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News Burst Live Feed
The Hakka People Circular Farms, China, builted in the middle of the rice fields and tea fields are the most representative and best preserved in Southeast Asia. Circular or square, these houses could house a population of several hundred individuals.
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With entire populations ordered to stay home, schools, offices and factories limited their activities, road traffic dwindled to a minimum and airlines reduced scheduled flights by 60% to 95%, the Earth seems to be healing during the COVID-19 lockdown. But the impact on waste remains a concern.
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An image depicting the drying of incense is snapped in Quang Phu Cau commune of Ung Hoa district in Hanoi by local photographer Thanh Toan, @thanhtoanphotographer. The picture has been awarded the top prize in the #Red2020 contest by Agora Images. The story behind the photo is that the drying of incense is a craft that dates back 100 years ago and is a popular tourist attraction ahead of the Lunar New Year festival.
News Burst Live Feed

News Burst Live Feed – Jun 14, 2020

Last Updated 2020-06-14 15:30:42

The court in Norilsk, Siberia, arrested Pavel Smirnov, the director of CHPP-3 power plant where the fuel oil spill had taken place, until July 31, press service of the Krasnoyarsk District Court told on Thursday. “[He] was arrested for one month and 21 days, until July 31 inclusive,” a court spokesperson said. The loss of containment of the diesel fuel tank occurred on the territory of the combined heat and power plant CHPP-3 on May 29, causing pollution and damage to the environment.
A 24-meter whale that became stranded on a beach in Baja California will be buried nearby, a municipal official said. Whale left stranded on beach in Rosarito.
Mexican authorities seized a major shipment of drugs in the city of Tijuana next to the US border, Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT) announced Saturday. “The SAT agents seized 301 boxes of marijuana, with the total weight of 3,607 kg, and 21 boxes of methamphetamine with the total weight of 565 kg,” the statement says. According to preliminary estimations, the seized drugs are worth about $3.5 million. The illegal shipment was discovered by an X-Ray machine. No details were provided regarding the smugglers.
At least 20 soldiers and more than 40 civilians have been killed, and hundreds have been injured in twin attacks in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state on Saturday, residents and a civilian task force fighter said. The attacks, in the Monguno and Nganzai local government areas, came just days after armed militants killed at least 81 people in a raid on a village in a third area, Gubio. Boko Haram and its offshoot, ISWAP, have killed thousands and displaced millions in northeastern Nigeria. The ISWAP was established in 2015 by cells that splintered away from the Boko Haram terror group.
The Trans Mountain pipeline in Canada’s Abbotsford (British Columbia) temporarily suspended its operation over an oil spill, the operating company said in a statement. “On early morning Saturday, the control center received an emergency signal. The pipeline was shut down immediately, the workers were dispatched to investigate,” the statement said. Currently, the spill is localized, decontamination is in progress. There is no threat for people living nearby, the statement notes. The pipeline transports oil products from the Alberta province to the British Columbia.
The medium-range commercial flyer has been nicknamed the ghost plane after being parked up since 2010. The apparently abandoned aircraft, a McDonnell Douglas MD87 medium-range commercial jet, has been parked up at Madrid Barajas Airport since 2010. Madrid airport officials admit they don’t know who owns abandoned jet parked there for almost 10 years.
China’s textile and garment exports in the first five months of the year totaled 96.16 billion U.S. dollars, down 1.17 percent year on year, official data showed. The decrease narrowed by 8.8 percentage points from the figure in the January-April period, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). From January to May, the country’s textile exports climbed 21.3 percent year on year to total 57.95 billion dollars, while garment exports dropped 22.8 percent to 38.21 billion dollars. China exported more than 70.6 billion masks and 340 million protective suits from March to May, according to a white paper titled “Fighting COVID-19: China in Action.”
Three female elephants have been found dead in Surguja, India, over five days in the division where more than 200 pachyderms jostle for space with villages extending into forests. “On June 6, the first female elephant died in the forest near Khutantola. The herd then moved to the forest near Ganeshpur, where on June 8, a pregnant elephant, carrying nearly close to term, died. On June 9, another elephant collapsed while standing and died,” said Arun Dubey, Chhattisgarh Assistant Principal Chief Conservator, saying symptoms of toxicity were found in at least two of three animals. According to Dubey, the animals had haemorrhaged intestines, organ failures and charred skin — signs of consumption of chemical toxins or fertilisers.
Honda Motor Co. has resumed production at automobile and motorcycle plants in the United States and other countries after they were hit by a suspected cyber attack this week, a spokesman said on Friday. The suspected attack was the second on Honda’s global network after the WannaCry virus forced it to halt production for a day at a domestic plant in 2017.
The company globally renowned for its Hello Kitty character goods will get its first new president since its founding in 1960. Sanrio Co. announced June 12 that Tomokuni Tsuji, 31, a grandson of the company founder and president, will take over as president on July 1. But Shintaro Tsuji, 92, will maintain a grip on company management as he becomes chairman with the right to represent the company. The younger Tsuji joined Sanrio in 2014 and played a senior role in the planning and marketing departments, courtesy of his family connections. At a June 12 news conference where the personnel change was announced, the grandson stated, “Rather than focus on character goods, I want to grow the company into one that takes a broad view of global entertainment and provides value to all people.”
The Brazilian government said on Friday that the Amazon rainforest witnessed deforestation of a record 829 square kilometers in May, the highest monthly level since 2015 when measurements first began to be taken. According to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), deforestation in the Amazon increased by 91 square kilometers compared to the same period of last year. The Real-time Deforestation Detection system, a federal project created to monitor human activity in the Amazon, alerted authorities to the increase in the rate of destruction of the rainforest. A recent study by the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM) warned that deforestation in 2020 could reach 11,900 square kilometers if the pace of May, June, and July follows the historical average.
The Little Karachi: “We have intelligence that extreme far-right groups are coming to London, ostensibly they say to protect the statues,” Mr Khan said this morning to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme (Incredibly this guy is London’s Mayor).
133 days after Twitter “permanently” banned Zero Hedge on January 31, the social network has reinstated the account after admitting it made an error.
Twitter has announced that it has taken down 7,340 accounts linked to an information campaign led by the Turkish government which targeted Kurdish parties and sought support for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). The Turkish campaign reportedly aimed to gather support for the AK Party while targeting Kurdish parties within both Turkey and Syria, particularly in relation to the Turkish army’s Operation Peace Spring into north-east Syria last October. “Detected in early 2020, this network of accounts was employing coordinated inauthentic activity, which was primarily targeted at domestic audiences within Turkey,” explained Twitter. “Based on our analysis of the network’s technical indicators and account behaviours, the collection of fake and compromised accounts was being used to amplify political narratives favourable to the AK Party, and demonstrated strong support for President Erdogan. We’re disclosing 7,340 accounts to the archive today.”
I am truly at a loss for words today. All I have are questions

