Headlines and Updates for QsDay, June 9, 2020: Globalists Stacking the Deck of Cards [videos] ~ June 9, 2020

It’s not only about what’s coming, but what’s here. What we don’t see outstrips what we do, I believe.

The patriots are dismantling China’s CCP now, and Israel is left until last. Anything could happen now.

This is an interesting thread from the Real Dark Judge. Thanks, R.

Obviously the Earth Alliance is not going to tell us everything that is going on. We have enough chaos on the planet without igniting more. The patriots are allowing the psychos to use all their resources, expose themselves, and then when they have nothing left to throw at us, the bigger news can come. The most dangerous elements must be dealt with to protect the population. No fanfare, no tipping off the criminals.

GITMO executions are almost a daily occurrence now.

Not an opinion.

A fact.


A number of us are on the same page.

If THIS is allowed to happen in the streets, then President Trump should be allowed to have rallies

RT if you agree!


— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) June 8, 2020

Continue to keep the military, patriots, and President Trump and his family in your thoughts.

US Air Force C-130 Crash Lands in Iraq: Officials

Dave brings us his perspective on current events.

Do You See What Is Happening, Message Sent, Message Received – Episode 2195b

This may or may not get traction, but it’s worth a try. Get people involved and invested in what happens. Get them to take action!

Great news! Petition to recall despot Gov Gretchen Whitmer Approved

Anti-government clashes regarding COVID lockdowns continue around the world.

*Italy: Football fans clash with police at anti-government protesthttps://t.co/of2VmMOc2i

— Voice of Europe 🌍 (@V_of_Europe) June 8, 2020

A friend sent me the following scenario that happened in Washington state . They will keep pushing, folks. Push back. Refuse to comply. Alert others. We can’t just keep going along with their agenda. We have to break free.

Say “No, we’re not doing this” and stand your ground. People are dying for this cause, so the least we can do is refuse to go along. It may take a little personal sacrifice. Thanks, L.

Source: RumorMillNews.com

Things have been off schedule this past couple of days with my mother whisked off to hospital so there have been demands on my time. She’s in fairly good shape so hopefully we can stick to our original plan to go to Canada in August and not be forced to go earlier.

Today, however, I see this update suggesting that even here in Arizona where COVID has been a non-issue compared to many places, it sounds like they’re planning to ramp things up again just for fun.

The WHO is hard at it to prolong this fake plandemic right up to election time and the deep state in Canada is in lock step.

Of course, it’s okay to protest, shop, and other things the globalists deem appropriate but voting in person they will no doubt consider out of the question. Will someone please out these liars and stop them from screwing with innocent lives?

The Hill’s “Coronavirus update” reports…

Arizona state health director tells hospitals to ‘fully activate’ emergency plans, deepening fears that new hot spots are set to emerge in US 

Arizona is scary stuff. The state added nearly 7,000 new cases last week, and models maintained by the PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia show cases exploding in Maricopa County over the next few weeks.

States where week-over-week cases have declined 2+ weeks in a row: CO, DE, IL, IN, IA, KS, ME, MD, MN, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, WV, as well as DC

Arizona had its worst day of the outbreak on Thursday, and another bad day Saturday. It added more than 1,000 cases in three of the past four days. Their week-over-week case count nearly doubled from last week.

This sounds like BS to me. Heat and sunlight kill the virus, so if things are not improving, it’s probably because so many idjits are wearing masks. The numbers are probably pure fabrication.

The con-continues, however.

W.H.O. Says Coronavirus Crisis ‘Worsening’, Prescribes ‘Active Surveillance’ of Infected Populations

That’s all I have the wherewithal to do today. We have connectivity issues every day now with error messages about being disconnected from the host so we don’t know what to expect from day to day. Hang in there, everyone.  ~ BP

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