Headlines and Updates for June 29, 2020: Tyranny in Our Faces; Do They See? [videos] ~ June 29, 2020

First, the bad news. ThemTube decided Joe M’s brilliant new video was offensive to some audiences and slapped a warning on it. You have to “choose” to view it anyway. Unbelievable.

Please do share this. It explains the whole pandemic.

If you haven’t seen this older one, it’s simply outstanding and a must-watch for every soul on the planet to understand what has happened and why we are seeing what we are now.

Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED

Perhaps you believe it’s an over-reaction to suggest that Big Tech and Silicon Valley are executing tyrannical censorship of conservative views and those who publish the truth. I think the evidence at this point proves otherwise. Read on.

The good news…

I didn’t see this event from Thursday until Sunday afternoon. Yawn. It’s the same everywhere he goes. President Trump is a superstar.

President Trump in Wisconsin today!#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #MAGA pic.twitter.com/iDZxDZT3tw

— Dan Scavino (@DanScavino) June 25, 2020

You’d never know about Trump’s wild popularity from the lamestream media reports, however, who either don’t cover it, or lie about it.

Some do much more than obfuscate or fabricate the truth. Case in point:

MUST READ… Report: Tulsa Arena Management Sabotaged Trump Rally Attendance

We have additional news on major arrests and executions. Please note that this is not yet confirmed by sources I’m familiar with, but I believe at least some of it to be accurate. Insider/decoder Gene Co Sensei has said the same about some of these criminals.

Use your discretion when you read the lists at the link below, but know that at some point it will be true, if it isn’t already. We know George HW Bush and John McCain have already paid their price for treason. QAnon confirmed that as did a few who let it slip on live television, such as former governor John Kasich and Meghan McCain.

When I see images like this one below in the news I can certainly say it’s not the real deal. This is so not John Kerry, but an unreasonable facsimile which suggests the reports of his custody are likely accurate.

This is John Kerry, which isn’t his real name, either. These people are all actors playing roles to deceive us. The question is, are the clones/doubles/holograms used by the White or Black Hats—or both?

Devin Nunes posted this on Parler this morning. I think it’s symbolic, like many of Nunes’ Twitter posts. It’s not working like it did on Twitter with a link they gave me on clipboard. Taking out “bushes” sounds very telling, doesn’t it?


It would be interesting to know the current population of the Parler (Par-lay) community at this point.

Gen. Flynn’s attorney’s Twitter account was deleted today. No more Sidney Powell there. Hopefully she will migrate to Parler.

But look—she’s back. Just an error, I’m sure. You just can’t trust those fickle algorithms.

She’s back! Oh what a tangled web we weave @jack to mess with one of America’s top patriotic attorneys? You messed with the wrong one now! All American loving Patriots are with you @SidneyPowell1 FIRE AT WILL! … – https://t.co/CLFxEhJukw

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) June 29, 2020

Back to our favourite subject—not! I can’t wait to put this COVID crap behind us.

More tests on oxygen levels indicate impairment while wearing masks. Video at the link. They are literally stifling us, folks. It has nothing to do with controlling the virus. Doctors have told us that only an N95 mask will do anything to prevent transmission of something like a virus and it’s only 95% effective. It’s far more effective at blocking oxygen intake.

As well, when we’re all masked up, criminals can walk among us, avoid facial recognition technology and face-to-face identification and do their worst. Did you see all the photos of ANTIFA terrorists President Trump posted in Twitter the other day?

I think POTUS is staying on Twitter… daring them to outright delete his account—and when they do—BOOM!

Ohio Rep. Nino Vitale Tests Mask Use, Which Shows Oxygen Levels Drop Into Danger Zone 5 Seconds After Putting It On

Fed up with the social distancing? Prepare to be named, shamed, and… who knows what’s next? Perhaps they’ll start arresting us and tossing us in “re-education camps”. The ones with guillotines. That is not a myth from what I’ve heard. It truly was the plan of the psychopaths. Isn’t it ironic they are prepared to project that on us?

Refuse To Social Distance? New Study Says You May Be A Psychopath!

They did the same to parents who refused to vaccinate their children. They convinced the herd that the smart ones were a threat to them and would spread the diseases by not vaccinating. Herd immunity is a far better way to go, but then—they created all these diseases to cause suffering and death and endless customers for their medical industrial complex. Healing is just bad business practice.

Feeling shame? Just stop it. Here’s a giggle or two from another IPOT Quick Burn—a lesson on “responsibility”, and another must-watch from Sir Patrick Mack.

A Quick Burn – Responsibility

Dave’s Sunday X22 Report update follows. As we’ve indicated from several sources, we believe we are nearing the end of a “phase” or stage of The Plan.  That does NOT mean the end of the deep state, however. It’s just one phase executed during the distraction of the CV19 and riot hysteria. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

[HT] Access Closed, [DS] Panic, The Final Stage Revealed From The Beginning – Episode 2110b

This is interesting, I must say. Some folks would love to see Canada and the US conjoined, while others want Canada to remain their own nation. The current arrangement—if Trump really has taken over Canada as he has Britain—may be a temporary measure to protect the citizens to some degree. We’ll have to see how it shakes out—and there just may be a shake-up of sorts on July 3-4th with an announcement.

Proud Can-American taking the oath.#WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWORLWIDE
Thank you ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ for taking control of Canada!
I love my new President! pic.twitter.com/GtuAx6vr1c

— Gina Macina (@gina_macina) June 28, 2020

In France, sociopath globalist Emmanuel Macron is seeing the results of the Great Awakening.

