ENERGY REPORT • June 3 ~ posted June 4, 2020

Editor’s Note: The words which call out to me from this piece are “CHANGE COURSE”, which is absolutely what we are all involved in at the moment…in this moment of NOW!

Look into your heart, recognize the presence of your Ego, the Magnificent Heart-radiated Love of your Divine Self, and the developing Balance found in moments of absolute clarity of your Quantum and Endless Self. And, of course, focusing on these revelations leaves us all existing in…

Quantum Joy!


By Kwana Mikaela

Our planet is surrounded with so high Concentration of Solar Plasma, that every other celestial occurrence that is taking place is like a “seperate notes” towards Symphony. Do not underestimate strength and intesity, because it’s IMMENSE.

June 2 – intensity in “energies” leveled up – 1 point.

June 3 – vast/strong Vertigo conditions/dizziness: find a way, how to ground yourself, to “keep” your focus Within you.

Starting, from this Report, I will post short updates in any moment, where will be increase in intensity. Again, I really want to emphasize, that energetic background we are feeling, with a huge burst from Solstice Portal 2020′ (June 1), is amplifying its ‘presence’ with every ‘linear day’. We can not to expect, that it will become less; it can only be perceived in In various spectrums of sensation to each (!) Some would experience “Spike” in their physical states around June 20/21 or earlier; some can be ‘involved’ with whole being already, since last two weeks of the May month. There are a common aspects, and there are very individual aspects, yet overall, the Collective Field is receiving Maximum.

Solstice Portal 2020′ is our opportunity, for us as a Humanity to CHANGE a COURSE. One part of it, we are doing ourselves, – with becoming aware of our present Now on the planet: ability to see, what has been hidden/where plays out not Healty scenarios/take back our Divine Power as Creators, and to Create, the other part that serves as Support is a SOLAR CODING from a Solstice Portal.
Much more than before is needed our investment of our energy to the New Earth, to the Basics of the New Earth NOW. More time for meditation and connection with own God-Self; when we are “connected”, we are expressing Source frequency on the Earth (I try to use as simple terms as possible to give understanding); those moments works as ‘transformation’ of mixed-not serving for Ascension Timelines, so that there literally opens New spaces for ‘stabilisation’ ON Organic Primary Ascension Timeline. In even more simple words, – oversee your emotions, thoughts, visualisations; rise your vibration by clearing from fear based energies; be an observer but also take a action, and let go of “what others will think about me”.

We have very much work to do in this earth’s JUNE, because this is our New Earth. I trust that you have a Knowing, why this is so important.

We are Stronger-LIGHT than it can seems ☀️

Purify your vessel till your cells from the fears.

Purify your MENTAL from fears that draws scenrios from other Timelines.

Purify your Emotional body, and strengthen with conscious becoming of “I am Divine”.

Trust more than ever in yourSELF, and Love will show to you, how to become, what is called Love in form or God in form. Unify you as a Human Being with you as a Source.

Kwana Mikaela

P.s.: My presence on Facebook or Instagram mostly will be in the moments when I post; am not able to read messages/comments; am taking ‘space’. Loving you all ❤️


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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