Clearing process ~ May 19, 2020

Editor’s Note: I have posted the comments below from Cheri, a Lightworker worker tasked with clearing timelines for Humanity by the dark, allowing the true, or best, timelines to occur freeing us from the Matrix. She is also the author for this post regarding GMO wheat as a food tool of the dark which is mentioned below.

Now that significant work has been completed allowing our FREEDOM, please join me in recognizing our beautiful Magnificent future, rejoice in the recognition for our Quantum LOVE, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Just remember this is part of the clearing process to become aware of what has been done but we need not fear this technology just transmute it. I heard those voices too when I first awakened degrading me and telling me to hurt myself etc. Its all genetic clearing. The reason we see it clairvoyantly and hear it now is because we are conscious and awake and transmuting these frequencies. This was all subconscious programming we were unaware of prior to the awakening.

Good news on the control timelines front! A couple nights ago I entered a timeline to clear and saw all these nanobots. Little robotic spheres all huddled together looking at me (funny because I am moving everything out of the basement of our Fathers mansion so to speak lol! so they are now just forced into the few remaining timelines they have and this one was a seed point for their creation woohoo!) So I asked the creator “what are these creatures?” He said “Monsanto” then I knew these were the bots put into the molecular structure of the wheat back in Atlantis controlling the consciousness and running this quantum simulation of reality through our omnipresence. But most importantly running their MK Ultra programming! These were the Atlantian GMO’s. So at least the nanobots have been eliminated from the genetic structure of the wheat in the quantum realms which is why their mind control programming is failing. For most of us this manifests as genetic disease but for those that are under MK Ultra as their sleepers this will minimize their ability to be activated by key words and phrases. This also ends the SSP mind control virtual reality program. They are the ones primarily mind controlled other than those who have suffered severe trauma like the trafficked children who populated these astral consciouness programs. We are seeing this manifest now in the failure of the fake news to create reality rather than report on organic creations (#fakenewsisnotessential lol!). I am on twitter now hahahaha! It is fun to watch the great awakening!

So more great news as I am hearing about the dissolution of the ego programming service to self structure. The masks are part of the mind control fear programming and people will only go along with this for so long. I mean pathogens can enter through our eyes and ears as well so why not just cover the entire body in a space suit. It is ridiculous to keep breathing in your own co2 instead of fresh air lol! It’s great to see everyone waking up! Stay patient we gotta get to the source point of the fall! My gosh some of these so called Illuminati people look like total hell and they are popping up as our so called leaders trying to keep us locked down. Pelosi looks like she is melting! There is a great picture of the LA health director and she looks like a vision from the crypt hahahaha! Look most of the Illuminati are just archonic programming animating DNA, not a human soul so they have no ability for empathy or remorse and suffering like the rest of us. They are simply deteriorating before our very eyes and we can see the non humanity and feel inherently something is terribly wrong with these people as their ideas make no sense.
But we gotta take back our power people! There are billions of us and only 10M or so of them yet they are implanted in all the governmental apparatuses across the globe making decisions for us because we have been unaware they were not acting in our best interest. It is not so much that they are trying to screw us over as they are just robots running a mind control script coming from a quantum computer. It’s all winning! Stay positive! We gotta love this place back into sanity! We no longer participate in the narrative or computer manuscript for our reality as we are sovereign and peacefully but forcefully say hell no we ain’t doing that lol! Love you family, keep laughing all is well!

We are all in this together weaving the quantum field with our unified consciousness! It’s like the divine feminine is rising within us all and saying powerfully “this is enough of this insanity!” It’s so simple when we hold no fear! The only power they ever had was what we gave them wittingly or unwittingly through our fear that we were powerless to do anything! Love you girl! I am on twitter now to follow the great awakening if you want to check out my few posts and sharing (Cheri of Hilarion). I am just incredibly grateful you are holding the light in Austria and that entire region in Europe! Lots of people are awakening rapidly over there now, especially in Germany yay!

Hearts afire! All negative threads are removed from the field as they come into our awareness for transmutation. We are powerhouses and like moths the energy comes to the light to heal. The only thing required is our presence here as this inverted system flows through us to heal! Love you! 😘

Example: Here is the LA County Health Director omg! Lol!

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