter update: We’ve been expecting it. The conversation has to happen soon… who will it be? A woman, probably.

Joe Biden is floating Susan Rice as a potential running mate?!

Was Lisa Paige not available??

— Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) July 6, 2020

Russia, Russia, Russia. The gloves are off! My man “Kansas” sets the record straight.

Pompeo slams Susan Rice: She has a history of going on Sunday shows and lying

This is also a noteworthy headline. Kamala Harris is out there as a potentiality for the presidential race so we’ll see how that pans out. The marketing has been massaged and perception management is ready to do battle for the minds of men.

Kamala Harris’ Wikipedia page has been edited over 500 times

For those who explore the more esoteric aspects of our collective journey and consider the cosmic influence of the energies impacting us, Laura Walker has a new update explaining what’s happening and what we can expect in the near future. It’s going to be unprecedented, she says. We’ve heard that before, so… like I always say… “expect the unexpected”. And remain calm.

She says the next several months are going to be fiery. Hot. The tumult will eventually burn out… but according to Laura it’s going to be the “hot summer” as QAnon told us. She predicts the second half of July will be intense and until December 22 there will be a lot going on with the whirlwind push of the New World Order agenda.

You’ll hear plenty of good advice below on how to handle the impending energies and their electro-magnetic effects on our planet. We need to resist the impetuous urges and take it slow; responding, rather than reacting. Don’t give in to depression or aggression.

It’s not all bad. She speaks of the harmonic changes we’re undergoing and the frequencies of the music of the spheres involved in this renaissance; the rebirth that comes after the destruction of the old out of fear and anger. This is what we spiritual warriors came for.

“Owl(s) Along the Watchtower” – Mars in Aries – June 2020 to January 2021

This display of patriotism is screaming “We are awake and we do not consent”. It’s so good to see California getting up off their knees and opposing the communist regime there. I can’t get enough of this visual. What a thrill for the folks in this helicopter—if they are patriots and not condemning the actions like the talking heads in the newscast are.

Illegal fireworks, my eye. Everything these deep state actors do is illegal and they’re going to prison—if they’re not executed for their treason.

This is AWESOME 👏 👇🏻👇🏻

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) July 5, 2020

These people really think they can win the election and go back to what they were doing. Wrong.

Newsom Triggered When Constituent Asks Why His Business, Plumpjack Winery, Received COVID Relief Loan (VIDEO)

I think it’s clear who is going to win the November 3 presidential election. America isn’t shy about it and the citizen journalists have the record number of craft covered.

Supporters of President Trump Hold MASSIVE Boat Rally on July 5th with Reportedly Between 2,500 to 3,000 Boats in Attendance

As QAnon said, the day will come when they can’t walk down the street. We know what you did. It’s all going to come out.

Prince Andrew cancels annual golf trip to Spain after Ghislaine Maxwell arrest

Parole Board Allows ‘Evil’ Pedophile Sentenced to 1,000 Years in Prison to Walk Free

This new Gene Decode on the George Floyd operation is mind-blowing—and Gene tells us it’s a group effort with many people contributing to the array of “Q-incidences”. Beware “the twins”. If you didn’t believe in demonic spells and wizardry, you may change your mind. The numerology and Gematria of “I can’t breathe” and “Say his name”… there are no coincidences, and repetition is key.

George Floyd was a convicted felon and the deep state used him to launch a global event. We all saw it. It has mutated like the virus it is and now hardly resembles the protests that began in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and it was all by design.

Now they have everyone wearing masks and their deep state criminals fit right in; indistinguishable from community residents. It’s so transparent.

Gene Decode on George Floyd. B2T Show Jul 6 (IS)

These deep state people are pure evil. Godless, radical guerrillas are now breaking into churches. See that below this “biblical” spectacle in the Baltimore harbour.

Bard, they are now violently charging into our Churches.
With congregations inside.

— Shes Going Badger (@GoingBadger) July 6, 2020

Dave’s X22 Report for yesterday is excellent for an overview on many aspects of what we see unfolding with his usual thoughtful insights.

He also tells us about the most recent methods for documenting the Kung Flu cases, which, of course, dramatically inflates them. It’s criminal what they’re doing. A total psyop. And the Executive Order Texas Gov. Abbott drafted about mandatory masks is open to interpretation and manipulation.

Crimes Against Humanity, How Deep Is The Rabbit Hole, Patriots Turn – Episode 2217b

Here’s the continuing Covid narrative. Up in the north forty they’re pushing hard to continue the fear, lockdowns, distancing, and masks. The origin and nature of whatever novel coronavirus is don’t really matter.

What matters is, we were built to withstand contagions. Our bodies know how to handle them and unless our immune system is compromised by a serious health condition or disease, we will deal with it.

We ARE dealing with it, apparently, because we’re still saying the same thing: “Do you know anyone who’s sick? I don’t know anyone who’s sick.”

