A Message From Yeshua and Mary ~ June 6, 2020


This was formerly a post on my FB that Yeshua asked me to send out now. It has everything to do with Now.

Spellbinding is a word that comes to mind as I sit on what I fondly call Bliss Beach writing in my journal and contemplating the complexity of our evolution and the courage it took to make such an agreement.

What once began as the Divine Plan as we perceived it to be, no longer is. Our lives are evolving now by energy and choice not plan, putting our Life into new perspective.

We have surpassed what once was The Original Plan that really was a potential more than a plan with the seeds of Christ Consciousness implanted in our DNA and the Feminine/Masculine Christ pattern of wholeness imprinted in our Souls to steer us… once awakened.

Yeshua/Jesus has spoken to me previously that the energy at hand streaming from the Cosmos is our perfect servant. It is ours to alchemize, form and choose how we will use it to shape the future of ourselves…to evolve back into the heart of our eternal, sovereign Selves.

Suddenly though softly I felt His Presence. Clearly listening to my thoughts He said, “The Divine Plan lies within each One. Your Life is in your hands, your plan in your Soul.” 

“In the beginning, each human aspect of the Creator was given the autonomy of their own space to evolve and experience the multi-facets of life both dark and light. 

Your responsibility now in your Ascended Life is to be who you truly are as a Soul and fulfill the Love you are in only the way you can. 

Except for the Creator only you in your ascended state of embodied Soul knows what that is, making you the Creator of your Divine Plan for the rest of your Life.

Although there is the telling of great discord and disruption close on your heels consider yourself/selves to be a powerful Portal of God’s Totality being engulfed in Eternal Consciousness daily in an effort to rise above the discord, to blend with your Soul and redirect the limitations and separation of the human experience into the unifying Reality of the Divine, on an Earth of your making. 

Never give your power away, again. Not to words, nor people or events. In each turn of event you are able to take the reins and tune your frequency toward the quintessential vibratory essence of the 5th Dimension of Love, of Peace and Unity.

With each turn of event you are being made able to carry out your Soul plan, your Soul destiny inextricably linked to the One Will and One Heart of God. Everything in Creation is being used to help you do so. Yes you are complex. You would have to be to make an Ascension such as this as well to build a New Earth and a New Human. You are being watched over with Great Love and Assistance.”

He was quiet then and a common memory of mine walking close to the shore with my young hand in His as he shared wisdom arose. Before and now blended into one present state of being. 

Basking in the Presence and Love I closed my eyes, laying down my journal.

I felt then the Presence of Mary Magdalene. She felt my surprise.

“We are One In The Same balanced in Love,” she said. “Through all the rapid change that lie ahead, the Soul plan of each one remains in place. 

Use your inner strength to walk in Sovereignty and Love. They are as two wings of a great bird in flight always prepared to soar.

Return over and again to the Source of the Great Love that you are, and remain in harmonic resonance with the Feminine Christ Force. You are held and you are Loved.”

Again, I closed my eyes, feeling Love, Loved and Oneness with both Yeshua and Mary. Imagining myself as a Portal of Totality…no internal conflict… aloud I spoke Unify, Unify, Unify. One Light, One Love, One Will. No separation. I Am. 

In closing Beloveds, at this time is it of the Highest Priority that we neutralize everything in conflict, down to the deepest roots of our existence with ourselves and ALL others, that would in any way interfere anything Yeshua and Mary Magdalene spoke as well to Know total freedom. For weeks now I have been doing just that.

As heavy as this past several months has been, is and will continue for a time, I Know because of our Commitment to LOVE…the reason we came… we will turn ourselves inward and clear it ALL and then present ourselves outward in the most sovereign, clean, clear, loving and powerful manner instigating a Pandemic of Love, Unity and Consciousness the likes of which Earth has never known and we have never contributed to in the way in which we are being called to now.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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