Headlines and Updates for June 12, 2020: Oh, the Pain [videos] ~ June 12, 2020

“The Show” is really hard to take when you “know”, isn’t it? When your chain isn’t the one being yanked, and you’re just there for the popcorn, it’s a real groaner. It’s not always easy to remain in observer mode, however. It’s so real. You just can’t make it up and every morning leaves me coughing and spluttering over the outrageous headlines.

Seattle Mayor Describes ‘CHAZ’ As A ‘Block Party’, Not ‘An Armed Takeover’

The Seattle mayor says they won’t take it back and may have a “summer of love”, which won’t go over well with the President so you could expect to see a military presence activated there. Or not. Perhaps they’ll just let it fester to get people’s attention as the sort of  “scare event” Q spoke of.

Report: National Guard Members Found Glass in Their Pizza from DC Restaurant While Deployed to DC to Save National Monuments from Leftists

We continue to have connectivity issues with the host so I hope everything is in order below. All the keywords I entered related to the KAG rally and others were removed. I have to repeat my work far too often.

We have some very good news, however. Nothing can stop what is coming. BOK Center, 19,ooo+ capacity.

Make America Great Again! Rally – Tulsa, OK

Fri, June 19, 2020
08:00 pm (CDT)

Tickets here:

What? Social distancing? Never heard of it, and don’t use that kind of language around here again.

Watch the KAG rally here, uncensored, unspoiled and uncut on Right Side Broadcasting who begin streaming the party outside at 11:00 a.m.

LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa, OK 6/19/20

I forgot to share Dave’s X22 Report yesterday and with so much happening—they’re awesome every day, of course. I remember a couple of years ago when Dave was telling us there was going to be an economic collapse that wasn’t going to be pretty and I didn’t believe the patriots were going to let it get really bad and would make it relatively smooth. Otherwise, there would be utter chaos on the planet.

You can’t just wipe out peoples’ savings and plunge them into poverty and expect people to deal with it. That is simply not an option—particularly when there is so much wealth available to us that was stolen by the globalist cabal. None of it was in Humanity’s control. They didn’t even know who the enemy is.

After Q came along, however, Dave had a more positive outlook because many others did as well and could entertain the global reset happening without destroying the entire financial system and plunging the world into poverty. This is yesterday’s financial update.

Brilliant, Patriots In The Process Of Creating A Parallel Banking System – Episode 2197a

Yes, a lot changed when we realized Trump really did have a magic wand. The transition will go as smoothly and gradually as possible—and if cabal enterprises and banksters fall in the process—looks good on ’em.

President Trump and the Earth Alliance have been busy confiscating funds, seizing the assets of the child murderers, and executing a complete redistribution of wealth. Tax reform is another initiative, and there will be ample good food, water, shelter, energy, and resources for every man, woman, and child on the planet. Our Golden Age is at our doorstep. Once the majority of the criminals have been removed and their systems dismantled, it will be a new world.

This is the next video from Project Veritas showing what ANTIFA had up their sleeve.

ANTIFA Hand-to-Hand Combat: Part II – Inside “The Base” NYC

It’s all about optics, and the M.A.P. (military action plan). The Plan has been decades in the making and must be adhered to, except for occasional minor tweaking. Right now it’s about waking people up.

In America now we’ve almost got the “Clockwork Orange” thing going on where it’s so shocking and so horrific that people can’t look away; they have to learn more and participate. They have to know who has been destroying the world so that when the psychopaths are removed via the legal process (like Obama and Hillary Clinton), the masses don’t engage in a violent uprising.

It’s complicated, and things may appear one way, and be entirely different in reality. We just need to trust the Plan. The White Hats are creating a masterpiece and we’re making history. Disinfo is necessary to outwit the enemy.

Criminal Referrals Coming, the Wait Will Soon Be Over…

And these Tweets popped up, too.


— Greatest President Ever! (@realTrumpForce) June 11, 2020

There are some enigmatic ghost fish in the swamp. QAnon wasn’t kidding when they said China is a formidable enemy. We’re still learning about the massive amount of infiltration.

Chinese Military Officer Charged With Visa Fraud, Allegedly Took Research From US University

Washington state is a cesspool full of swamp creatures.

The cool thing about autonomous zones is you can kill the water, the electricity, and not let any food supplies in — nor any toilet paper. You can even kill all cell service in the area. Eventually, they’ll come to their senses and decide mommy’s basement wasn’t all that bad. https://t.co/o3oXQ4XadG

— Daniel Bobinski (@NewBookofDaniel) June 11, 2020

Thomas goes into this and other interesting topics in his update from yesterday on TRU Reporting.

