Christina Papageorgiou ~ Red Spectral Moon ~ June 27, 2020

Editor’s Note: There is much to be gleaned from yet another spiritual source many are not familiar with…the Tzolkin calendar from the Maya. So that we may glean even more information about these times of internal and external change we are in, please review the information below. I will try to post this daily so we may all learn more, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


11 MULUC – KIN 89
26 JUNE 2020


Releasing flow
I seal the process of Universal water
With the Spectral tone of Liberation
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

26/6/2020 = 26/6/22 = 666 = 8/6/4 = 18= 9

26- Empowerment/Compassion
8- Infinity/Abundance/Source Flow
9- Destiny/Closure/Humanity/Service
6- Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Family
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic

KIN 89 = 17/8 Infinity/Abundance


A day of further cleansing and purifIcation in order to build a new solid foundation of PEACE, and ABUNDANCE!



Today is a very special day – RED SPECTRAL MOON🌀🌜 – KIN 89, as it marks the final passing and ASCENSION date of Jose’ Arguelles.

SPECTRAL day’s generate – RELEASE🌀 and LIBERATION,💥 and indeed he was totally FREED and released from his human vessel on that destined day – on 23 March 2011. It is divinely perfect that on this day of our PLANETARY LIBERATION 🎉 from the control of the CABAL forces, we align with the celebration of Jose’s Ascension. Jose was born on 24th January, 1939 on BLUE SPECTRAL MONKEY -KIN 11 day. So his purpose was to DISSOLVE, release and LIBERATE us on a PLANETARY level from illusions. Jose’ campaigned tirelessly for PLANETARY LIBERATION and release from the GREGORIAN calendar and the Artificial matrix we were all trapped in. So today we witness Jose’s MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 💥💥

KIN 89 reduces to the number 17 which is the code of immortality and leaving a LEGACY, and fittingly Jose did just that. He orchestrated the FIRST GLOBAL synchronized meditations and activations for Planetary PEACE and Harmony through his organization of the GLOBAL HARMONIC CONVERGENCE in 1987 which paved the way for our LIBERATION today! He left an incredible LEGACY on this PLANET – the DREAMSPELL CALENDAR and the RINRI PROJECT (the circumpolar rainbow bridge} which is a GALACTIC CODEX navigating our Ascension journey through the LIGHT encodements contained therein. An incredible MASTER who was subjected to disdain and ridicule (as most change agents are) and for the most part did not receive the honourable recognition he deserved as the true TIMELORD and GENIUS that he is!💫💫

Please take a moment to touch your HEART and give gratitude and love to this remarkable Divine soul. We are truly blessed that he walked this Earth to guide us in this R-evolutionary time.


Day 11 in the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. This is the day we CELEBRATE our PLANETARY LIBERATION,💥 from the past. All the energies collectively were built up and released in a wondrous EXPLOSION of LIGHT, 🎆self-generated by the STARBLOSSOMS, anchoring, grounding and radiating this LIGHT in the HU-MAN global grid.🌐 Today we can RELEASE the necessity to generate any more energy for transformation.

We can simply LET GO, and choose to GO WITH THE FLOW.🌫🌫🌫

SPECTRAL🌀 is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and liberating! This is a very powerful opportunity to RELEASE the PAST and move forward FEARLESSLY FREE from obstructions. The SPECTRAL action together with the 9 and 8 codes will dissolve all impediments to you finally claiming your true POWER and abundance. Wiping the slate clean you can now build a new foundation of solid abundance! . Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway and polarity, inviting you to step through into a NEW WORLD filled with joy and unlimited prosperity. What are you waiting for? HOP TO IT! 🐇🐇🐇


CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED MOON👸👸 – MULUC. Following on from yesterday’s Yellow Planetary Star, where GAIA was the RISING STAR,🌟 today La Luna 🌙 continues to be in the SPOTLIGHT giving us a DOUBLE dose of RED MOON energy! MULUC represents THE GODDESS, and now she is claiming her POWER and has now unleashed a DOUBLE dose of her energies, revealing to us that THE SPECTRAL GODDESS, means business!🌀🌀🌫🌫

It is TIME to be released and LIBERATED from the old Patriarchal control Matrix – BRING ON THE GODDESS! ❤👸🌹 Our world definitely needs a HUGE dose of unconditional LOVE, compassion and nurturance.

The GODDESS brings forth greater intuition, psychic power, sensitivity and gentle feminine flow through the action of her Universal waters. 🌫Bathe in her gentle waters today and dissolve any remnants of the old energies, allow your feelings to FLOW and be purified with the currents of change and transformation.🌀🌫 Allow these Waves🌊🌊 of Change to LIBERATE and free you from the chains that bound you. THANK GODDESS, WE ARE NOW FREE!!!💥 Allow your INNER GODDESS to surface and FLOW.

SUPPORT: WHITE DOG ❤🐕– OC -the SPECTRAL DOG is LIBERATING LOVE! 💕 OC brings forth the energies of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, the favourite current-sea of the GODDESS! OC releases a huge planetary wave of LOVE,🌊💕 for us all to ride home on, accessed through our pure, cleansed Hearts. Today we can SURRENDER to the power of LOVE, be that self-love, from our beloveds (or betrothed), our planet, and our CREATOR! TAP into the Universal power of the endless LOVE flowing throughout the Cosmos!


OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW ELECTRIC HUMAN☺ – EB enables us to look back from where we have come with greater wisdom, honouring our path and our experiences as part of our soul’s journey. Now older and much wiser, we are FREED from the karma and lessons, we can fearlessly choose to align with unconditional love and the emotional wisdom of our prophetic ancestors. The ELECTRIC HUMAN is beckoning us to release our Emotional wounding,and seek solace and soul fulfillment, through bonding together with our kin, in order to serve the GODDESS. Aligning with DIVINE WILL in order to LIBERATE the ABUNDANCE for all that EB is providing.. Flowing ABUNDANCE and the gift of WISDOM – wonderful qualities for our New World communities.

CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE STORM 🌀🌩🌪– CAUAC – the SPECTRAL STORM is catalyzing tremendous POWER today, amplifying the influence of the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL.. we really have reached a CRESCENDO today! 🌀🌪🌩🌀

CAUAC provides more catalyzing transformational energies giving us a DOUBLE dose of the STORM. So together with DOUBLE RED MOON, we have QUADRUPLE cleansing energies 🌀🌀🌀🌀– DOUBLE, BUBBLE, RELEASE the RUBBLE!!!🌩🌨 Purifying our vessel through our thoughts and emotions in order to LIBERATE ourselves and become purer conduits for the GODDESS to FLOW through us!

We are now FREE to be the MAGNIFICENT GALACTIC CHANGE AGENTS that we came here to be, FREE to assist others in their AWAKENING process, catalyzing greater Planetary transformation. AND SO MOTE IT BE! X3🌀🌀💥💥🌐🌫



Today’s question is “What do I need to DISSOLVE, in order to feel totally LIBERATED and FLOW with the LOVE of THE GODDESS?”

Divine blessings for your final LIBERATION💥 and finding your Goddess flow! 🌫

Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDITS: Danu, Celtic Mother Goddess – Artist – Radmer

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