Sentinels of THE GATEWAY GODDESSES: The Midwives/ Shapeshifters ~ June, 29 2020

For Those Who Resonate…

As mentioned before, the 21 June Solstice Eclipse of The Sun by The Moon was a Gateway to bring forth the MOTHER/ CREATION aspect of The Divine Feminine. 26 June, The Sentinels of The Gateway Goddesses , IxChel, Bast, Hecate,Isis etc were aligned with their specific Codes of Foundational Creation ie Codes of Relationships with Gaia and her Sentient Beings / social institutions, Codes of Justice/ Morality/, Codes of Knowledge etc etc.

These Sentinels of The Gateway Goddesses themselves function as Gateways/ channels via their physical incarnation . Almost All have been currently working as Purification/ Transmutation/ Healing vessels ( ongoing) , but Now post the June 21 Solstice Eclipse they are moving into their Specific Codes of Creation ( June 26) ,on the heels of Venus Direct ( 25 July), to be brought forth for the establishment of a New Structural Foundation of a New Age.

These Gateway Sentinels/ Midwives function from the Principle of SOVEREIGNTY and REMEMBRANCE. They are the ShapeShifters who delve into the Void of the Dark Unconscious and bring Forth their respective Legacy from the depths of their Soul being, from the Origin of the Time Space Continuum as they have done at every turn of the Ages…

If you identify with being a Shapeshifter / Gateway Midwife then YOU will have received your New Specific Foundational Codes for Creation Download on June 26 … left ear ringing, circuit upgrade ( wipe out currently), bleeding cycle, called to speak your truth… You will be receiving these in installments over the Sun Sirius Conjunct (4 July) coinciding with the Lunar Eclipse 5 July, Heliacal Rise of Sirius, Lions Gate 8:8.

So presently give yourself space and time to integrate your New ANCIENT Assignment. Your Light Circuitry needs to adjust to these new downloads, with the result you might feel ” offline” for a while. The MOTHER IS THE FOUNDATION of The Child, Society, Nation, AGE….YOU!!!

Be Light, InLight, InGrace

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Gratitude to artists Annelie Solis, Gilbert Williams and others Unknown

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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