Archangel Michael & Krystallah ~ June 2, 2020

Editor’s Note: Hi everyone, and welcome to receiving more information about the “fractals” of Archangel Michael who are available for our support. As we re-cognize this information, we also understand the Magnificence of our Hearts which are absolutely worth this protection. Please read this message, use the techniques listed for your benefit, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk a little bit about Archangel Michael, or as I like to call him – “Mike” 🙂

First of all, I would like to emphasize that an Archangel is not a single entity but a collective group of consciences (or group consciousness, if you prefer). So, when we talk about Archangel Michael, in reality, we are talking about the “Family of Michael” or “Matrix of Archangel Michael”. One of the information given by the Guardians (in the book Voyagers II – Ashayana Deane) was that, in 25.500 BC, the fallen Elohim and Seraphim Necromiton-Andromie-Anunnaki, Nephilim and Marduke-Luciferian Anunnaki, of Alpha and Omega Centauri, damaged the Golden Eagle Grid (planetary grid connected to the horizontal Ley Lines East-West and which, according to Lisa Renee, configure the masculine principle). Michael’s conscience is the guardian of the East Gate and, by distorting this grid, they ended up creating distortions and even reversions (negative filters) in this conscience. But this is a very complex story, which would make a very long article, and it’s not the purpose of this article. But I can say that Lisa has a lot of information in her Ascension Glossary, for anyone who wants to research.

What matters is that the planetary grid was re-established in April of this year and on April 30, 2020 (and this information was passed on to me by the Guardians), all negative filters were dissolved and the Archangel Michael Matrix was fully integrated into the Blue Ray of the Mother Goddess in the 13D, having merged with her (a sacred marriage so to speak). So, the Matrix of Archangel Michael is under the direct protection of the Great Mother Krystallah. 🙂

Therefore, when we currently invoke Michael’s shield, we are invoking the shield of the Mother Goddess. One of the questions I asked the Guardians was whether we should continue to invoke the Sword of Michael (which in the past was reversing male and female frequencies due to distortions in the grid) and, if so, what color to use. The Guardians answered me «Yes and the blue must be kept, for the frequency that is now manifested is the true blue of the universal love of the Mother. The sword should only be used to cut strings of density.»

Therefore, it is with great joy that I share with you the new technique of 21 day KRYSTAL Healing of Elohim Archangel Michael & Krystallah. This ascension support tool was transmitted to me today by my Higher Self + Elohim + Guardians. The PDF file is available (for anyone who feels) in the following “Download” button.

21-day KRYSTAL Healing of Elohim Archangel Michael & Krystallah

This process triggers a cycle of 21 days of healing that will open your multidimensional bioenergetic field, and help you prepare your heart, consciousness, and physical body to receive the KRYSTAL codes for the ascension process. Strange dreams may occur. It may also happen that you don’t remember those dreams (or even dreaming), and doing instead of a deeper processing work during your profound sleep. In any case, don’t worry, it is normal. Pay particular attention to how you feel, how your own perceptions of the world and relationships may change. Some anxious feelings, or even “natural discharges” may arise in the beginning, but with the continuity of this process, you will feel lighter and a feeling of calm and clarity will arise, bringing a new sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

Note: It is preferable to do this process while you’re preparing to go to sleep.

«I appeal to my Inner-Christ to calm my fears and to erase any mechanism of internal/external control that may interfere with this healing. I ask my Higher Self to seal my multidimensional bioenergetic field and establish a KRYST-KRYSTALLAH channel for the purposes of my healing so that only the KRYSTAL codes can flow through me.»

Imagine a clockwise rotation of Father’s Magenta Ray around your body, and repeat the following:

«I now appeal to the Elohim Archangel Michael, from the 13th Dimension, to seal and protect completely this sacred experience. I now appeal to Mother’s Blue Ray to seal, protect and completely increase Archangel Michael’s Matrix shield, as well as to remove anything that is not of KRYST-KRYSTALLAH nature and that currently exists within this field. I now appeal to the Ascended Masters (Yanas), and The Guardians to completely remove and dissolve each and every negative contract, implant, entity, energy, parasite, spiritual weapon and limiting devices, both known and unknown, in this life and all lives, in this dimension and all dimensions, in all timelines. Once this is completed, I appeal for complete restoration and repair of my original multidimensional bioenergetic field with Christos-Sophia’s Golden Ray.»

Repeat the following:

«I commit myself to Service to Others according to the Law of One, at service of the God-Source.»


Just breathe calmly and let the Father’s Magenta Ray involve you with love.

Love and light,

~ Anabela Marques da Silva and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds

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