Headlines and Updates for June 17, 2020: New Q & Surviving Trial By Fire & Over-Writing Human Programming [videos] ~ June 17, 2020

Four Peaks wilderness area – Bush Fire June 2020

There’s plenty of good news to offset the bad, but it clearly is the very hot spring/summer that QAnon promised. Tempers are flaring, violence is exploding, the landscape of American society is under attack, and the People are rallying to protect and save their nations globally.

First, the good news. Despite the obvious hypocrisy of the protests, riots, and autonomous zone infringements on social distancing and COVID carelessness, they continue to harp on President Trump’s KAG rallies. This is the most important election ever, and we shall have our rallies. This election will be won fair and square again, and no one will be able to question it. We’re talking red tidal wave—and you can take that to the bank.

Judge denies request to stop Trump rally due to coronavirus concerns

Lineups at the El Paso, Tx rally

These scare tactics about the spread of coronavirus are absurd. They whined and threatened and said there wouldn’t be enough hospital beds or ventilators and when Trump turned the world upside down to source and build what they said they would need, they weren’t even used. The hospital ships were almost empty, and patriots who filmed the hospitals showed us they were empty, too.

We saw videos of nurses doing choreographed dances in halls as vacant as Joe Biden’s mind and they were even twerking! It was disgusting. This movie sucks and I’m giving it 30% on the rotten tomatoes scale. It’s mean to make we awakened ones suffer through that crap. Thankfully we have a sense of humour.

If we’ve said it once we’ve said it twenty times and we’ll keep saying it: PLANDEMIC. SCAMDEMIC.

If the virus is spreading, it’s probably because the tests from China are tainted with CV-19 or the corrupt doctors and nurses are lying. It’s ONE BIG PSYOP, folks.

It’s no worse than any other flu and they harvested our seniors by sending infected people purposely to long term care facilities to infect the weak and those with serious underlying conditions.

We heard that many places are saying anyone with the sniffles or a cough has COVID and they’re purposely padding the numbers. There is no reason on earth for a flu virus to spread in the summer. Masks do nothing but prevent the wearer from breathing fresh oxygen rather their own expelled CO2. Good for plants, not for Humans.

The fear campaigns the lying, treasonous turds in the media are pushing are far more dangerous than a flu virus. Many, many sources agree it was a “fake pandemic”. No question, with even fewer deaths than most typical influenza seasons—yet they’re keeping the US-Canada border closed for another month.

It’s imperative that we grow a pair, folks. You too, Grandma. Don’t comply. Compliance is acquiescence. If we don’t complain and we just go along as we have for decades, the control freaks will assume we’re okay with what they’re doing. We’re the pawns in the game…. this struggle of good versus evil.

I haven’t read Jon Rappaport’s latest inspirational piece on the COVID conspiracy but it’s fantastic. They all are. Jon has written and typed till he’s blue in the face to share his expertise as an investigative journalist who has specialized in vaccine controversy, and the real science. He’s also a very spiritual guy.

Lockdowns, tracing, testing, vaccinating, and Liberty

Despite the massive effort to hoodwink the entire world, however, some people still have a conscience.

One attorney refuses to consort with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the globalists in their agenda to control Humanity under the guise of preventing the spread of a stupid flu virus.

Technical Advisor Resigns From ID2020 Alliance Expressing Concerns Over Their Mission

How would you like to be implanted, scanned, put into inventory and tracked for the remainder of your days like a piece of merchandise? Vaccines can deliver. Is that what you want for your children? That’s what Bill Gates, Big Tech, the demonrats, and the global bloodline terrorists have in mind for Humanity.

Next thing you know they’ll say COVID is spread in the mother to unborn children who will be born infected; rendering that child a threat to the rest of Humanity, to be isolated and possibly culled from the herd—and they have all manner of methods of doing that.

Hell, we just took a major leap forward in that regard when some states approved executing a baby right after it’s born if, for any reason, the parents or the medical team decide it’s wearing the mark; that it’s “flawed” or unwanted for any reason.

That’s all we are to the freaks who have been running the world, folks. Possessions. Commodities. It’s about their pleasure and personal gain. They despise Humans—because they’re not. They think they’re “royalty”. They have no empathy, compassion, or morals. They’re like children who believe it’s okay to “do what you feel” and to hell with the rights of anyone else. No consequences have been levied in the past and they believe they are entitled.

