Ghislaine Maxwell – Fauci Connection ~ July 3, 2020

Editor’s Note: Ok folks…are you ready…here we go…! Truth is appearing in the most unusual ways and means preparing us for living in Love, and BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


I’m watching the RSBN coverage of the Mount Rushmore Independence Day festivities but wanted to share the thread below from Twitter. I got a surprise just now when I heard a crew member named Mark gave Starship Earth a plug live on the stream just now with Liz Willis while wearing his George Magazine t-shirt with Mount Rushmore on it. I missed what he said when Liz responded that it would be fantastic if that happened so I can guess what he is anticipating. I know a lot of people who want that very thing. Fingers crossed—and thanks for the thrill. I wasn’t expecting that.

Another crew member shared this Tweet with some fascinating digs on Anthony Fauci and Ghislaine Maxwell. These people are all connected—that’s how they have been able to run the world! They’ve all got each others’ backs—but the problem with that is…

…it’s a house of cards. Pull one out and they all go down.

Click anywhere in the box below to launch in Twitter and read the whole thread. It’s very interesting, to say the least.

Ciao for now, folks.  ~ BP

Listening to Enty’s Patreon podcast and he’s just said that Ghislaine has a dead man’s switch. She collected people too and a treasure trove of documents and photos would be released if anything happens to her.

— Paul Furber (@paul_furber) July 3, 2020

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