Headlines and Updates for June 9, 2019: D5 Revisited & Other Coded Language [videos] ~ June 9, 2020

Editor’s Note: Ok…finally found the Starship Earth daily news report for today, June 9. This normally comes to me by email today…but not today, so I had to seek this report out. Other emails seems to be affected as well, so it’s been a very slow email day today for me.

Somehow, in some way…today seems to be significant in some way, and it will be interesting to see the Schumann Resonance energies tomorrow for today. The world seems in even more in total chaos today, so we shall sy advice?wee how this rolls out.

My advice? Be calm and breathe, ignore the news and focus instead on you, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Headlines and Updates for June 9, 2019: D5 Revisited & Other Coded Language [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture June 9, 2019

Intentional misspelling or not?  Backetball?


The above was replaced by this Tweet at some point after I noticed the spelling and embedded the Tweet:

Heads-up Tweets from Eye the Spy… telling us things are about to get very interesting. Thanks, L. Will Alice and Wonderland jump into the mix?

Check ’em out on Rumor Mill News…

This next video was an interesting listen for a Saturday afternoon.

Remember when Q posts referenced “D5”, and an anon discovered it was the most extreme rating for an avalanche? We also know Q drops can be construed in multiple ways. There have since been other references to D5 as well. Are you ready for another alternate to “D5”?

You may learn these reprobates running the world are worse than you ever imagined. Do they discuss this at the Bilderberg Conferences?

“…the ferocious, eternal struggle between good and evil.” Trump spelled it out for everyone. That’s the big picture, my friends. That is what is going on across the planet as we speak. He means it quite literally. We are going to win this battle NOW, once and for all, so no President, and no Human ever has to go through this again.

This patriot is a serious excavator. He digs deep, and says there are plenty of research opportunities for skilled Anons interested in poking around this rabbit hole. Email him at Area17GZ@protonmail.com.

Our Area 17 host has also stated he is even more sure of the JFKJRVP probability. I have to concur. So much points to that scenario it would be a surprise if it did NOT unfold. But what will happen with MP? Will he drop out with some lame excuse? How would he come off the Republican ticket for 2020?

When people are suggesting the Tony Rodham death was a retaliatory hit in response to the cops and others suicided when they were ready to testify against Clinton crimes, it’s definitely looking like a “death blossom”.


What the dirty dimms are doing now is unbelievable, as Dave explains.

What You Are Witnessing Is A Coordinated Effort To Block The Truth,This Will Fail – Episode 1888b

This sky phenomenon will have folks flummoxed; from Colchester, UK.  ~ BP

Possible “Alien Megastructures” spotted in sky from England – HUGE round dark shadows!

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