They are now acting out because there’s a new sheriff in town and the control is being returned to the People. Trump told it true when he said we are the elite. That is how we should regard ourselves.

In truth, they are the virus, and Humanity needs to realize who and what we are. We’ve been programmed to believe that “elite” individuals qualify to make decisions for us as to how we will live—never realizing until it was almost too late that we are considered their property; to experiment with and manage as they see fit.

They demand control of everything, and greed is their creed. They can never have enough money—and believe me they’ve monetized us. We never realized it, and never fought back. Trump has led the charge and set the example; positioning himself between us and the enemy.

Humanity is waking up, however, and according to them, we are getting out of control. They want to put a serial number in us via implants. It gets worse, but we’re not going there just now. Suffice it to say they are “predators” in many ways.

It’s time to re-write our programming and get a fresh start. We need to remove the globalists from power, eradicate the threat to our civilization and move forward in a new way to enable us to fulfill the intentions of our Creator. The New World Order will never come to fruition in its ultimate form, and Humanity will blossom and evolve as we were meant to do. We will rule our own Petri dish once we have banished everything evil.

But first, we need to awaken the rest of Humanity so they can understand how we devolved to occupy the cesspool we live in today. The demons have dragged us down to their level in the gutter and it’s time to get the fire hose and flush them out of the sewers.

The stench of our rotting society is enough to make one gag, but many have sacrificed to bring us to the brink of liberation and we will not abandon the battle no matter how ugly.

We will not go along with their “de-Humanizing” agenda. We have a different path.

This speaks to the horrific habits of the “rich and famous”.

What’s Happening To the Children?

Take a look at who some of the traitors are… pretending to be one of us. Not any more.

Independent journalist Jim Stone shared this on his website.

Popular Mechanics just released Detailed instructions for destroying monuments

Cancel all subscriptions. They are communist run. And if any more crap like this gets published BY ANY MSM SOURCE, I am going to release:

“Totally mundane and silent weapons that operate with total stealth”

Update: The original writing for this had descriptions of things a lot worse than the ONE I left posted. I did not post enough for people to figure it out. I am still considering doing so.

Basic outline of intro: Guns suck. one pop and everyone knows you are there. Would it not be much better to use modern technology to take people out in droves, with no one knowing where it came from? Now you can!

Read the rest here. It’s unbelievable. You may have to scroll down a little to find it if Jim has added to the website since.

Can you believe anyone would do this? This is gobsmacking evil. Could society go any lower? Have we hit rock bottom yet?

Thank goodness for Crimestoppers which led to the apprehension of this freak, but what about this poor lady? She could have broken a hip, and you know how that too often ends for the elderly.

The suspect, 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage, is charged with assault. He reportedly has more than 100 prior arrests and was recognized by a police officer who had seen the surveillance video He was spotted in the 25th Precinct in East Harlem

— Scuba (@ScubaTampa) June 16, 2020

And what about this? Thankfully, Ocean City, Maryland’s police haven’t been replaced by social workers.

PURE EVIL: Police Investigating after White Kid Knocked Out on Ocean City Boardwalk – Then Stomped On by Mob (VIDEO)

So, as a result of the years of investigations into Russiagate, the Steele Dossier, and the Russian collusion hoax, what is there to show for it?

Squad Assault Lanes…
Sorry, Adam, but the game is now over [it doesn’t end here].
Locked on target.
[it takes time to remove/install the right people [sleepers]]
We are ready.
Q#WWG1WGA https://t.co/bfJKkAgSUA pic.twitter.com/PHd0MovnYN

— MilCommMommy (@MilComm) June 16, 2020

Norm Traversy is a force to be reckoned with in Canada as he holds the Trudeau government and the judicial system’s fee to the fire.

He also tells us that another patriot, Agent Margaritaville, has had to hide from the RCMP after calling them out numerous times. Agent M has devised an amazing blockchain system for Canadians that Norm summarizes. Very interesting.

A Video Every Canadian MUST SEE He is Risking His Life to Inform You

The following sounds like mildly bad news. The Real Dark Judge has fingered the MeWe social networking platform. Surprise, surprise.

Whenever an application comes forward as an alternative for the awakened to avoid spying, tracking, data mining, etc. I always suspect them of lying and misrepresenting themselves. There’s a good chance they’re cabal.

