Headlines and Updates for June 8, 2020: Calm Before the Storm… Explosive Events in the Offing [videos] ~ June 8, 2020

Editor’s Note: Think “we’re” losing? Think our civilization is going down the tubes? Well, please read this daily news report and know that while humanity is NOT losing, the current corrupt systems for our society IS going down the tubes to be replaced by systems that are “so much better”, leaving us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


If you listened to Scott Mowry’s intel update from last night you are probably reeling with the amount of stunning information discussed. Scott was asked to release this because as a seasoned investigative journalist with a military family background, he is a credible source with a large following and always shares the information he’s given, responsibly.

The biggies:

He confirmed that Joseph Gregory Hallett is working with Trump and has links to the British royal family. The story sounds right out of Game of Thrones.

We are seeing the liberation of China and the dismantling of the Chinese Communist Party with the initiation of the New Federal State of China.

The George Floyd hoax was, as usual, created with the use of crisis actors previously seen at the Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing false flag events.

Scott closed with the news that in a few weeks President Trump will attend an Independence Day celebration and fireworks at Mount Rushmore, further supporting the rumour that Junior will make an appearance. We’ll see what happens.

We understand that it’s going to be a very intense period between now and November 4 and no guarantees about what will or will not happen. As you can see from the COVID hoax and recent events, it is possible to experience lockdowns, curfews, supply chain issues, restrictions on shopping, etc. so you would be wise to set aside 2 weeks worth of food and water, if you can. Include daily necessities, pet supplies, meds, and cash. Just in case. Most of us have been doing this for years, never really thinking we’d need to… but these are surprising, uncertain, and unprecedented times and the onus is on us to  look after ourselves and our families.

You need to listen to that Miracles Intel Call yourself because there was a tremendous amount of detail to it that I can’t get into. I’ve told you for a long time that miracles happen every day, and to expect the unexpected. Scott says the same. It’s clear that a great deal has been developing behind the scenes. Gradually it is making its way out to the public when the time is right.

Happy birthday to Scott for tomorrow. To listen to the archived call, dial in as below.

Replay Number: 712-770-5402 Access code:  767664# / followed by # again

In Allison Coe’s last sharing of her client’s quantum hypnosis session we heard that from a particular timeline, a tremendous “roar” went out from Humanity when they learned the truth. I can well imagine the din that would erupt if the world learned that COVID-19 was a hyped up flu virus and George Floyd’s death was just as fake.

Candidate Joe Biden Will Visit George Floyd Family Monday – Record Video for Third Floyd Funeral…

To make matters worse, the funds donated by the generous sympathizers to the fake Floyd death amount to over $12 million at this point. Gullible Humans just can’t give enough of their hard-earned money to the globalist imposters while they call us conspiracy nut jobs. I wonder how much they donated to support the families of all the police officers killed or wounded in the riots.

Have these people had lobotomies, or what?

White protesters, including police officers, decide to repent “on behalf of the Caucasian people in Cary, North Carolina”, by washing the feet of the black protest-organizers. I don’t even know what else to say… #MassPsychosis pic.twitter.com/aKWim24N6f

— BasedPoland (@BasedPoland) June 8, 2020

“Ok people. That’s a wrap. Our directors will be making our final selections for the cast of “4-6%” and will post the names of those chosen by Friday. Thanks for all that came out. You guys did great.” https://t.co/qy6wOJ7pZ0

— l E T 17 (@Inevitable_ET) June 8, 2020

In other countries, as well, they are using the Floyd fiasco to bring changes the globalists want. This is their modus operandi. Their “M.O.”. They’ve done it countless times because Humanity has too many gullible sheep who don’t see the forest for the trees.

France moves to ban police chokeholds amid global George Floyd protests

Will the truth be made globally available to large numbers all at once? I guess we’ll find out. People don’t respond well when learning they’ve been hoodwinked. When those 80 hours of video the White Hats have prepared get on the air and Qmanity learns they were duped about every single thing in their life, they won’t be happy and an array of extreme emotions will ensue.

This message is for those who can’t see reality for what it is.

The Brutal Truth

Okay so that video wasn’t about adrenochrome at all, but it was good.

This one is. This young man did a good job. It’s gratifying to see the number of people who are putting out their own videos because they have something to say and want other people to know it. They can’t stay silent knowing what they know.

They joined the club. It’s a big club, and we can all be in it.

This video got silenced on tiktok… https://t.co/ueQC8fYidY https://t.co/RE8bfq465j

— Shaker 400k 🐐 (@TvShaker) June 7, 2020

The strategy of the Earth Alliance continues to be… allow the deep state freaks to do what they’re going to do as long as the patriots can protect the President and the bulk of Humanity and keep the peace. They watch, they document, they record everything, and catch them all in the act while the world watches and connects the dots.

