Headlines and Updates for May 20, 2020: New Q & The Rumble of Revolution: Humanity Activated with Mega-Booms! [videos] ~ May 20, 2020

Lots of 2’s and o’s again today. Does May 20, 2020 give us 20-20 vision? Perhaps some folks are seeing things a whole lot clearer now. Some are saying there is potential for it to be a BIG week; possibly Friday—but it’s only Wednesday and the BOOM!s don’t stop for long. I wish you could hear the birds outside my window. They can’t sing loud enough or fast enough to get all their glorious songs out. It sounds like a rain forest or jungle and they sound ecstatic. I need a decode!

See all the new Q drops here.

Every day is a BOOM! day now. I’m sure that hasn’t escaped you, and I’m woefully inadequate to update you on all the important things happening so I trust you have additional reliable sources. Here are our exciting updates. I hardly know where to begin—or end!

To begin, the intel team sent this video below about the MOAB. We, the People have been activated. This is a different kind of revolution, as you know, and this is how we deal with terrorists. No negotiation; we just go after them. This is how you drain the swamp, peeps. We’re not afraid of them.

In the following video we learn that the attorneys who have been working behind the scenes prepared template letters for us to file criminal law suits against anyone who infringes or infringed on our rights under the guise of the COVID lockdown.

This is just one way to recoup some of the inestimable amount of money the global El-ites have stolen from us over the centuries.

Attorneys are handling the civil suits, and gave the nod to the People to step up and get the criminal law suits going. I hope folks won’t revert to their old ways and do nothing because they think someone else will do it. Class action, baby.

A tremendous amount of effort, risk, and sacrifice have gone into getting us to this stage of our liberation, my friends. Few have any idea how much the military and other patriots have already done behind the scenes. Many of us are late to the party, to say the least, but better late than a no-show.

This is a new ball game. It’s time for the People to step up and do their part. We can all be proud of how we handled this after it’s over and the tale is told.

You can take notes or go to the websites and copy and paste the templates and get rolling on this right away. Thanks to Jennifer Goodwin for getting this out.

These links are also available under the video on YouTube.

SCHOOL TEMPLATE: https://www.lawfulamerica.com/letter-… OUR TEMPLATES (more coming) https://ssbamerica.com/category/templ…

The team also sent this one last night. Big financial news, but overall, a great update. What we have been hearing for some time is that the Trump administration and White Hat patriots have been completely restructuring the global financial system. This news is very interesting and in line with our understanding for some time that the money the cabal stole from the People would be coming back to us. We just have no concept for the vast sums these vile creatures hoarded while we starved and went homeless and their medical industrial complex bankrupted us while we suffered.

Read more here at the Epoch Times.

Despite how it is framed, be it a loan, or temporary, it’s likely it will be permanent and not required to be repaid. Time will tell, but when Trump says, “The best is yet to come” he is understating the future for Humanity. And not only Americans. WWG1WGA.

PIR 05 19 20

If you think Obama will escape Dth Pnlty…
you’re wrong.

I know what’s coming.

Enjoy the Show…

— Greg Rubini (@GregRubini) May 20, 2020

Here is the current And We Know news update.

AWK News 5.20.20: Enemy [DS] ammo being expended on POTUS and US. FEAR!

Go Ron!

Florida Governor DeSantis goes BEAST MODE on the dopey media 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻🔥

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) May 20, 2020

Michigan’s problems were just compounded. Coincidence? Let’s get after it, Michiganders! File those law suits. Now ten thousand people have been displaced.

An aerial view of flooding as water overruns Sanford Dam, Michigan, U.S. in this May 19, 2020 still frame obtained from social media video. TC VORTEX /via REUTERS

Michigan Governor Declares Emergency After Dams Collapse Following Heavy Rain

Canada—YOU’VE been activated. When people are saying they’re angry about not having the choice whether to poison their kids or not… you know they’re mad enough to DO something about it. It’s happening, and Canadians have a lot to be pissed about. Great video from BC politician Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

Despite what Norm Traversy expressed about the division in Canada, I hope that the French and the English can come together with the rest of the country and unite in one Republic of Kanata if that is the best for all concerned.

The Fight For Freedom Has Begun – Canada Awakens

In this short video Tom Fitton explains the current status of the attempt to depose Hillary Clinton regarding the email scandal. She and her lawyers are fighting it every step of the way, but we always get our witch.