‘Disappointing’ results | Macron’s party suffers in delayed local elections amid low turnout

What’s up with Ellen? It’s hard to tell if she’s speaking from our perspective or the satanists’. Unfair for whom?

This footage recently appeared online, but how old the video actually is, we don’t know. The lists published above claim Allen Degenerate is on house arrest so this could be recent.

Thia vid was taken down from #Facebook straight away…
What is she talking about?
And the excuses? #EllenDeGeneres pic.twitter.com/ucVwqPxumU

— Mr.deeds⭐⭐⭐ (@Mrdeeds1111) June 28, 2020

When statue destruction was barely getting started, I wondered if we could get the Georgia Guidestones with all their virtue-signalling about genocide destroyed and removed. Someone else is on the same page.

As usual, history is actually some version of the opposite to what we’ve been told. Everything has been manipulated to manipulate us. I’m willing to bet most have not heard the following horrendous story before. It certainly isn’t in our text books at school.

Dana Ashlie brings us this new truth which is in direct opposition to what they are spewing via Black Lives Matter, etc. to make whites feel guilty and privileged. It’s a fascinating peek into the reality of what she calls the “whitewash”. Slavery was NOT what we were told. White slaves—who knew?! The “aristocracy” has to go, because they will always try to subjugate the rest. We are all equal with no sentient being to be owned by another like property.

Video notes:

Our history is written by the victors. What presentation of our history would best suite their chosen ‘end game’ for us? The straight up erasing of true history has happened on the topic of slavery in America. Who gains and who is set to lose?

The privilege they erased from history.

As Dana said above, until such time as the control freaks are able to install technology in our bodies, they cannot rule us. If you’re not a slave, how do you feel about this next initiative of the El-ites to track and control you? This is like tagging cattle, is it not? Fortunately, we have a victory in Michigan, at least. Perhaps other states and nations need to follow suit.

Bill Making It Illegal to Forcefully Microchip Employees Passes in Michigan House

In case you are not aware, the vaccines they hope to have us all begging for so we don’t get the killer coronavirus have nano technology; nanobots—intelligent miniscule robots that will enable the psychopaths to “tag us”.

We’ll be scannable. Forget the bar code stamped on our skin—this will be so slick. Remotely, they can control those charming little bots and… well… let’s just say it won’t end well for us.

Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports Slated to Roll Out in 15 Countries

They’ve been experimenting on Humans for ever. Their appalling practices must be publicized and stopped. Planned Parenthood is not what they led us to believe and they are monetizing aborted babies and selling them for parts. That is a fact confirmed by more than one of their associates on hidden camera.

US Govt. Paid $96,370 for Aborted Baby Parts for ‘Humanized Mice’ Experiments

Here’s an update on the horror show in Seattle. “What—not dead yet? Sorry, I ran out of bullets.” The “autonomous zone” is a death zone.

Numerous shots fired in CHOP, Seattle, one dead, others injured, 4th shooting (videos)

And just when you thought you’d heard it all…

Iran Issues Arrest Warrant for President Trump

Iranian officials said “red alerts” already have been issued for Mr. Trump and 35 other officials and that Tehran is seeking the help of Interpol to apprehend them. Iran did not name the other 35 officials but said that Mr. Trump “stands at the top of the list and will be prosecuted” as soon as he leaves office.

They just don’t get it. He’s not leaving office.

The Iranian people cheered and celebrated and thanked the US military for executing this demon and setting them free of his evil. It’s the globalist NWO operatives who are calling to remove Trump because as long as Trump is active, they cannot hope to redeem their tyrannical power on our planet.

The People know the truth. This photo shows a soldier in the Q Army in Iran with his WWG1WGA sign which he posted on Twitter or Facebook. The Great Awakening is too far advanced for the psychopaths to be able to stop it. We are the 99 percent.

LT at And We Know brings us another news summary with the usual cinematic accompaniment.

6.29.30: Knowledge of [DS] fear tactics is ON THE RISE. PANIC is HERE!

I’ve packed a lot into this and will sign off for now. There have been no new Q drops today as of press time but you can read all of them here.

This is the last one.


Q is a Backchannel to Communicate Directly to the People Bypassing the Corrupt/Controlled Media

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 28 Jun 2020 – 1:18:28 PM https://twitter.com/TheSpunQ/status/1277331318389592065
If the news is untrustworthy, corrupt, controlled, and simply an extension [arm] of the [D] party…
How do you circumvent? [controlled lines of comm [propaganda]]
How do you communicate directly with the people?
Backchannels are important.
Information warfare.
Knowledge is >power<

Q told us early on, “Learn our comms.”

BTW… President Trump has spelled it out for us on several occasions—written and verbal. He repeatedly references “IQ”. Did you decode that? Would a comma help?

I, Q. As in in I, Pet Goat or I, Robot.

I love the flourish POTUS gives the “air Q’s” too.

THE VAST SILENT MAJORITY IS ALIVE AND WELL!!! We will win this Election big. Nobody wants a Low IQ person in charge of our Country, and Sleepy Joe is definitely a Low IQ person!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 28, 2020

A friend sent this photo below. I think it’s from Kirkland, WA. I was overjoyed to get a text from my hairstylist to say she had left the salon and was open for business elsewhere and I would not have to wear a mask. That was a very long 17 weeks between trims. I’d been hacking away at my own head for months and on arrival at the new salon told her not to look at my hair.

Whoever thought that getting a haircut would be something we’d do without? A coveted luxury? I guess folks will make it happen however they can—while taking responsibility.

Thanks to everyone for the shares. I hope you’re ready for the next big uproar.  ~ BP

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