Seeing as the owner of MeWe is a Weinstein… it sounds plausible. Is it a hub for Human trafficking, perhaps?

The globalists always describe themselves as philanthropists, visionaries, blah, blah, blah, when nothing could be further from the truth. We’ll see what happens as TRDJ+ has just sicced the anons on MeWe.

Anons we will leave the rest to you.

Target that secret MeWe network and it’s servers.




This news might be related to the “facial recognition” of ANTIFA members we heard the White Hats established over a three month period.

Look at all those fresh-faced lovelies who hate America.


TRU Reporting had an interesting podcast yesterday. A little on the woo-woo side. We’ll see what comes up in conversation with the Donald Trumps tomorrow.

The two burning questions many have concern QAnon and aliens.

Will Don Jr. Be The One To Ask The Question We’ve All Been Waiting For?! :coded:

Greg Hunter and former CIA officer Kevin Shipp have an important conversation about what we see unfolding.

Kevin Shipp – Soft Civil War Happening Now

Scott Mowry holds his Wednesday Miracles Intel Call tonight and he’s going to tell us about a new healing technology made available to him, among the usual dots that he so deftly connects for us. His written summary is below along with the contact info.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this coming WEDNESDAY NIGHT, JUNE 17, 2020 beginning approximately 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET.

Our pre-call will open approximately 6:30 PT / 9:30 PM ET — PLEASE DO NOT LOG ON TO OUR CALL UNTIL AROUND 6:30 PM PT.



While the Coronavirus pandemic has dominated the news cycle for the past several months, followed immediately by massive protests around the country supposedly in the name of George Floyd, the Fake News Media, the Democratic Party and the Deep State have conspired to push our nation into further division and deepened unrest.

Their ultimate objective is clearly to create the narrative that America is a nothing but a racist country and therefore, a more radical, socialist-style government is the only answer to all of our problems.

Yet, while all of this anti-American rhetoric carries on, at the very same time President Trump and the Patriots have been working feverishly behind the scenes to implement the most massive series of transformational initiatives in the history of our nation, all of which are designed to take us back to our Constitutional Republic.

  • On Tuesday, June 16, President Trump signed another new Executive Order to institute various measures for police reforms across the country. Realize, as always, there is so much more to this story than what meets the eye.


  • Over at the National Institute of Health, an investigation has uncovered as many as 54 NIH scientists are tied to foreign investment funding including payments from the  Communist Chinese Party. The time has come to either to totally reform the NIH, or dismantle it completely.


  • In fact, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan; Chief of Police Carmen Best; the Seattle City Council; and Washington Governor Jay Inslee; have all outed themselves as working hand-in-hand with the radical, far left protestors. While at the same time, these elected officials have clearly demonstrated they care little for the needs of the majority of their own citizens who placed them into office to protect and serve their city and state.


Finally, as usual, we continue to request to please keep all of these great, GREAT people of the U.S. Military, “Q” /Military Intelligence, the Earth Alliance and President Donald Trump in your prayers at this most crucial time period in world history. IN GOD WE TRUST AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Our conference call line is:

Call-in Number: 605-472-5764 Access Code: 810201#

Playback Recording Number: 605-475-4957 Access Code: 810201# / followed by # again

International connection: Online meeting ID: scottm69756
Download the FCC app: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/downloads

Backup Number: 425-535-9162

If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support: (844) 844-1322

Thank you for your support,
Scott Mowry
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiraclesInspire

My other half went out shooting last night and captured the image at the top of the post at Four Peaks. It was so windy yesterday that embers lit small fires all over the side of the mountains. There are many ways that the Earth can be cleansed, and fire is one of them.

The Bush Fire was at 89,000 acres this morning.

The video below from Juan Brown shows us the latest fire fighting technology used in California. Rather than fire towers, they have fire cameras—sponsored by PG&E as a result of the murder lawsuit in response to the California wildfires. How’s that for justice?

This works in conjunction with http://www.alertwildfire.org/index.html where you can view time lapse footage of a fire. Amazing. What a great video, Juan.

Walker Fire Calaveras County, Ca New Fire technology

One might consider that Humanity has survived their trial by fire and is about to embark on the next stage of their evolution, and our Golden Age. I dare say it’s waxing biblical.

Thanks to the crew for the info and feedback. Much appreciated.  ~ BP

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