Tom Fitton: State Dept. & DOJ Snub Hillary Clinton’s Appeal to Avoid Testifying on Email Usage

It’s inspiring to hear all the new voices on the Internet—many of them just your average Joe talking about their thoughts, feelings and experiences over the past two months plus under quarantine—and what they’re doing about it. President Trump and QAnon have activated millions of people.

There are many heroes, and they don’t necessarily have badges or credentials other than that they are Human. You don’t have to be a celebrity or have a big story to make a difference.

Sometimes you just start with a grain of sand, talk about it, and the next thing you know you have a whole sandbox and a lot of other people want to come and play in it.

Look at the “Magasota” movement they started in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Those folks have brought Trump fans out of the woodwork and had social gatherings to invite new members to jump on the Trump Train and don’t forget their rally to call out the governor last week for his outrageous lockdown restrictions. They know how to raise awareness.

This brief interview with a man in Michigan is an example of ordinary business owners realizing if they don’t open now, they’ll lose their livelihood and may never recover. The mandate seems to be, “Just do it” or “If you open they will come”. Employees usually want to go back to work.

Erik Kiilunen on The Kyle Olson Show (May 16, 2020)

Old, familiar voices are speaking too, of course. We hear it from the judge’s mouth: the People need to stand up.

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Calls for Resistance to ‘Unlawful’ Lockdown Measures

In Washington state the People are organizing for a takedown. Tim Eyman wants to be governor and asks for support for his campaign.

Go to Tim4Gov.com and https://www.facebook.com/tim4gov

HUGE ANTI-INSLEE RALLY: this Thursday, May 21, 11am-1pm, Olympia, outside Capitol bldg. BIG SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT. You’re gonna love it — Inslee won’t! More details as we get closer. Put it on your calendar.

In Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam is experiencing powerful interference.

Virginia Gov Asks For Help Enforcing Continued Lockdown. Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Order

And ditto in Washington and California. Our sheriff here in Pinal County, AZ is a constitutional guy, too. Everyone is being forced to take sides now.

Snohomish and Fresno County sheriffs refuse to enforce stay-at-home orders in their states

Look at our friends in Germany out for a stroll—with the police! Thanks, J.

2020-05-18 Dresden: Polizei schließt sich Spaziergang der Kritiker der Corona-Maßnahmen friedlich an

As QAnon continually points out, the deep state/left planned to take America (and the world) down with this plandemic and they don’t want us using hydroxychloroquine to end it. It would ruin all their plans. The election hinges on the unconstitutional lockdowns continuing and forcing mail-in voting in the elections so they can cheat. They’ve already begun cheating. It’s so transparent to us. (There’s an “n” missing in the “normal daily lives” line but it might not be significant. Q may post a correction.)


D’s and MSM Don’t Want You Knowing About HCQ Because It Would End the COVID-19 Pandemic

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 19 May 2020 – 9:35:17 AM POTUS daily ingest HCQ prevent COVID-19?
Pre announcement: tools [source(s), data, COV-1 v COV-2 analysis, etc.] provided to factually ‘challenge’ narrative?
Full attack v HCQ by media [D]s?
Why wouldn’t the media [D]s want to work [on all fronts] to find a possible solution [immediate dismissal]?
Why doesn’t the media [D]s want the pandemic [rearrange: dem panic] to slow-stop?
Why doesn’t the media [D]s want society to heal [recover]?
Why doesn’t the media [D]s want people to no longer fear going outside?
Why doesn’t the media [D]s want people to point the finger at China as the source?
Why does’t the media [D]s want people to return to work [normal daily lives]?
Who benefits the most?
Why does corp media [D] attempt to control us?
Why does corp media [D] challenge [attack] anyone who defies pushed_coordinated narrative?
Why does corp media [D] attempt to prevent [individual] critical thinking [public]?
Is this about the virus or something else?
Everything is at stake this election.

Toward the end of the video below, Rick and Gene on B2T’s third channel tell us that one of the Anons dug up some information suggesting HCQ may assist in the decalcification of the pineal gland. BOOM! That makes sense, doesn’t it? That would explain why the media is so loathe to discuss it and tell the public it’s dangerous and even that it will kill them. Unbelievable. If you’re pressed for time, see this Tweet from Thomas at TRU Reporting.