In the background, they seem to be systematically dismantling the power structure and arresting some key figures; maybe a few executions of the really bad ones. The new global Quantum Financial System is ready to go when they determine it’s time.

And this supports the BLM cause because…?

MUST SEE! Media Is HIDING This: Look at Mass Destruction in Chicago, NYC, Minneapolis and St. Louis After Just One Week of Leftist “Peaceful Protest” (SHOCKING VIDEO)

The Great Awakening is progressing at a blistering pace and Qmanity is seeing things a whole lot clearer and getting out of denial. People simply won’t be able to say,”They would never do that”—because it’s evident the desperate bloodlines will do anything to further the globalist agenda. Human life is of no consequence.

They couldn’t disarm Americans so they’re going to Plan B; vilify the police and call for their removal—the dismantling of the police force. At the very least they want to tie their hands and make them less effective and unable to effectively protect themselves. Do you think that will go over well? No matter how they frame it, the demonrats can’t justify it.

Is Minneapolis/St. Paul about to find out that the problem isn’t the police—it’s not enough of them?

Wow! Minneapolis City Council President Says Calling the Police on Burglars “Comes from a Place of Privilege” (VIDEO)

Obviously, the George Floyd death was the catalyst for this plan. Do you think the white people are feeling guilty? They’d love us to believe that.

Even an idiot can see that if there were no police, there would be no peace. The opportunists who destroyed property and looted under cover of the ANTIFA antagonists would have free rein. Vigilantes would take the law into their own hands. Innocent people would be caught in the crossfire and it would be unadulterated anarchy in America.

There would be little need for the courts or judicial system and the Rule of Law would evaporate. We don’t even want to contemplate that kind of a world because we wouldn’t be around long. Law and order is mandatory for our civilization to exist.

If this is what folks would like to see when they call an ambulance for their family member, they can vote Democrat. They’ll soon learn what lawlessness means.

Tired of this yet? pic.twitter.com/bmMPU2C05I

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) June 8, 2020

A better world is coming, but it will take time to evolve. We need to “trust the plan”. We can see that plan shaping up every day now. It’s definitely happening.

Currently, the lunatic left is stacking up the kindling under their own feet and we’re gonna bar-b-Q their asses.

In St. Louis, at least, there is some justice.

David Dorn, retired police captain, St. Louis

BREAKING: Police Arrest 24-Year-Old Stephan Cannon in Shooting Death of Retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn

About that election… we all know Biden has a vacant mind, and some believe semi-black candidate Kamala Harris is a good VP option. She’s actually Jamaican and East Indian. She panders to the globalists and is helping to destroy California.

If there’s any doubt as to her loyalties, Time magazine will point you in the right direction. They immortalize their own; the satanic global El-ites.

Kamala Harris could be your president, her platform should terrify you

And We Know brings us up to speed on the headlines.

AWK News 6.8.20: Stand up! Find your voice. We are the MAJORITY!

I never heard of this, did you?

Forrest Finn’s Treasure Chest Full of Gold Has Been Found

Dollar signs make the world go ’round. It’s a culture created by the greedy globalists. They raised over $12 million in response to the fake killing of George Floyd and now, just like the fires in California, hurricanes and tornadoes, they have their hand out in Minneapolis for federal aid.

Will the mayor cave to the mob on dismantling the police department?

Minneapolis Mayor Frey Begs for Bailout, Rejects Mob Pressure to Defund Police

The war on the police is overt now and can’t be denied.

REPORT: NYPD Find Functional Bomb at 77th Precinct Station House in Brooklyn

This is New York earlier today.

LIVE: Protesters take to NYC streets over George Floyd’s death

We’re all in this together. The problems on this planet span borders and oceans.

😳🙌🏼🔥 https://t.co/nwONqyK31L

— l E T 17 (@Inevitable_ET) June 8, 2020

Some stories are published indicating there is a huge problem among the El-ites concerning child trafficking, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The swamp will get drained, and the public will get to see the rest of the monolith. What is revealed as it melts will turn their stomachs.

Sophie Trudeau’s cousin alleges a wide-ranging Liberal Party cover-up to protect pedophile officials

Each day brings positive and negative news, but over all we are winning the war. There is already talk of an “October surprise” so the remainder of this year should be interesting. The war isn’t over, but we can enjoy the victories President Trump and the patriots present.

Hopefully we can squeeze in a few more Trump rallies.  ~ BP

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