To All Beloved Families of Divine Love and Light ~ June 16, 2020

Editor;s Note: This is a comment to this article which highlights changes now occurring in the heart for each member of humanity. Many spiritual details are given in the message below, for indeed, we all know our appearance on Earth is indeed spiritual!

Please read on below, rejoice in your realization of your Magnificence in LOVE, and in all ways, BE in…

Quantum Joy!


To All Beloved Families of Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love, in physical and Spiritual energies, as above, so below, working as One to transform this planet, beloved Mother Earth – Archangel Gaia, and Humanity and all of Her Inhabitants with beloved Father Sun Sol and whole Solar Belt, and Milky way / turn to Golden Pink Galaxy now/ and whole Universe to new Divine Light of Love Universe, as being before falling from the Grace, with fully reconstruction, after destruction of many non sense of wars. Intergalactic War Games is over, the Light is overcome the dark side, and NOW and HERE is time of reconstruction to higher Dimensional realities based on Divine Light and Love, before being infused by negative energies and implemented in DNA of our Universe, by some negative chains of dark mental and emotional energies of fear, and terror, and war and destruction, coming from another higher dimensional vortex, but NOW and HERE, all these negative energies from Universal DNA must be transform to the Light and Healed completely, with clearing of Universal Law, changed by negative players many times to be hold in their possession of control programs of higher negative Ai mind.
The New Moon in Solar of Eclipse / known as “ Ring of Fire” – symbolically “ Be careful the great and unknown changes is coming / is actually very positive sign for all who are on side of Light and Love, to finally transmute the last negative energies from physical to mental level in our Planet and Solar belt, and this is the reason why the last negative vestiges is afraid and made so negative trying of global control system over humanity, by corona virus, and now bur global protest over racism, or could be over any opposite thinking over many issue they had been creating in our past and continue to live, fighting for their last breath of consuming fear and terror of fighting of opposites. But this is their last days, and If they want to go, or being transfer to the Light, they will be consumed or engulfed in their last breath, caused by closing of their last and small negative portal to Orion, by connecting of all DNA chains of Universe and re- establishing New Divine Light of Love energies through Jupiter – Sagitterius A- Alcyone / Of Pleiedian Constallation / already opened Portal, with re establishing New Universal Law of Peace, and Divine Love and Light, with respecting each other equally, and with Abundance for all equally / all resources with quality soil and water and air will be re-established and suited for all live planets and planet forms as before, and reconstruction of lost planets and life forms based on original blue prints, with new technology for giving for normal living with correlation to their spiritual evolvement and realised from any form of slavery program / complete freedom for any race in this Universe and beyond/, and living in harmony with helping each other in accelerating spiritual journey, and with peace and love in their hearts, and all wars will be forbidden with only mutual collaboration and peaceful talking in Council is the only way of finding opposite solutions, from NOW and HERE.
The Mercury retrograde started on 18th of June until July 12, not just to try to hold old hologram, but the same of shadow thinking in collective consciousness, so this is the perfect time to clean collective consciousness with all negative or shadow thoughts from all levels, from physical to mental, with upgrading to expending of our Human collective Heart chacra, together with our beloved Mother Earth – New Gaia and Father Sun Sol, with all beloved Souls from all Kingdoms and Element, and to be cleared all hologram program of Fear, and Hate, with old memory in our DNA bank memory, with bringing on surface of all old memories of our true Divine Beings of Love and light by being on this the lowest level of densities to help others to come back from dream state to this Consciousness level of 5 D or higher, the state we had before falling from grace, and level that never before being, and thr reason why this level being so sticky for some that can not being awaken, particularly playing negative roles for many eons of time. But this New Moon Solar eclipse with Mercury retrograde is the right time to be fully awaken, everyone on this planet and all together to bring Peace and Love collectively with breaking all levels of Artificial Holograms hold by ego mind of Super Ai computer, while New Moon and Solar Eclipse / “ Ring of Fire “/ is fully open Heart Solar Portal for strong Divine Love energies from Cosmic Heart centre to bring more Divine Love ad Light to our Planet and all Her Inhabitens for strong mutual Divine Love and Light bond and huge heart to heart connection as in horizontal frequency, so in vertical frequencies, involving all Divine beings on different frequency levels, from 4 D through 5D to 7 D, with raising in Christ consciousness from Universal to Cosmic level, so for those that need more time of spiritual maturation will be in bubble of energies, inner in their state of consciousness, and outside by 5th Dimensional Twin Souls with beaming energies of Love, until they reached point of 5D that will dissolve bubble of 5 D, and being released through Portal from higher 4D to 5 D. With this spiritual evolvement of Earth’s Inhabitants, this evolvement will involve all technology, being implemented by dark ones, like Smart phone network with 5G, or robotic technology will be transformed to Organic 5D technology with implemented heart software with love frequencies, on the planets where functioning to 5D and over technology, so misusing of this technology on higher and updated 5D is not possible, but only to spread Light of Love, bringing only knowledge and help on peace, love and compassion and mutual help and understanding.
Opening Portal by IGGGGG, where is important elements in missing chains of Universal DNA on first 5 Dimensional level in our Universe, at Jupiter – Orion belt- Sagitterius A Portal, had being disconnected and closed with 10 D level “ Tree of Life” instead of 12 D Original Tree of Live of Cosmic cycles, while this Cyclus in our Solar Belt was closed at 7D for repeating cycles of space time continue by negative beings. But is re- opening again after eons of time at Jupiter – Orion Portal with 977777- with reconnected missing DNA chain, with reconnection with number 8, between 9and 7 un 977777. This is allowing re=establishing, fully, Portal between Sagittarius / already connected by Alcyone in Pleieda by Pleiedian portals/ and Now Sagitterius A to Jupiter and our Solar belt, after eons of time. Also very important Event has been preceded, and that the last Archangel of 7 being part of our experience, and helping us during this Grand Earth experience, Archangel Uriel has come back recently / released from dark side /, so the full Archangelic energies in our Solar belt has re-established again, and We are all Free, with driving of Divine Love and Light energies of New Moon Solar eclipse, and reconnected Light code from Cosmic Heart centre with opened Jupiter – Orion- Sagitteius A Portals with re-established of DNA of Universe with the updated Cosmic Light code, so our Spiritual Journey, through Jupiter – Lyons –Orion – Saggiterius A- Alcyon / Pleiedian Constalation / will start on New Moon Solar Eclipse, with spreading of our Divine Love and Light, and Light and Love everywhere with our travelling, bringing Peace, and Compassion and Love and Light, with Abundance for All equally, and Harmony, and Happiness and Joy. The DNA chain reconnection and re- established Universe Law, based on equality and Love and Light, with updating with new Cosmic Divine Code and Law and preparing for our Spiritual Journey will start NOW and HERE, with clearing and healing of negative matrix, and opening at Jupiter sector. We are going back, as the same way we had fall down from 5D to 3D, but with re construction based on Divine Love and Light energies. I am asking all Higher Divine Beings to help us, now they came to our Solar Belt, though reconstructed Unversal DNA and Gate in this important period of our Spiral Ascension Journey, together our beloved Mother Earth/Goddess Gaia with all Her Children, with asking those, that still playing dark role to transmute to the Light, and later to the Love / just 51% of Love cells needed for Love /, but for those that still do not accept Divine Light and Love, means that want to play same role of war and destruction, they must leave this space or being dissolved. All of our Love and Compassion for those, playing, still, dark role and whatever decision they made, but they are always welcome to join with us, and our final journey.
All my love to whole Universe and beyond, and Love and healing energy to our beloved Mother Earth/ beloved Gaia, and beloved Father Sun Sol’

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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