Ummm are there any doctors that can confirm this?
The last paragraph, makes a ton of sense to me.#ThePlan#TheGreatAwakening pic.twitter.com/vnLPU4cHQp

— TRUreporting (@TRUreporting) May 19, 2020

It explains why the deep state psychos are trying to come up with alternatives like Remdesivir, and why the Shermans in Toronto were murdered and two magnesium plants recently destroyed that may be involved in supplying raw materials for the production of Hydroxychloroquine. It would also support Gene’s news that the US military has been spraying HCQ in the skies everywhere over America. I’m sure we’ll hear more later, but if this is true, it’s YUGE. That could expedite our awakening at WARP SPEED. Just sayin’.

In this video, Linda tells us the latest on the military tribunals at Gitmo. The C-Vine team is going to regroup because due to unforeseen circumstances, they were just spinning their wheels, other than the great education they got observing the pre-trials from Guantanamo Bay. She says new videos are coming that will explain more.

Don’t worry, the swamp will get drained. It’s happening, according to The Plan. Trust it.

Why Did CVINE Stop Reporting On 9/11, KSM et al? (Part 1 of 5) What is REALLY going on at GTMO?

Yikes!!!! This is not a “perfect conversation”

An audio recording of a conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko on May 13, 2016 – YouTube https://t.co/7R2YxzDpGM

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) May 19, 2020

Senate Homeland Security Committee Votes To Subpoena Burisma-Linked Firm

That’s okay, Bones, we have our magician. President Trump has the magic wand and he knows how to use it.

President Trump has spoken about “Operation: Warp Speed” with respect to expediting an effective COVID vaccine and there is talk about what his terminology really means. It could be about ending the quarantines and unconstitutional lockdowns at lightning speed, but we know POTUS gives us clues to ongoing activities unfolding in the background in his addresses and “warp speed” is a direct reference to the Star Trek series.

QAnon recently provided a video to the launch of the rocket, and Elon Musk seems to have joined the White Hats, it’s probably safe to say we might be looking at a “space force”-related operation. It could be about arresting some sort of threat from the cabal in low earth orbit or something related to communications, or even new technology but whatever it is, we know the military are on it. They’ve got this.

We see a lot of intriguing footage from our skies and our solar system and it’s getting more interesting as time goes on. In this video we see stunning activity via the LASCO cam near the sun and it doesn’t seem like the title “Star Wars” is an exaggeration. If you don’t like techno-pop music you could turn off the sound, but Adam1414 intersperses the NASA images with some star wars-style clips that have sound, FYI.

STARWARS Around The SUN – LASCO C2 – May 1-17 2020

Scott Mowry’s Wednesday night Miracles Intel Call takes place tonight, at 7 Pacific, 10:00 EDT. If you are depressed, distrustful, overly skeptical, and think QAnon and The Plan are a psyop, you need an attitude adjustment and I know just the guy to do it. Scott will show you that it’s all going according to the plan and it is magnificent.

Our conference call line is:Call-in Number: 605-472-5764 Access Code: 810201#Playback Recording Number: 605-475-4957 Access Code: 810201# / followed by # againOnline meeting ID: scottm69756Download the FCC app: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/downloadsBackup Number: 425-535-9162If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support: (844) 844-1322

Check out the Q movement video in Bulgaria. Thanks, J. Sounds like the word is definitely out about the psychopaths mainlining adrenochrome.

Berichterstattung in Bulgarien. #Adrenochrom

Things are more than a little weird in the west, and so are some of the politicians. If you think Justine Turdeau is a freak, take a look at Nancy Pelosi. I thought she looked a little “plastic” lately but this is getting ridiculous. She’s a hurtin’ unit.

When has politics ever been so entertaining? OJ’s glove and Bill’s blue dress have nothing on the current antics. Biden and Hillary and their holographic interludes… you can’t make this up.

Why is Nancy Pelosi impersonating Michael Jackson? She should moon walk her way out of politics pic.twitter.com/hRrYfpLGtL

— Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) May 18, 2020

Maybe they’re aliens. We’ve never been alone. Here’s visual evidence for you. Thanks, J. We’ve seen this in a number of people and it doesn’t mean they’re evil.

Russian woman shows her Reptilian Eyes on different videos

This is very long, so I’m going to sign off with Dave’s X22 Report from yesterday. If you’re short on time, he will bring you up to date on the most important issues. Share the love, patriots.  ~ BP

Boom Week Just Hit, Hunters Have Become The Hunted, Pain – Episode 2178b

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  1. When are we gonna see this stuff in the open? I do not know about you, but “behind the scenes” is a phrase I am really getting fed up with.


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