Ghislaine Maxwell Arrest by FBI/NYPD Today & Related Crimes Against Humanity [videos] ~ July 2, 2020

Editor’s Note: Get ready…here “it” comes. prepare yourself for a large dose of reality TV which exposes what Love is NOT making it far easier for all to discover how they DO want to act. Please read this post from Starship Earth, BE the LOVE you really are, and then BE in…

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I probably don’t need to tell you the significance of the news of this arrest. This is what I would consider “unleashed”. Ghislaine Maxwell worked with Jeffrey Epstein for decades and, as they say, “knows where the bodies are buried”, both figuratively and literally.

I took my time preparing this post because I wanted to capitalize on the potential for eyes on more related information that needs to get out.

With respect to the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, we begin with statements from the FBI in a press conference, who point out that for too long adults in our communities have turned a blind eye to these kind of crimes.

Further down, we bring you mainstream news coverage from Europe which no corrupt western news would dare cover.

The time for turning away is long past. We owe it to our children and future Humans to deal with these crimes fully and appropriately NOW.

Live: Charges against Ghislaine Maxwell to be announced

This is a comprehensive article from Sara Carter getting into the Prince Andrew connection, as well.

FBI Arrests Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Sex Trafficking Recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell

The documentation is shown in this article.

Epstein Confidante Arrested

Thank you to the crew for sharing and translating this disturbing coverage from Europe. We should all be outraged to learn this is a global practice by the “elite” bloodline families running the planet.

English translation of the broadcast below:

The son of one of their congress member was caught in a car crash in Bulgaria.
His blood contained several drugs among them Adrenochrome..

“One of the most expensive drug you can buy, known as a synthetik..excuse me a satanic drug. The substance is a derivate of adrenalin “says the news reporter. Other stations call it
a satanic narcotic or devilish drug.
One even mentions “taken from childrens brain”….

Adrenochrome im Bulgraischen TV

This video of a Turkish news broadcast has the English translation within it.

Turkish News Translated to English

The FBI, New York Police Department, and the US Military are well aware of the situation on our planet and rumoured activities hidden on the dark web involving Hillary Clinton and her long time aide Huma Abedin in video referred to as “frazzledrip” will be confirmed.

The “elite” are satan worshippers. Yes, the “royals” in multiple countries are included and there are no bounds to their gruesome tastes and sporting activities as witnessed by Dutch survivor Toos Nijenhuis and recounted in this stunning revelation of an interview with Kevin Annett and Mel Ve.

No one is ever prepared for hearing the experiences of this brave woman, implicating the church and royal family in Holland.

International Ritual Child Sacrifice, Torture and Traffickin

You won’t see many promoting this information, but what you will see is all manner of cabal websites and blogs trying to discredit it and those who reveal the truth.

The wealthy predators use babies and other Humans for their satanic blood rituals and sacrifices. Their reign of terror is coming to an end, however, and it’s up to all of us to inform all Humans that we have been preyed upon by the worst kind of evil imaginable.

Yesterday we received news of the US Border Patrol confiscating massive amounts of Human hair coming from China. I’m sure you can figure out the details. Humans are a commodity to these creatures. The Chinese Communist Party has been using Falun Gong followers and other citizens as live organ donors for a long time. The brutality of their organ harvesting practice is beyond comprehension.

When these psychopaths see Humans, they see dollar signs.

CBP Intercepts 13 Tons Of Human Hair From Chinese Prison Camps

Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and their operation to groom and sex traffick teenage girls is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The rest is more difficult to assimilate.

Please do your part to alert others as to the sort of news that will be coming out more and more in the near future.

The National Security Agency (NSA) monitors all communications on the planet, folks, and they have proof of all of this and who was involved. There are phone calls, emails, documents, photos, video, satellite images, forensic evidence—and witnesses.

The $29M Epstein spent filling in the tunnels beneath his satanic temple was too little, too late.

The list of privileged people who travelled to Epstein Island aboard Epstein’s private jet known as the Lolita Express will become public knowledge. The passenger manifests are detailed enough.

On that island, and Epstein’s other luxurious homes in New York, New Mexico, London, etc. he videotaped the high and mighty in sex acts with children and worse—and then blackmailed them. That is how Epstein grew wealthy. Financier? Hardly.

The ties to Haiti and other Caribbean Islands, the Clinton Crime Cartel, the Red Cross, and more are on the horizon.

Following his inauguration President Trump immediately declared war on Human trafficking and Human rights abuse and he is therefore the prime enemy of the deep state and global elite. He mobilized many law enforcement groups internationally to seek out and arrest perpetrators of these crimes and seize their assets.

When you see President Trump viciously attacked, consider the source and their motives. They will do anything to keep their evil deeds and disgusting habits a secret and we had better do anything we can to support his initiatives. I’ve said it many times: Humans are not the top of the food chain.

Many arrests have already been made globally, according to several sources. The White Hats in charge of draining the swamp have more evidence than they need to convict.

The proof is safe, and Epstein didn’t kill himself—meaning, we understand he is in protective custody until such time as his testimony is required, according to at least one source.

What we are witnessing is the unfolding of The Plan; devised long ago—crafted and executed with military precision.  ~ BP

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