FEMA has horded than a million doses of Hydroxychloroquine, Disturbing Images of the Rescued Children ~ May 18, 2020

Editor’s Note: This same video below was posted on Starship Earth (Thx!), yet…I really wanted to post this separately to highlight what this whole “thing” is about, you know…the Covid-19 virus planetary shutdown.

The planetary shutdown was prompted by the cabal (Deep state/Illuminati) in order to cause multiple “issues” all over the globe: (1) global financial destruction, (2) possible widespread global death of older, colored populations, and (3) the insertion of extreme societal control mechanisms for surviving human populations.

The ultimate need for control…is this merely financial? Well…yes, for the reason of maintaining an endlesss supply of adrenochrome, the drug of choice for maintaining youthful features (which also provides a terrific ‘high’). This drug is amazingly expensive because it’s only source is from the blood/pineal gland of young children!!

Think missing children (Amber alert), think the explosion of foster care programs (granted…some are good), think of ‘harvesting’ children from war-torn, or otherwise distressed countries (Haiti, Central America, etc) These are the tools used by the dark to capture young children destined to become ‘donors’ for the adrenochrome hormone (a specific type of adrenaline).

Oops! I forgot to mention the acceleration of adrenochrome in the body is prompted by terror. Thus we not only have abducted young children, but many/most are terrorized and killed in a number of ways, the most prominent perhaps by being sexually tortured. Let’s get graphic. Imagine sodomy practiced on a 3 year old resulting in black eyes (panda eyes) prompted by a pushing trauma causing the fragile capillaries around the eye to burst.

Did I mention this terrorism serves another purpose? Those practicing a dark faith (Satanism) use blood sacrifice as a tool (think Bohemian Grove “orgies’ for the rich/elite) to gain the spiritual favor of dark demonic entities. Think Vatican ‘alleged” child abuse.

Ah…the truth will out, so please watch the video below which mentions the ‘real’ reason for the Wuhan Flu. 5G technology was used in Wuhan to ‘test’ the Wuhan Flu where people were vaccinated, and then exposed to 5G technology which prompted lung issues stemming from the inability to use oxygen to sustain life (lung issues). Thank goodness 5G technology here in the US has been subtly altered to remove the wavelength responsible for the Wuhan tragic loss of life. Think Trump telling us 5G was not a problem in America.

Did I mention the Wuhan Flu is easy to cure with hydroxychloriquine…but this drug is being hoarded by our friends at FEMA. Did I mention the relationship of Dr. Fauci (NIH)/Dr. Birx (CDC) with Bill Gates, the BIG vaccine proponent? This fact alone is a YUGE conflict of interest! Did you realize Bill Gates ( the Gates Foundation) is being sued by the state of India for an outbreak of polio?

So…here we see a complex web woven by the dark being seized, and flipped, by those (Earth Alliance) working against the dark, led by President Trump who is leading the charge for the safety of children. The successful actions for the liberation of humanity is another article, yet…now you know the reasons for the “why” of seeing our world turn upside down.

Please watch the video below, learn and share, know the way UP is causing our society to evolve into a better way of living, and then BE…




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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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4 Responses to FEMA has horded than a million doses of Hydroxychloroquine, Disturbing Images of the Rescued Children ~ May 18, 2020

  1. Neil Vidican says:

    Retaining their youthful features?
    Have you SEEN some of these guys? There faces looks as if they are MELTING, and many times I see red splotches all over their said melting faces as well.


  2. Lightwarrior says:

    They found out that hydroxy clears your pineal gland and gets rid of the damage done by the chemtrails, that’s why they blew up all the places it was being manufactured recently. These creatures gotta go.


    • cindyloucbp says:

      Yes! Where can I get mine? 🙂 May I ask where this info comes from?

      Much Love…


    • Neil Vidican says:

      I say it’s time to blow the bad guys up.

      MY take for it would like this film clip, replace the cops with cabal, archons and reptilians.

      And IF the ET’s can give me the weapons, super powers and a decent chance of getting through it alive, I’LL be MORE than happy to do it.

      Only way to do it, give the bad guys ANY leeway, and that will give them time to reload their weapons.


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