Astromomma ~ June 28, 2020

Mars Enters Aries- A Rush of HOT Passion, Fiery Ambition, The Warrior Rises Once Again

On June 27th, Mars, the planet of: aggression, passion and purpose, enters his home sign of Aries. Whenever a planet enters the sign its rules, it becomes: very powerful, directed and fruitful. Since we have had no fire within the planets, since the Sun was in Aries, this will feel like a huge wave of increased vitality and energy. Aries, the 1st zodiac sign, is all about: initiative, action, innocence and innovation.

Mars in Aries is here to bring back spunk and action to our lives, with an ushering in of fiery ambition. Mars, for the last 6 weeks,has been in the sign of Pisces and struggled to show his strength and prowess in the murky waters of the fish. Now, as he enters his home sign of Aries, he is ready to rock and roll and light sh@t up, lol! He will have an extended stay in Aries until January 2021, as he will be going retrograde from September- November 2020.

While Mars is home in his home sign, this is a great time to be energized to risk it all and to feel empowered to go after your goals and ambitions. The flip side of Mars in Aries will be: aggression, irritation and fighting. He also represents our sex drive. This could get a real boost during this transit! It is all how you transmute his energies. Many great accomplishments that take courage and will power will be honed in during his transit, but this can also raise our tempers and hot headed tendencies. Anyone with Aries, as their: Sun, Moon or Ascendant, will be most affected by this transit. We will all though, have our libidos raised to maximum capacity and will have to be responsible for these increased energy levels.

As Mars transits through Aries, he will make tense aspects to: Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, all in Capricorn. Saturn, is the planet of: obligation and restriction, Jupiter, is the planet of: expansion, wisdom and finally, Pluto, is the planet of: death/rebirth and regeneration. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, deals with: authority, government, big business and control. Mars in Aries square to Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, could produce epic fighting and conflicts among, the people vs. the established orders that prevail. Aries is about freedom and liberation and Capricorn is about order and control. You can see the big clash of energies. As much as I don’t want to predict war, this aspect sure signals the potential for it. This will be especially true around election time in US here in early November. This year of 2020 is giving us many tests and these aspects certainly will play a pivotal role within these lessons and trials.

Mars in Aries is here to bring back the passion and drive that might have thought disappeared for quite some time. As the warrior planet dives home to fight for his right to party, our internal flames will be ignited. Remembering to keep a sense of grounded calmness and peace, might be more difficult during this transit. The best way to utilize the warrior planet in his home sign, is to use the extra boost of passion and purpose into a: hobby, project or life style transformation. Mars, within his home dwelling, is here to: ignite you into action with loads of energy, bring back the courage and will power to achieve and light a fire under you ass to get going and to make it happen. If you have Aries as your: Sun, Moon or Ascendant, as well on your: IC, DC, MC, then this transit will be most potent and noticeable for you. Mars will remain in the sign of Aries, until January 6, 2021.

For this HOT transit of Mars in Aries, I am doing an extended sign horoscope on my Astromomma Patreon page:

These horoscopes, which are channeled from spirit, give you: practical, tangible and enlightening advice on how best to navigate this transit according to your individual sign.

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© Astromomma, 2020

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