Headlines and Updates for June 4, 2020: New Q & The World On the Verge of Transformation [videos] ~ June 4, 2020

We’re seeing the dregs of Humanity and the Angels of Mercy duking it out in America. It’s bleeding into other cities and countries, but it’s most volatile here at the moment and expected to continue.

Videos etc. continue to vanish from this blog post so some aspects may be missing despite being replaced.

Our insiders tell us we will probably see the military in selected areas of the nation; mostly sanctuary cities and Democrat-run areas where the rioting is taking place. Martial law in specific places may ensue, but not nationally. Time will tell.

We heard that in Seattle, WA there is a curfew from 5pm to 5am but only for the regular folks. Protestors can do what they do. What that tells me is that the looters/Antifa/Black Lives Matter criminals might be rounded up. Why would you want to be out with those psychos anyway? We had confirmation last night that there are NG troops in downtown Seattle now.

Yup! We’re goin’ after ANTIFA. Watch this shocking video from Project Veritas.

Project Veritas INFILTRATES ANTIFA: “Practice things like an eye gouge…injure someone’s eyes”

Here’s Newt Gingrich setting the tone for those who don’t see it. The narrative from the conservatives now will lay the groundwork for deploying the National Guard and probably the regular military to protect the American people, their property, and their society.

We’re not used to seeing this kind of activity in American streets. It’s organized, not organic, and those who are perpetrating the crimes must be stopped. Because it’s organized, the origins need to be traced, tracked, investigated, documented, and the leaders removed and tried for their crimes.

Newt Gingrich: This is a war against American civilization

The people of Hong Kong never seem to rest as they are in the midst of tyranny and unrest, as well. China’s (CCP) latest stunt, reneging on a long-standing agreement to keep Hong Kong separate is despicable. We hold the brave people of that nation in our thoughts as they continue to push back.

Thousands of Hongkongers Defy Police Ban to Commemorate Tiananmen Square Massacre

A story came out yesterday about whistleblowers exposing the CCP. I haven’t had time to research the whole thing yet but there’s a very long video at the link below you might want to watch.

The first thing we heard about was a celebration of The New Federal State of China and planes flying over New York with a banner to that effect. Steve Bannon is involved somehow. It’s a little odd. A caller on Scott Mowry’s call said something about the CCP no longer being the governing force in China.

In the video you will hear about Tiananmen Square, the brutal treatment of the Chinese people by the communist party, COVID-19, and other topics. I’ve only watched 5 minutes so far but it’s time we heard the truth come out of China for a change. See the article and video at Fox.

What is the ‘new federal state of China?’


Huge news. They pulled it. They scrapped the fake research.

Authors retract major study on COVID-19 effects of hydroxychloroquine

I’d love to bury CV-19 and never speak of it again but we have big news from Simon Parkes, so more truth about the situation in China.

Sir Richard Dearlove – Virus Man-Made

Very important news – MI6 Britain external security service former chief of operations Sir Richard Dearlove says that the virus was made in a lab in China – And that he has been shown “ a report”.

This is the very same report that I was informed about months back and why I was so clear that it was a virus from the laboratory in China.

The cat is out of the bag – Now compensation claims in the billions will be lodged.


The news of vaccine development for the COVID-19 compelled the citizenry of Iowa to hold a rally where a Republican politician made some interesting remarks.

Republican state legislator Jeff Shipley criticized the public health response to the pandemic, mocking lawmakers who wear face shields and saying that ventilators are killing people. He also invoked the Black Lives Matter movement, suggesting that the two could collaborate.

“It’s probably impossible to develop a safe vaccine, it’s hardly going to work anyway, this virus isn’t even killing anybody. They must think you’re really stupid,” he said during the protest.

A couple hours later, Shipley walked back the comment in a tweet, saying, “What I meant to say is that the threat of illness is never enough to justify a mandatory vaccine. Thanks for covering the rally. I failed to prepare my remarks and thus spoke poorly, I’ll promise to do better in the future.”

As Simon Parkes said… most of the black hats in the military have been removed. I’ve heard more than one person questioning the loyalty of Mattis but there are things going on for the sake of optics—just as there was with Jeff Sessions, and some of Barr’s recent tactics.

More optics here.  Enjoy the show!

Rosenstein/McCabe Square Off, Accuse One Another Of Lying In Russia Hoax

Ted Cruz is really putting the screws to the deep state and giving us a show.

“PARTISAN LIES” Ted Cruz Says Obama Is WORSE Than Nixon Corruption

Tucker Carlson probably made a valid prediction: that if things continue as they are, no one will want to be a police officer in America. It’s shocking what is unfolding in our streets. The police are not the enemy—unless you’re a terrorist. We need peacekeepers to disperse the crowds and keep the police safe while they arrest these automatons.