How does the Seattle mayor and police chief allow their city to be held hostage?
How does said mayor swear to an oath and then allow “protestors” to take over a police precinct?
How is it not widely known that a donation to Black Lives Matter funnels directly to the Democratic Party?
How is Defund The Police even worth a mention?
How is it OK that police officers and their families are being threatened on social media in the US?
How is it that having a pro-police bumper sticker on your car is grounds to thrash the vehicle?
How is it that a thrice-wrong virus “expert” is allowed to scare the public and the economy with another dire prediction that probably won’t be realized?

I have so many questions and unfortunately no answers at this time. It’s Jabberwocky.
Hertz just won bankruptcy court approval to sell (or at least try) up to $1 billion in worthless stock to maniac daytraders. Not even Enron tried this. Judge Mary Walrath ruled that Hertz can go ahead with the offering and could take in as much as $1 billion. With the company set to receive 3% on the offering, if the bank finds enough Robinhood teenagers to sell the full billion, it will make $30 million from selling worthless garbage to idiots.
Media outlets in the US and UK have been conducting mental gymnastics worthy of Cirque du Soleil to portray rioters as virtuous, non-violent freedom fighters even as they film them starting fires and ripping down statues. You may have noticed the word “peaceful” being bandied about on your TV screens and appearing in headlines all over the internet a lot recently. “Peaceful” is an interesting adjective, because in most cases if something is peaceful, it is self-evident. For example, you’d only have to look at a photograph of a yoga retreat or a calm lake on a warm summer’s day and your brain would instantly think, “peaceful”. Likewise, with its opposite “violent”; normally if something is violent it is perfectly obvious: baying mobs, cage fighting, Quentin Tarantino movies – they’re violent and you don’t need to be told they are. Which is why it is rather interesting that “peaceful” has crept into the headlines of countless stories about the recent protests following the tragic death of George Floyd. Virtually every news outlet, from CNN to MSNBC to the BBC and Sky News, even the Daily Mail, have insisted that all the demonstrations in his name have been mainly placid, well-mannered affairs. They seem to have forgotten, however, that the cameras are rolling. The first widely memed incident of this sort of coverage was footage from MSNBC. This showed reporter Ali Velshi standing outside a building in Minneapolis that was literally on fire as looting took place all around him, insisting that what was going on was “mostly a protest” and “was not generally speaking unruly”.

Bonus Video

An oil tanker exploded close to the exit of a highway in Wenling, E.China’s Zhejiang Province and the explosion affected surrounding houses and vehicles. Nine fatalities, 112 hurt. News Burst Live Feed – Jun 14, 2020

Solar Activity

Something just exploded on the sun. The debris, a coronal mass ejection (CME), is billowing over the sun’s eastern limb. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory did not record a flare or other eruption on the nearside of the sun, so this is probably a farside event. The CME is expected to miss Earth. News Burst Live Feed – Jun 14, 2020

News Burst — Live Feed

Active Weather

News Burst Live Feed – Jun 14, 2020

Jun13 23 UTCTropical Storm NURI Wind 35/50 kts 998 hPa Moving NW 11 kts. Nuri is expected to make landfall and weaken over western part of Guangdong during the day.


News Burst Live Feed – Jun 14, 2020

M3,4 Greece
M3,8 Alaska
M3,6 Puerto Rico
M4,4 Venezuela
M4,7 China – Japan
M4,7 New Zealand
M4,3 510km Tonga
M 5,8 – SE of South Africa
Schumann Resonance Today
June 14 8:00 UTCWe were guessing about Taiwan if and when… well here is the real twin earthquake reported at mid M5 but if we do analyze the data in detail it may come out that is closer to 6 that to 5.
Schumann Resonance Today
June 13 23:00 UTCMassive M6.2 in the Marianna Islands north of Guam, 622 km depth. This movement can put in motion Japan for a movement above M7. In several of these occasion a twin earthquake struck the Taiwan area within few days but these two M6s might be the twins we’re looking for.

Earthquakes Last 24 Hours – M4 and Above

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