To All Beloved Families of Divine Love and Light ~ July 1, 2020

Editor’s Note: As we approach July 5 with it’s Lunar Eclipse, spiritual factors will be at play. What will happen on our world? No one knows any details, however given the awakening global population, changes affecting our lives are certain.

These changes will allow most to understand the Magnificence of our Hearts, know that we truly exist in a state of Quantum Love which allows us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


To All Beloved Families of Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love, in physical and Spiritual energies, as above, so below, working as One to transform this planet, beloved Mother Earth – Archangel Gaia, and Humanity and all of Her Inhabitants with beloved Father Sun Sol and whole Solar Belt, and Milky way / turn to Golden Pink Galaxy now/ and whole Universe to new Divine Light of Love Universe, we are approaching to the last Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 5th July and the last one on Cancer Capricorn Nodal axis from 2018, with beginning of new cycle, but this one will bring Heaven to Earth inn fullness, with foundation of 5 D, with physical creation of Divine Love and Light, with Peace and Abundance for all, with complete new knowledge of higher frequency and new higher technology / Free energies, antigravity transport and crystal healing chamber with replacing any missing organ and limb, with making younger through DNA, and multiplicator and many others, now working on Heart frequency, that means working for wellness of All equally, with Happiness and Joy for All in this Universe and Beyond. But some malevolent beings, shape shifters and reptilian – human hybrids are those “ Organized darkness” with legacy of their dark overlords, who left this Planet many years ago, still is going to make many negative deeds to Humanity and this beloved Planet and all Her lovely Souls in all Kingdom and Elements, but being in some underground tunnels and base at South America, doing Satan worshipping with connected with some Elites, holding some pocket of dark energies. But this void, where some negative spots hold their presents, will be transmuting to the Light of Love, on this last Lunar Eclipse, with dissolving of all negative Ego side of some part of Humanities, with fully activation of Sacred Hearts Network, being fully activating NOW and HERE, with activating Christos /Avatars 144000 White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood /– Sophia Crystal Heart centre, at 23of June, market with some unexplained physical anomalies /EM spikes and some small radiation /. This sacred reunion with balanced Female-Male energies within Diamante Heart Core centre of our beloved Mother Earth, with radiation of Sacred Divine Love and Light energies, radiating through Inner Earth and our beloved inner Earth Families / Agartha and other remnants of Breakaway Civilization / and amplified with Andara, and Emerald, and Pink Quartz Crystals going to surface through all Portals and Nodes and connected Lay line to make Human Heart network with all sacred hearts of all Kingdom and Elements, through Crystal Grids with all Beloved Star Families and all Company of Heaven / Beloved Archangelic and Angelic realm with beloved Archangel Michael, and beloved Ascended Masters and Masters to Beloved Prime Creator and Beloved Father Mother God as One Golden Bodies of Divine Love and Light, or Light of Love / . So complete connection with Cosmic Heart centre / with upcoming energies through 12 Zodiac Central Sun’ s Heart centre and our Sun to our Mother Earth and all Planet in our Solar belt, with upcoming Divine Light and Love energies from our beloved Prime Creator from Great Central Sun, Alcyone, through Jupiter – Sagitterius A- Alcyone / Pleiedian /Portal to come to our Mother Earth, amplified by our beloved Star Families / Transferred through Feminine Energies, NOW connected with beloved Mother Sekhmet, and Isis mith beloved Mother Marry and Magdalena, with Mother of Cosmos, are making endless circulation through Christos – Sophia Crystal Heart core with endless emission of Divine Light of Love, radiation through whole Universe, and Multiverse, and Cosmos. This established endless circulation of Divine Love and Light energies, and Divine Light and Love energies are Divine protection and bringing Divine Heaven to Earth, finally connected by 5th of July 2020, and transmuting to the Light of all negative ideas and all negative deeds of remnant of darkness, including those negative entities in underground tunnels and bases, located somewhere around Selvas region of Brazil’s Amazon forest, in trying to transfer Oxygen to Methan or Nitrogen based atmosphere will be blocked and neutralized, and this is final check mat to darkness, and this is our final giving them Forgiveness, and Love and Compassion to stop with this and transferring to the Light. It is better on that way, or being dissolving as a former being of Light.
Also, this will be organized Global Meditation by lovely Avatar Sandra Walter, and I with Avatar selves with 144OOO Avatars Brotherhood/ Sisterhood / and with Sophia joining this meditation organized on 4th July at 9-9,45 pm PDT / NZT – 4-4,45 pm on 5th July /, that will bring completely Heaven to Earth. This already established new life time, with melting all our past, now and future life time as one, to this zero pint at this last Lunar eclipse on 5th of July, with clearing any void / that dark side tried to use for activation of their evil deeds through this void and human ego minds/ , and transferring this void to Divine Light and Love, with clearing and transmuting to the Light of all remnants of negative energies in all parallel words and all times, convergent to this zero point. Only Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love exists from NOW and HERE to all future times with creation coming from our Sacred Heart/ Mind with New Human Societies of Peace, and Divine Love and Light, and Harmony, and Abundance and Happiness and Joy for all equally and respecting each other equally. We are very grateful deeply from our Hearts for all who are helping us endlessly in this important period of Ascension of our beloved Planet, and Humanity and all Sacred Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, and thank You beloved Whales, and Dolphins, and Ascended Dragon Families, and Fairies, and Unicorn, and All Divine Beings of Light of Love. We are all bending on knees, and We are all as One in this important moment. Thank You.
All my love to all in this Universe, and beyond, and Love and healing to our beloved Mother Earth/ Goddess Sophia, and beloved Father Sun Sol.


Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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