Headlines and Updates for July 4, 2020: Winning = A Series of Victories and Defeats & Today’s 4th Festivities to Watch [videos] ~ July 4, 2020

Editor’s Note: Happy July 4 for ALL as our true FREEDOM will become more and more apparent as moments begin to move…forward! Please read the latest by Starship Earth below, wonder “why” so many Star Trek pictures in this post, FEEL the Magnificent Heart you have brimming with Quantum LOVE within, and then realize humanity is being primed to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Happy Fourth of July to America! That chest above is full of amazing gifts, treasures, and surprises, and as the President reminds his People—“the best is yet to come.”Be sure to check out the latest news on the fake COVID-19 plandemic below in big, red text.

You can watch the Independence Day festivities in Washington DC below on RSBN—who did an outstanding job in Keystone yesterday of covering the protest that exploded right in front of them in a scary situation that thankfully ended well. They really kept it together.

How opportune they were the only media there broadcasting. That was trial by fire and Fox used their feed to cover what Fox and all the other networks missed.

When you click in the box below you will get to the link on YouTube and it will tell you when the streaming will begin.

LIVE: SALUTE TO AMERICA Hosted by President Donald Trump and The First Lady – 7/4/20

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the news we had anticipated at Mount Rushmore yesterday. The President was upbeat when he addressed the press at the White House before leaving Washington and I was hopeful.

President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure

Governor Noem’s address was very much on the serious side and when I watched POTUS deliver his speech he lacked enthusiasm and seemed… deflated. Both were excellent speeches, but lacked the joy and passion I expected for what was intended to be a celebration.

Did POTUS get bad news en route to South Dakota that caused him to again abandon the plan to announce his friend and wing man John Kennedy? Maybe I’m reading too much into it. What do you think? It didn’t seem like the happy, celebratory evening I anticipated.

The above is speculation, but the President did announce something that got my attention with the terminology he used.

Trump Announces Creation Of New National Monument — Here’s What It Is

In his speech, President Trump used the word “giants” and “titans” which left me wondering if they are planning to reveal the ancient ones we understand have been in stasis, waiting to reawaken in Iran, according to some reports. Red-haired giants. Just like the stories.

Ancient titan in stasis chamber in Iran

Yes… those giants. It’s going to be “biblical”, remember?

If you’re hearing about giants for the first time you can do a search on Starship Earth for more articles and videos. The thumb nail in the video below is just one example of massive structures that defy logic if they were built for little Humans like us. It’s just commons sense. Do we ever wonder why so many buildings in Europe have such massive doors?

Phutia. Temple of Giants.

Who could wield a sword this size?

The concept of “stasis” is nothing new. They told us back in the 60’s in the television series “Lost in Space” that stasis is a current technology. The “space family Robinson” was in stasis on the Jupiter 2 en route to Alpha Centauri. Unfortunately, the evil Dr. Smith stowed away and his extra weight threw off the navigation and there were issues so he had to wake up John and Don or risk being lost forever.

In so many cases, what has been presented as fiction, is reality. Fifty-five years later most of the world is still in the dark about the reality of interstellar and interdimensional space travel. Unbelievable. President Trump may have the honour of bringing the planet into the Light.

Did you ever see the female pilot of the massive craft the astronauts on Apollo 20 documented? I heard suggestions she was in stasis. Some don’t believe it, but seeing is believing. Anything the deep state doesn’t want us to know they debunk with their own stories and lies. They can’t have us questioning where the trillions for these missions came from. Black projects wouldn’t go over well with the American public.

Perhaps some astronauts were sick of the lies and coverups and wanted to share the truth. You decide.

It finally happened. QAnon has gone mainstream—and not because someone forced the issue.

Who kicked it off? John Ratcliffe. He broke the vapour barrier and took the ridicule. There aren’t a lot of good people in Congress but the ones we do have are like gold.

And now we have this. It’s out there, folks, it’s out there. Like it or not… believe it or not… Q is here to stay and lots of people are talking about the Q team.

When the US Military edifies Q—it has to be the real deal, doesn’t it?

QAnon scores wins, creating GOP problem

Trump and QAnon have been telling us brutal truths for over three years—and they’re just getting started.

