Heart of Lemuria ~ May 29, 2020

Editor’s Note: The energies (remember…everything is energy!) are being transmitted to Earth in a grand fashion and affecting everything and everyone around us…can you feel this? These energies contain Light Codes, which are the active agents for producing change in our lives right NOW.

Open hearts understand and intuitively know answers to all the questions from our minds as expressed expressed in the article below. Please read, feel with your own Magnificent heart into your own truth in Love, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


This code wove its way in, it has been creating alongside the elemental codes and the

I now know why it came in, to help me to really trust my creation on all levels and honour the Divine energy that moves my soul and body to be the creator by hand voice, body or heart.

This is a code of pure love, and acceptance.

For the last week I have had flashes of light – total whiteouts very very fast like flickers in quick succession.

The whole perceptive field flashes and there’s no particular pattern for it. Far from feeling afraid, enslaved, or controlled, I feel a huge weight lifted of being the world, clarity of patterns, perceptions and triggers. deep peace and stillness and a deep joy and appreciation for everything.

There are things that come up, every time I have a new code come in it comes with inner work, things to give focus to and often collective energies now.

The main themes are

Speaking and expressing Truth
Creative Expression
Soul Communication
Understanding reality creation, archetypes and perception
Being accountable and responsible for experiences and actions
Trusting the creation.

And facilitating deeper connection through the heart into being present for all experiences.

Of course, our mind sees the polarity and all of the stuff that we are collapsing but I feel honestly this new space is really and tangibly creating more and more and the polarity is becoming more and more charged and shakier and shakier so it can come up to be seen.

This code began when I was lifted up through the light column in the code and surrounded by Dolphine beings from the Diamond Light collective, this was a deep communication of trusting, and surrender and wonder. The dolphins were inviting play – exploration and celebration.

I became liquid, very very fluid and felt very free in this vision.

The sacred creatures of the Liquidine fields came….from the stars…Pliedian and Lyran loves….The great turtle collective came, and many other sea creatures – Aqua Marine Rays, Crabs, Sea Urchins, Sharks, lobsters, squid, octopii, Jellyfish, sea slugs, Whales, Eels, Sea horses, Sea Dragons, Seals, Penguins, Worms…so so many it would have been such a busy code.

They have such wisdom and harmonic memory to being and it is so much more than just Earth, it comes from our Divine Cosmic lineage….plankton…diatoms…present in many Universal fabrics.

EVERY ONE is part of our WHOLE – every one is remembered.

Our hearts remember these pearls.

We hear the songs on the wind.

We remember in the depths of our soul.

It ignites and vibrates in with the feminine.

With still and strong root.

The channel was delivering a recognition that humans are very attached to their perceived missions, their divine data, their sacred knowledge and purposes. It can be a joyous thing but also form a prison which restricts the full flow of the Universal field.

When we reach out and own, or attach to something – information outcome, or make it into a construct that we nest in like a Russian Doll we fall into the charge and the space of that creation and make it purpose.

We are asked to consider what drivers are driving? Who is in and who is owning and attaching. Maybe to have a rest and take a walk out into the full landscape. I gave the example of a child lost for hours in a colouring book, enjoying it and IN the creation does not perceive the window, what’s going on out there, or Mum coming to say “have a play outside in nature for a while”

This balance keeps us fresh – celebrating each other in the abundance of the creation and the universe. We love, share and co-create with the Universal field and play…yes PLAY with our creation and feel so joyous and full of heart as we fully step into our expressions.

“Our frequency is what will bring this in. The more we battle, mock, judge, and fight amongst each other the more we will perpetuate the storm. This code inspires the stillness, the absolute place of the pillar to ignite so you can walk in the chaos and density with the light pouring out in luminescence and vibrational resonance.”

Welcome to the flowing and vibrating Heart Of Lemuria.

To the LOVE of Lemuria, the SONG of Lemuria.

To the beating beautiful HEART of Lemuria.

The ocean of Lemuria is a liquid fluid LIQUIDINE state of matter a quantum state of the fluidity of being…the dream of awareness coming into awakeness.

“Be with this code and have a bath, have a meditation, and lay in the energy. All of the codes will appear as they are for you. They are harmonic songs like tunes. They are vibrational libraries in the quantum field. All this is code is inviting you to have an interaction with the Universal field – it will come and meet you where you are you invite the experience to form.”

Remember dear ones, remember.

The grace of connection.

We remember together.

Our love.

One heart – In Unity = Community

A-hara teï Ei Sa Tat Tara Neï ⭐

ᗩᗯEᔕOᗰE ᒪIGᕼT ᑕOᗪEᔕ
Bҽαυƚιϝυʅ Ⴆʅҽʂʂιɳɠʂ

The live transmission launch is available on my feed on 27th May 2020. It contains activations and a walk through of the code.

We will be working more deeply with these energies and activations, with the Dragons, Elements, Gaia and divine light to raise our hearts into authentic expression and embodiment.

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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