Autonomous Zones Have Now Become Armed With A Warlord!! Martial Law Next Step?! :coded:

It sounds like the RNC in Jacksonville, FL will be quite the party, and Thomas will be there for 4 days for the President’s comeback.

Minneapolis is going to hell in a handbasket, exposing the demonrats at every turn. No one seems to care about social distancing there. They can’t have it both ways. Either there’s a plandemic and masks and social distancing are required or it’s a hoax, it’s in the past, we’re all immune to this flu virus and we are not going to give up any more rights or put our lives on hold any more. Isolate the ones in the high risk category.

Radicals rent out hotel to homeless & rioters who then trash it

Why don’t we go start tearing this SHIT down ?!
I’ll lead the way !!!! pic.twitter.com/KrADWDmK1S

🛸💎TooTallRN💎🛸⭐⭐⭐ (@VeteransAlways_) June 12, 2020

This interesting story came from the Real Dark Judge along with severe and repeated warnings: NEVER GO TO ANTARCTICA; EVER.


— Łitecoin Bull | The News Before The News! (@litecoin_bull) June 12, 2020

WHO is that sitting back in Marine One?!

Look at the HANDS!!! 😳👀😳👀 @John_F_Kennnedy #QAnon #WWG1WGA!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/WQPeLMV3bF

— QAnon John🇺🇸🐸 (@QStorm1111) June 11, 2020

In case the above disappears, here is the image, and a comment with a comparative image, because I think they’re onto something. They are looking at the figure in the back of Marine One, and particularly at the hands.

The comment photo for comparison…

Think it’s him? Is he really the official VP, already sworn in? In 3 weeks or so we might find out. For some time now we’ve been getting titillating teasers suggesting it and the evidence is convincing.

How did JFK Jr. know to place these events in more than one of his “George” magazines before he “died”? Why did he suggest readers hold onto one of those and revisit it in twenty years? He must have had access to the Tesla technology that was probably shared with Uncle John Trump that enabled them to view future timelines. There is no other explanation I can think of.

How else could anyone have the audacity to come up with a plan like this unless they KNEW how it would unfold? Why else would Donald Trump run for president and risk his life and that of his family to liberate America and the world?

How could he and the US military openly declare war on the deep state as they have recently done unless they had strong assurances they would be able to pull it off and survive as well as protect the American people and Humanity as a whole? It would be the plot of a madman, otherwise.

American Prophet is one who has provided a great deal of evidence that the above has been a long time plan; part of THE plan. This is the latest short video from them—just under 5 minutes. I find I want to pause from time to time to have a better look at something.

The last frames are interesting because there seems to be a scene from a movie in New York’s Times Square with both a bottle of Corona beer and a COVID-looking virus in it. And yes, we know there is a very special place reserved for George Soros—if he’s not already ensconced there.

The very last image is also linked to Junior; “By George we did it” on a billboard on top of a building. The Illuminati Card Game is full of prophecies that came to pass very accurately. How many coincidences does it take before it’s mathematically impossible for it to be a coincidence?

Dark to Light Season 2 | Episode 1 (HD)

If you like to read, you may enjoy this new article on Corey’s Digs.

PC Brigade Marches Towards A Life of Hard Knocks

Crisis averted? Remember the Russian sub incident? This ended much better.

US Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers Headed To Alaska

It looks like the 9/11 narrative to awaken the public is going to begin with Building 7. Once people can wrap their heads around that one, they can address the Two Towers truths. No doubt they will handle that one with kid gloves.

Short Version of New Documentary SEVEN Begins Airing Today on PBS

Here’s another conspiracy that the world will be learning about. It’s not a theory. Fluoride is part of the effluent from the aluminum smelting process. It’s toxic, of course, and the globalists didn’t want to spend the money it would take to safely dispose of it, so they came up with a brilliant idea.

Let’s tell the sheep it’s good for their teeth and put it in their drinking water. We’ll tell them it prevents cavities and put it in toothpaste and mouthwash.

Despite many children experiencing grey teeth—or worse—severely mottled teeth, dentists were fully indoctrinated and for some time no one considered that fluoride just might be the culprit. It gets worse.

Fluoride also calcifies the pineal gland, and probably other parts of the body. We may not even know the full extent of the damage to the Human body yet but there are reports it affects the bones, joints, thyroid, and even cognitive function. There’s more bad news. Fluoride is a neurotoxin. Read about it here and here.

Historic Court Case — The Fluoride Cover Up Will Soon Be Exposed

This sky phenomenon came in just at press time.

Rare BLOOD RAINBOW Appears in the Sky Over Calgary, Canada

That’s all for today, my friends. Lots to think about. America is coming back fast. Stand up for your rights wherever you are and don’t let the globalist psychopaths push you around.  ~ BP

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