President Trump also told us the truth about Hydroxychloroquine and you knew it was the truth because the lamestream media turds had a hissy fit and published stories saying HCQ would kill us. Lies. Utter lies.  They think we won’t know it’s been used for at least 65 years—safely.

And now here’s the news we already knew but the lying, treasonous “experts” are just now admitting—

—from their own mouths, folks—albeit almost mumbling.

“Asymptomatic people aren’t contagious”.

The nerve of them to say that when mandatory mask policies have been levied across the planet for months boggles the mind. Off with their heads!

This means that what we were told by intelligent, truthful, patriot doctors like Dr. Rashid Buttar, from the beginning is correct. The masks are useless and healthy people shouldn’t be wearing them. Thank you to Dustin Nemos for sharing this critical bit of information. Please give the video below a thumbs up so more people will see it and share it widely.

WHO REVERSES Position on Asymptomatic Spread!!!

The whole “pandemic” thing is a psyop, folks. CV is a condition that is not life threatening except to a tiny percentage of the population and with HCQ + Z-pack + Azithromycin—almost no one will die if caught early.

The whole world does not need to be locked down or isolated. They have no right to take away our freedom of movement and stop us from living our lives—or to give us directives that threaten our health. It’s CRIMINAL. It’s tyranny.

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together will not vote for anyone pushing this deep state, fascist agenda.

If you didn’t hear Dr. Zelenko explain the positive reality to former mayor Rudy Giuliani when I shared this the other day, you need to listen. He is treating people at his practice with a 99.3% survival rate! That’s a .o2% death rate! How does that constitute a pandemic?

Who else spoke about this? Righto! Q.4335

Quarantine vs Tyranny

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 27 May 2020 – 12:07:11 PM ‘Quarantine’ is when you restrict the movement of sick people.
‘Tyranny’ is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.

So they’ve ruined another holiday weekend for many of the American and Canadian people, not to mention caused the elderly to die alone of isolation and neglect, caused the shuttering of countless small businesses and eating establishments, impacted people’s livelihoods, increased the death toll due to domestic abuse and suicide, and fomented a lot of division over a planned epidemic as a political ruse to control the world in an attempt to regain the power lost when Americans voted for Donald Trump.

All that coincidentally funneled business to the cabal’s corporations like Home Depot, Target, and Amazon, which miraculously remained open for business so they could capitalize. Funny how that worked. (There are no coincidences.)

And isn’t it interesting how the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter folks blend right in while wearing their hoodlum masks? Only criminals and super heroes wear masks.

If people will wear masks for months, perhaps they’ll also submit to a mandatory toxic vaccine…

“Unless we put Medical Freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic…

The Constitution of the Republic should make special provisions for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom.” —DR. BENJAMIN RUSH, George Washington’s personal doctor and a signer of the Declaration of Independence

You gotta hand it to them, folks. They covered all the bases with this scamdemic.

Unfortunately for them, however, many of us saw through it. We’re not buying it, we’re not complying, and gun and ammo sales are through the roof.

If they’re coming for America, they’d better take a run at it right now because their window of opportunity is almost shut. These people are stupid.

President Trump and the US Military have already ensured America is safe from 5G, but what about other countries?

B. i. l. l. G. a. t. e. s Plan the Five-G Connection [MIRROR]

When the world realizes that Humans are literally ‘prey’ it’s game over. We’re not amused by their cartoons about what they do to children for fun.

This German video contains excerpts from English cartoons related to the Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin “Frazzledrip” video on the dark web. It’s all here, folks. Why aren’t these people hanging from a gibbet in a public square? Wouldn’t that be an effective deterrent to pedovores?

#investigate frazzledrip

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell opened a whole can of worms. Few want to go prodding the goo to see what is festering in there, however—and it is gruesome.

What Does Ghislaine Maxwell Know?

It’s been a frustrating journey, emotionally draining, yet exhilarating.

Some of us are feeling like this. Dog tired—and that’s okay. Even my dog is dog tired these days and he’s a big chunk larger than this little peanut.

Some, like me, feel like this…

Or this…

Whatever we need to do to to maintain homeostasis and sanity, we should do it. It’s up to us to manage our little corner of the Universe so we have something of worth to contribute to the collective. Above all, though, remain relatively calm.

Onward and upward—and eyes to the skies!  ~ BP

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