Before people go screaming and shaming about race, they should clarify that the black people in Africa sold their own to slavers. That’s how the Black Americans came to be on this side of the pond. Is that the fault of white people? No… but the preference seems to be to try to make white people feel guilty for wrongs done hundreds of years ago which they had nothing to do with. There are many white slaves, on planet and off. Slavers aren’t picky.

Blacks and whites currently live harmoniously together now—unless paid agitators try to divide us and brainwash easily-manipulated people into spewing their rhetoric. They are the ones inciting hatred and division. The rest of us are fine.

Thanks to the manipulation of Humanity by outside forces, there are a lot of problems in our society. Left to our own devices, we would resolve those issues very quickly, in my opinion, because we all want the same things. Working together, we can achieve those basic goals and live in equality. The blame game is not going to help.

London protests over the death of George Floyd

The UK is experiencing violent protests, too. It’s not about much besides destroying our society and creating utter chaos. And attacking police. As in the United States, the folks who want to bring awareness to the problem and bring change are overshadowed by the violent ones going on about nothing because they’ve been brainwashed by globalist terror groups infiltrating Black Lives Matter. The globalists infiltrated everything good so they could control it. Nothing is pure.

Pictures: London Black Lives Matter Protest Turns Violent, Police Attacked Outside Prime Minister’s Office

I found myself wondering why water cannon weren’t used during the riots in America. You?4405

D’s Are Supporting the Riots in Their Cities and Purposefully Weakening Police Forces

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 4 Jun 2020 – 12:21:11 PM 2078.jpg

Important to understand.

Read the rest of the Q drops here.

Last night in New York police officers were attacked again.

Shea: 3 cops injured in attack on Brooklyn looting patrol

We have seen disturbing things that appear to be done by police and we will learn that some police departments have been infiltrated by dark elements and are probably assisting in these riots, just as they have been enabling the child trafficking, the arms and drug trade, etc.

There are bad apples everywhere as we’ve learned in the upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc. The widespread infiltration by rogue elements has enabled them to continue their reign of terror for decades. They are everywhere; the education system, sports and entertainment, publishing, the media, the health care system, insurance companies, law enforcement, the Wall Street banksters… and they all have to be routed out.

I warned about these scenarios where criminals would be posing as military or police.

California Man Arrested With ‘Massive Arsenal’ While Impersonating National Guardsman

We were told we would soon have to pick sides. There are only two. Us and them. Humanity and the satanic global El-ites. People are choosing.

Dozens of Louisville officers walk out on mayor

Obama calls for police reforms, doesn’t address Trump

Who gives a flying F about what Obama thinks or says? He’s a CIA criminal asset and he’s going to GTMO. He is irrelevant. He needs to remove “president” from his Twitter profile, too. He is not the president and many people have a problem with him using that designation. It should be illegal to impersonate a president. Lock him up!

Here’s a discussion we might want to listen to, considering it involves George Floyd’s death, and the hidden agendas we may not have considered—and certainly don’t hear about on the fake news.

It’s never how it looks at first. The media go for their end run before the truth is discovered by we conspiracy analysts and by then it’s too late. Protests all over the world over a hoax—and a $5 million GoFundMe to boot.

We keep falling for these false flag events while the tail is wagging the dog. There aren’t enough people aware of the deep state globalist playbook to stop the train before it really gets rolling. The George Floyd “murder” was the catalyst for a violent uprising in America. Period.

Audio file at the link. You can get the link for Part 1 there, as well if you so choose.

The Neon Revolt Show – Episode 2: Fentanyl Floyd, Money Laundering, and how the Media Lies About Everything.

Out this afternoon, clarifying the three distinct groups that may be participating in some or all protests, etc. INCLUDING FOREIGN ACTORS. Video at the link.

AG Barr: We Have Evidence Antifa Participating in Violent Activity (VIDEO)

Are you ready to rumble?

The California patriots are awake and taking the fascists to task.

This isn’t the first time the HB heroes went after ANTIFA. They tried to disrupt a Trump rally, too. Go, patriots!

Huntington Beach Locals Beat the Crap Out of Antifa Terrorists and Send Them Running For Their Lives (VIDEO)

And to close, as it’s late (in the east)…

Mr. MBB shows us that unique, purple radar signature is back in the southwest.

Everybody’s talking about it!… But WHAT is it?

The days grow more remarkable hour by hour it seems. Stay strong, patriots. It just keeps getting better. Big news breaks every day now. The Great Awakening is in full swing.   ~ BP

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