Many countries have published their analyses and say it’s no worse than a bad flu season—so why did life on Earth have to stop because of it? Because of our arch-enemy—the mainstream media—owned and operated by the deep state running the world.

Very few are sick, and those who are get treated. If they’re caught early, and their practitioners are using either Hydroxychloroquine and zinc or Budesonide via nebulizer and zinc and an antibacterial, people recover extremely quickly and even find relief in a few hours of the first round of treatments—done at home.

If you have not listened to Dr. Bartlett explain his Budesonide protocol and the reasons it works, listen to this interview and share. Budesonide is an asthma treatment, so it makes sense for a respiratory crisis and when two consecutive tests give a negative for CV—that’s a cure. No question.

It’s unlikely the FDA will be in any hurry to approve Budesonide because they are in the pockets of Big Pharma and will no doubt be supporting Fauci and friends’ efforts to get their Remdesivir protocol approved and touted as the premier plan of attack for Covid-19. Remdesivir, by the way, is administered intravenously (via IV) so must be done in a hospital setting. You won’t catch me near a hospital—especially now.

Another valuable point Dr. Bartlett makes is that viruses mutate; so a vaccine for novel coronavirus developed this summer will not be effective for future versions. Period. Any medical doctor knows this and so do we.

It’s a far better plan to heal at home with therapeutic applications because it’s cheaper and safer.

Texas Doctor Claims to Have a Silver Bullet for COVID-19

The media and state/provincial officials need to stop terrorizing people. Covid-19 doesn’t qualify as a pandemic. They’re great at telling us how many people tested positive and all the people they SUSPECT might be infected by those people, but they don’t tell us how many people recovered, do they? Of course not.

If they tested everyone every year for influenza they’d get the same result. We’ve all been exposed to it and most aren’t affected. Only a few weakened people fall victim to it, relatively speaking, but equally as many die every year of a common flu. The media never turned it into a circus though, did they?

And that’s the difference. Exposure. Repetition. Fake statistics. Fudging the numbers. Developing expensive “cures” that make obscene profits for certain parties, like Remdesivir. That’s the agenda. It’s a psychological operation courtesy of the “fake news”. They don’t “report”; they manufacture, and not only with some bias—with an explicit agenda.

Take a look at this 4-minute segment meant to convince Canadians how dangerous Covid-19 is. Bars and restaurants are perfect venues for spreading our killer aerosolized germs! Disgusting propaganda.

But now they are also protecting China and saying the virus just may have been long dormant in many places and didn’t become a problem until conditions were right—like an election year in America and an urgent need to kill people and profit from their illness.

See? I’m feeling the aggression rising, for sure as my patience with this scamdemic withers. It’s time for a public hanging for Fauci. They can’t have us letting our guard down. Support the evil governors and their crushing mandates for masks and shutdowns of businesses. Stop living. Stop breathing.

Fauci warns against ‘false complacency’ on COVID-19

Dan Dicks brings us the research on the masks they are forcing many to wear. It’s commons sense NOT to wear a mask, isn’t it? This researcher reminds us that you can’t just talk about the number of cases. To define a pandemic you have to establish a significant number of DEATHS. Almost NO ONE is dying of Covid 19 now. They just keep testing thousands of people and finding they’ve been exposed and are not showing any symptoms. That does not constitute a pandemic!

Yes, it’s highly contagious—and that’s a good thing because it means we’ll all develop herd immunity. That’s how it works. Always has.

I’d say this is a must-watch video because he explains that the peak that occurred late in the season developed after government intervention in the form of lockdowns, social distancing, masks, etc. The psychological aspect killed thousands of people, as we have discussed many times.

He also suggests peaceful, civil disobedience when required. It’s about “risk evaluation”. The government doesn’t get to do that for us based on junk science and a political agenda marching us all toward a totalitarian state. See the video notes below.

CONFIRMED! The Absolute SCIENCE Behind MASKS And The PROOF THAT THEY DON’T WORK with Denis Rancourt!

The writing is on the wall. Follow the lead of President Trump.

Trump administration formally withdraws US from WHO

Here’s a strange news item. Another active shooter event at a military installation. Details are skimpy as the story develops. Isn’t it odd to have a naval base in the middle of the desert? We hear the tunnels from the ocean come all the way in here, so ships are in subterranean ports.

Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound Prompts Active-Shooter Lockdown at Marine Base

In closing, here’s a thought-provoking bit of research that some won’t like at all, but others will find very stimulating. The crew shared this one and while I haven’t yet watched all the way through, I must say it gels with some of the theories I’m considering as I’m one who does not believe we reside on a ball. Intrepid travellers might want to try it on for size.

UNIversal DISClosure 2020 HD 3D. The Most Interesting Video On Earth. (Q)onstruct Of Reality?

That concludes our post for now. Keep it cool and even. Seek truth.  ~ BP

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